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Commonly Forgotten Camping Items

 photo by fstop123 via iStock

We have all been through it, the list of stuff to take out with you is so big it is nearly impossible not to leave something behind. 

As long as you have the crucial items, leaving something behind won’t be such a big issue. It can be annoying though; therefore, in the list below we are going to mention the most commonly forgotten camping items, just to help remember them 

An Air Pump

Commonly Forgotten Camping Items An Air Pump

 photo by MediaProduction via iStock

Have you ever rolled into camp ready to get a good night’s sleep only to find you have forgotten your air mattress pump? You know it’s annoying; so, keep that air pump on the priority list to ensure you’re not sleeping on pebbles.

Commonly Forgotten Camping Items: A Toothbrush

woman brushing her teeth

 photo by CasarsaGuru via iStock

Being out in the wild means you’re going to get filthy. So, do not leave the key hygiene items behind. A toothbrush is small and can often be forgotten amongst an endless list of items. Get a dedicated bag for your toothbrush, toothpaste, and any other hygiene products. This will turn multiple items you need to remember into one; therefore, decreasing the chances of forgetting something. 

Bug Spray

Commonly Forgotten Camp Bug Spraying gear

 photo by Zbynek Pospisil via iStock

To many, bug spray isn’t that important; therefore, it often gets forgotten. When the camping spot for the night is littered with flies and mosquitoes, you’ll never forget that bug spray again. 

It is good practice to bring two different brands with you as one may perform better than the other depending on your location and the type of insects you are surrounded by. 

Commonly Forgotten Camping Items: A Pillow

Commonly Forgotten Camping Items A Pillow

 photo by Pekic via iStock

An important item which for some reason gets forgotten easily. The best solution would be to get a camping pillow that folds away like a sleeping bag and keep it next to your camping gear at all times. 

If you do happen to forget your pillow, fill up a bag with clothes and then wrap a hoodie around the bag. You can thank me later. 

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 photo by georgeclerk via iStock

Never underestimate nature, one day you may be sweating, the next you might be freezing. Warm clothes aren’t something that gets forgotten – they are something that gets overlooked. Therefore, in periods of the year where temperature may vary, bring some warmer clothes with you. 


Campers using headlamps

 photo by AscentXmedia via iStock

Torches are an invaluable camping asset. Sure, your phone has a torch, but it will drain its battery and was never meant to be used as a torch. Keep one inside your sleeping bag and you’ll never forget your torch again.

Commonly Forgotten Camping Items: A Hammer

boy using a hammer to drive tent stakes

 photo by PeopleImages via iStock

Without a hammer, your tent poles won’t be firmly into the ground and your tent will go flying. A hummer or a hatchet is all you need to stick those tent poles into the ground; so, do not forget them.



 photo by VadimDem via iStock

If you smoke this may not be something you forget easily. If you don’t though, it is easy to leave your lighter or matches behind. And then you’ll have to light up the campfire the paleolithic way. In which you will most probably fail.

Commonly Forgotten Camping Items: Garbage Bags 

messy campsite full of garbage

 photo by PeopleImages via iStock

Garbage bags do not take much space so leave them in your car at all times. Littering the beautiful countryside is something no one should do. 

Duct Tape and Cable Ties

Commonly Forgotten Camping Items Cable ties

 photo by Tevarak via iStock

Duct tape and cable ties can fix a lot of things, from camping gear to your vehicle. Therefore, you should always have stock of both in your overlanding spares box. 

Commonly Forgotten Camping Items: Sunscreen 

Commonly Forgotten Camping Items Sunscreen 

 photo by bymuratdeniz via iStock

Depending on where you live in the world this may not be that important. If you got sunburned before you know the pain though – especially when sleeping. Add the sunscreen to your hygiene bag mentioned above. 

Take note of these commonly forgotten camping items to ensure you never forget any of these again! What do you think? Have we forgotten any commonly forgotten items? 

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