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Ground Tent Camping Tips

 photo by AscentXmedia via iStock

If you are new to overlanding, your first tent will probably be a ground tent. They are cheap, relatively easy to set up, and can be found at any outdoor store. 

Sleeping in a tent is not for everyone though; so, if you or someone you know are skeptical about doing it, then follow the ground tent camping tips below. They will help make life at camp a little easier when out camping.

How to Waterproof a Canvas Tent

Beads of water on a ground camping tent

 photo by Aleksey Sverbeev via iStock

If you have just bought a canvas tent or swag and you want to weather seal it, you have two options…

The first is to use a special spray can that is supposed to weather seal it but doesn’t work that well. The second way is the old-fashioned way: set up your tent in the garden and let it sit for a week in the sun and rain, this will weather seal it.

If it is summertime, spray it down with a garden hose and then let it sit in the sun. 

Ground Tent Camping Tips: Set Up Your Tent at Home

people relaxing in a tent set up in their living room

 photo by BraunS via iStock

If you have never set up a tent before, do it at home first. You don’t want to be learning how to set up a tent in the night after a long day of driving. Practice beforehand to enjoy a comfortable camp.

Check Your Tent Accessories and Pegs

tent stakes

 photo by Boogich via iStock

New tents usually come with useless pegs. They are too short and will probably bend when you smack them into the ground. They will work for your first camping experience but it’s a good idea to upgrade to larger ones for future trips.

Ground Tent Camping Tips: Use a Tent That Suits Your Trip

huge multi-room ground camping tent

 photo by Eileen Groome via iStock

Overcomplicated tents that take too long to set up are fine for trips on which you will be staying at camp for more than a couple of days. If you are changing locations regularly, then use a swag or a simple tent to save yourself a lot of time and frustration. 

Learn More:

Sunrise and Tent Placement

orange tent glowing with light in front of a beautiful sunrise

 photo by Alexlukin via iStock

Placing your tent at the wrong location will ensure you wake up with sunrise; some people may enjoy that, but some others certainly won’t. Establish where the sun is rising, then place your vehicle in a location where it will provide shade for you and your tent at sunrise. This will give you a bit more time to sleep. 

Ground Tent Camping Tips: Big Tent vs Small Tent

red tent set up in the forest

 photo by MariuszBlach via iStock

A big tent will provide more space to move around and store stuff. However, you are not in the outdoors to stay inside the tent; so, it may not be worth the hassle of setting up.

A small tent can be moved around more easily, it can fit through tighter spaces, and on cold nights, will stay warmer. 

Bad Smells 

Ground camping tent set up near a pond at sunset

 photo by Ershov_Maks via iStock

Some swags tend to smell a bit weird. A good way to get rid of the smell is to spray some white vinegar on the canvas and let it dry for half a day. It will most likely get rid of the smell. 

Ground Tent Camping Tips: Keeping Ants and Insects Away From Your Tent

two people using bug spray in a campsite

 photo by Dejan_Dundjerski via iStock

The simplest way to prevent unwanted insects and ants from entering your tent is to spray the zip line and bottom of your tent with some insect irritator. This will act as a barrier and hopefully keep insects out of your tent. 

These tips will make your life easier when out camping. Using them will ensure you and your family will have a comfortable experience in the great outdoors. 

What do you think? Do you have any further tips that might make tent camping more comfortable?

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