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Which Toyota Rooftop Tent is Right for You?

SMRT SkyLoft

Are you planning to go camping with your friends? Or taking your young one for an Overlanding trip? It would help if you sorted out everything before setting your foot on the gas pedal. This includes not just a prepped truck and cooking accessories – there’s much more than that.

The most important amongst your camping gear is your tent, which houses everyone on the trip and lets you store all your stuff. A good rooftop tent is one that is sturdy enough to withstand rough terrains, easy to carry, install and be used in all types of weather.

SMRT has a range of rooftop tents that would be ideal for your Toyota. Whether you own a Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, or 4Runner, you could pick any of these versatile Toyota rooftop tents and be on your way without worrying about your nights, or rest time.

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Explore the Best Toyota Roof Top Tents for Perfect Overlanding

SMRT Summit Suite

There’s no doubt that your Toyota would take you any place, without worrying about the terrain, weather, or destination.

But you ought to have the right Toyota rooftop tent for a perfect trip, so let’s explore the premium range of SMRT Toyota rooftop tents!

SMRT Summit Suite – Your Ideal Toyota Rooftop Tent for Three

SMRT Summit Suite

The Summit Suite is the flagship Toyota rooftop tent by SMRT and is an ideal camping option for three people. Made of high-strength aluminum with a honeycomb pattern and coated with 280g ripstop canvas, it is perfect for any kind of weather and climate conditions.

Whether it’s a Tacoma or Tundra, it can easily be installed on the roof with brackets and latching points. Similarly, it is very easy to pack and unpack, with a pulling rope that collects the fabric. It has multiple entry points, a telescopic ladder, and two separate ladder points for easy access. There are various accessories that you can add separately to enhance your camping experience and utility.

SMRT Tent Summit Suite

You could add an awning for extra protection from sunlight or rain, and store a lot of your stuff and luggage inside.

With a weight of 160 pounds, your Toyota won’t even know that you’re carrying a tent in the bed.

SMRT SkyLoft – A Dependable Toyota Rooftop Tent for Two


If you’re planning to travel with your partner or just a friend is accompanying you on your camping trip, SMRT Sky Loft would make perfect sense as a Toyota rooftop tent. It possesses all the features that the Summit Suite has, but features additional qualities as well.

It has three openings for easy accessibility, a telescopic ladder, and two separate ladders attachment points as well. A functional canopy with two sturdy poles hangs nicely out of the way, and all the openings are nicely covered to prevent any insects from entering.

Sky Loft SMRT Tent

Both the upper and lower shells are robust enough, sculpted from impact-resistant injection-molded ABS plastic. Additionally, the lower shell also has an extra aluminum frame for strength and added support, while lowering its weight.

Sky Loft also has premium mounting tracks, made of high-strength aluminum for reliability and longevity. Sleep comfortably inside, thanks to a 2.5” memory foam that welcomes you warmly, and you can store all your luggage and clothing inside trouble-free.

It is easy to carry, install and unpack, making it one of the best Toyota rooftop tents that you could get for two people.

SMRT The Softshell – A Perfect Toyota Rooftop Tent for Your Family


The Softshell may be the youngest member of the SMRT family, but it might just be the tent you need for a great camping trip. It costs the least of all three, accommodates up to four people, and can be installed on almost any car, SUV, or truck.

It features a sturdy frame made of 320g ripstop polycotton canvas which ensures waterproofing and protection against environmental damages, thanks to the seamed and polyurethane-coated construction. The Softshell’s body and windows are equipped with SBS zippers, and almost all of these zippers have pull-rope ends for easy usage and accessibility.

Softshell Tent From Smrt

SMRT also uses 420-denier oxford ripstop polyester fabric in the construction of The Softshell, which makes it as sturdy as a Toyota truck, and adds enhanced qualities like weatherproofing, thanks to a layer of PVC coating.

Strength and rigidity in the structure are provided by the double-reinforced mounting track, while durability and corrosion protection is provided by the stainless steel-reinforced hinges and all stainless steel fittings.

softshell-tent-from-smrt inside

On the outside, the cover is made of 650-denier waterproof PVC fabric, making it ideal for use in any weather conditions. There’s also a YKK zipper with an extra pull rope on the bottom that attaches the cover to the base of the tent.

Despite having only a single entry point, it can accommodate your family of up to four people and let you have a great camping trip in your Toyota Rav4 or Tacoma.

So if you’ve got a limited budget and want to take your family on a fun Overlanding trip without missing any camping shenanigans, SMRT’s The Softshell should be your top pick.

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