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Beach Camping Tips

 photo by Vesnaandjic via iStock

One of the most pleasing areas for camping is the beach, the silence accompanied by the sound of the crashing waves gives a relaxing vibe that can’t be found elsewhere. 

Some areas of beach camping might end up being frustrating though; therefore, in this article, we are going over a few beach camping tips that will make your trip a blast!

Getting to Camp

person driving on the beach

 photo by SolStock via iStock

Driving on sand is a challenge at the best of times – if you get it wrong you will most probably end up getting stuck. The first thing you will want to do before driving onto the beach is to drop your tire pressures.

By dropping tire pressures down, you increase the contact patch of the tires helping you glide over the sand instead of digging into it. 

A good number to air down your tires to is 15 PSI but it all depends on your vehicle. On heavy 4WDs you will want to stay above 15 PSI whereas on lighter ones you may need to go even lower. Some research online and trial and error while outside exploring will help determine what the perfect tire pressures for your vehicle are. 

tire gauge

 photo by flubydust via iStock

Another beach camping tip is that if you are towing a trailer, make sure you air down the trailer tires too as it can act as an anchor if it starts digging into the soft sand. 

Always be in 4WD and have a recovery kit with you which includes the priceless sand recovery tools that are traction boards and a shovel.

Do not pack more than you need though as a heavy 4WD and sand driving usually lead to getting bogged. SUV stuck in the sand

 photo by CapturedByAmelia via iStock

Finally, double-check the tide times and do some research on the beach you are planning on visiting as there may be areas you should avoid.

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Beach Camping Tips: Get the Right Gear

Awning or Umbrella

Car awing on the beach

A well-shaded area created by an awning is a must-have if you are camping in the summer away from trees. A beach umbrella can also work if you are looking for a cheaper option. 

Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net

A mosquito net can also be a welcome addition to your awning as it will stop all the annoying flies from getting onto your food and therefore making the whole experience far more enjoyable. 

Beach Mat

Beach camping with Beach Mat

photo by MelanieMaya via iStock

A beach mat will keep the sand away from your camp spot while also helping keep your feet clean before getting into bed. 

A small dustpan and broom can be helpful when it comes to cleaning the mat or your tent from all the sand. 

Beach Camping Tips: Choosing a Camp Spot

Beach camping

 photo by ivan101 via iStock

Choosing a camp spot on the beach is something that requires planning. Beaches tend to be windy; therefore, wherever possible choose an area that provides some sort of windbreak in case the wind picks up throughout your stay. 

If there are no natural surroundings to shelter you from the wind your vehicle can also act as a small windbreak. 

Finally, be sure that you are camping above the high tide mark as waking up in the middle of the ocean will not be the best beach camping experience. 

By implementing the tips mentioned above you will ensure that your stay on the beach will be an enjoyable and comfortable one! What do you guys think? Are there any other tips that make beach camping even better?

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