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Camping Etiquette – How to Respect Your Camping Spot

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Camping spots are often enjoyed by many people which may lead to some unwanted behavior. 

The most common one is trash being left behind which ruins the beauty of the area while also harming the environment. 

In this article, we will be talking about camping etiquette to ensure you are doing everything possible to keep your camping spots in better shape than you found them. 

Take It In – Take It Out

people removing trash from camp

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When it comes to trash, if you can carry it into camp, you can carry it back out. It’s just good camping etiquette. Granted, no one wants to fill up their truck with dirty, smelly, and leaky trash bags but there are other options. 

A rear spare tire-mounted trash bag is the best option as it keeps all the dirty stuff outside of the vehicle’s cabin while also being easy to reach when sitting around camp. 

The habit of throwing beer bottles and food cans in the fire should also stop as no campfire is hot enough to burn the trash you throw in. At the end of the trip, all that will be left is a fire pit full of glass and cans and that’s how camping spots end up getting closed. Camping Etiquette Make Sure Your Campfire is Completely Out Before Leaving 

Camping Etiquette: Make Sure Your Campfire is Completely Out Before Leaving 

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The next big issue faced by campers is fires that are not completely extinguished after people have left the campsite. 

In dry and hot climates hot coals are all that’s needed to start a catastrophic bushfire. Therefore, use plenty of water to extinguish the fire and cover it up with dirt or sand to be fully certain that it won’t do any harm to the rest of the forest. 

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man gathering wood while camping

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You should be aware that you cannot collect firewood anywhere you are. For example, some national parks will not allow the collection of firewood; therefore, you are responsible for bringing your own firewood into camp. 

Starting a campfire may also be prohibited – you should always check the regulations of the area you are going to before lighting your campfire.

Camping Etiquette: Be Quiet

Camping Etiquette Be Quiet

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If you are camping at a designated camping ground, then blasting music while drinking beers with your mates may not be welcomed by your fellow campers. In such areas, 10 PM is the usual noise cut out; therefore, you will need to respect others and be quiet. 

If you want to have fun with friends head out deep into the bush where no one will be able to hear you. 

Give Space to Other Campers

Give Space to Other Campers

photo by a_Taiga via iStock

If there is an entire camping ground to spread out in, don’t set up camp right next to other people. Give them space to enjoy their trip and do their own business while you go about doing yours. 

If camping next to other people makes you feel safer, then bring some of your mates along for the night!

Camping Etiquette: Leave Every Campsite Better Than You Found It

Camping Etiquette Leave Every Campsite Better Than You Found It

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This is something few people are doing but has a great impact on how we treat nature and our campsites.

When you roll into a campsite, take a few minutes to clean your surroundings from trash left behind by previous people – if the ones that were there acted wrongly it doesn’t mean that you should also do the same. 

Such camping etiquette behaviors ensure that our campsites stay open for us to enjoy. 

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