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A Detailed Look at the All-New Toyota Tundra


The Toyota Tundra has been one of America’s favorite trucks ever since it was introduced. It offers reliability and off-road capability while also being able to haul or tow.  It may not be the prettiest truck out there, but it certainly does the job it was designed to do. However, the current model is getting old and that’s apparent in current crash test scores and the dated interior look and features.  Thankfully Toyota has announced the introduction of the new model and a few days ago some photos provided us with more information regarding the all-new 2022 Tundra.

Front Undercarriage of the All-New Toyota Tundra


If you know Toyota trucks, you will be aware that all TRD Pro models get the silver TRD bash plate, and the all-new Tundra is no exception.  What seems like a new addition is a thick front sway bar painted red – sadly, we do not know if there will be an option to electronically disconnect the front and rear sway bars.

Front Suspension and Tires of the All-New Toyota Tundra


This image is interesting as it provides us with plenty of information. Obviously, the Tundra still sits on independent front suspension with the beefy lower control and upper control arms Toyotas are known for.  The tires appear to be Falken all terrains and the suspension which is again painted in red from FOX. The shocks don’t appear to have any external reservoirs but there is a barely visible red wire going to them above the upper control arm which may suggest that these shocks can be configured from inside the cabin. Toyota has been working with FOX for a long time now; therefore, I would expect some great suspension behavior out of this truck. 

Rear Suspension


This is the area that has undergone most of the changes in the all-new Toyota Tundra as the leaf springs are now gone. Of course, the truck still sits on a solid rear axle with what appear to be two bump stops. Being a TRD pro truck Toyota expects it to be driven hard off-road; therefore, some over-engineering is necessary. In front of the rear shock appears to be an external reservoir with a protector which confirms that this truck will have plenty to offer in terms of suspension.  The specific model shown in the images does not have airbag suspension which may be a bit worrying when it comes to payload as coil springs do not perform as well as leaf springs when loaded. 

Other Observations About the All-New Toyota Tundra


The layout of the undercarriage seems to be a unique one for the American market. The fuel tank is located on the right and is protected by a skid plate while the muffler and exhaust are on the left; therefore, the tailpipe exits on the driver’s side.  For the US market, it is usually the other way around – this may confirm the suspicion that the Tundra shares most of its underpinnings with the all-new 300 Series Toyota Landcruiser.  So, there you have it guys, this is the latest information leaked from Toyota regarding the all-new Toyota Tacoma. What do you think? Would you upgrade the old model to the new one?

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