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5 Items You Do NOT Need to Start Overlanding

 photo by Adil Abdrakhmanov via iStock

Overlanding is becoming a more popular activity by the day and accessory manufacturers are using social media and YouTube as a way of promoting their products. Although cost-effective, this method fills our screens with brand new decked-out vehicles equipped with the latest gear and accessories.

This leads to people who are new to overlanding thinking that to take part in this activity they have to spend huge amounts of money just on the accessories. 

However, this just isn’t the case. All you need to go overlanding is all you used to need for a night of camping with friends – some food, water, a tent, and a mattress to sleep.  The only thing that is added with overlanding is the vehicle and that does not need to be the latest and greatest 4WD with half a ton of accessories fitted to it 

Because of this common misconception, this article will be going over 5 items you do not need to go out overlanding. 

Rooftop Tent

Rooftop Tent

 photo by jeffbergen via iStock

Do backpackers carry rooftop tents with them? I don’t think so. Did anyone carry a rooftop tent with them up until 20 years ago? I don’t think so. A rooftop tent is certainly an among the items you do NOT need to start overlanding.

Rooftop tent camping is a modern trend that has raised mainly due to ease of setup. Furthermore, a rooftop tent looks cool on top of a 4WD even if you never use it.

Your first adventures should be done in a swag or a normal tent, and the thousands of dollars you saved by not buying a rooftop tent can be used to go on a far more memorable trip! 

Full disclosure, I have a rooftop tent. But I didn’t start out in a rooftop tent – I started out in a simple ground tent like everyone else. As I’ve gotten older, my family has grown, and my adventures have gotten more complex, a rooftop tent has proven to be a great option for me and my family. But when I started overlanding, I simply didn’t need one!

Items You Do NOT Need to Start Overlanding: A $200 shovel

Items You Do NOT Need to Start Overlanding A $200 shovel

 photo by Piotr Wytrazek via iStock

What if I told you that you do not need the fancy $200 shovel you’ve been watching someone review on Instagram or Facebook. All you need here is a cheap garden shovel and if you are limited for space a slightly more expensive folding one. 

Learn More:

A 12V fridge

12V fridge

 photo by Supersmario via iStock

Let’s be honest now, the only reason you need a fridge on a weekend adventure is just to say you have a fridge. Modern coolers will easily last a weekend and because they are far cheaper you can buy a bigger one to put even more food and drinks in than you would with the normal fridge. 

Granted, if you are planning on heading out remote for extended periods a 12V fridge is an item that would make your life far easier; however, for a simple weekend trip an icebox is more than enough. 

Items You Do NOT Need to Start Overlanding: A Disk Cooker

Items You Do NOT Need to Start Overlanding A Disk Cooker

 photo by Rocky89 via iStock

For the price of a decent disk cooker, you can buy a camping stove (like the one above), a wok, and plenty of other cooking utensils to boil water or toast bread while still having money to spare. 

Furthermore, disk cookers can take a lot of space and can be inconvenient if you have a smaller truck. 

Are disk cookers awesome? Absolutely! Do I have one? You bet. But it isn’t critical to have one to get started in overlanding.

To start out, a traditional camping stove will do the trick. 

A New Truck 

A New Truck 

 photo by AlexD75 via iStock

The best overlanding rig you can have is the one you currently own. Burying yourself in finance fees just to buy a 4×4 to try out overlanding isn’t the cleverest idea. Even a 2WD car can take you to most camping spots; therefore, use what you have to determine whether this is a hobby for you or not. If you end up loving it, see what works and what doesn’t with your current setup to help you decide what your next vehicle will be. Until then, a new truck is among the items you do NOT need to start overlanding!

I hope this article has helped you understand that all you need to go overlanding is a vehicle and a basic camping setup. Switch that phone off for a while, and instead of wishing you were out there doing what they do, go and do it yourself!

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