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4 Tips to Organize Your Camping Gear

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The thrill of camping is undeniable. Escaping to the great outdoors, breathing in the crisp air, sleeping under the stars, and waking up to the sounds of nature, it’s a world away from the busy city life. But, every camper knows that having the right gear is essential to enjoying these adventures. Our camping equipment – from tents to sleeping bags, cookware, and clothing – makes these trips possible and comfortable.

However, once we return home, our camping gear often poses a challenge. How do we store it effectively, keeping our homes clutter-free while ensuring our gear is easily accessible for the next adventure? Many campers grapple with this question, and that’s where this guide comes in.

Today, we’ll provide you with four practical tips to organize your camping gear at home. By the end, you’ll clearly understand how to manage your camping gear efficiently, making the process effortless and your next camping trip even more enjoyable.

So, are you ready to embark on this organizational journey? Let’s dive in and transform how you store and organize your camping gear.

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Buy a Storage-Friendly Trailer 

space trailers backend

In the quest to organize your camping gear, a pivotal first step is selecting the right storage solution…

While there are several ways to store your camping gear, investing in a storage-friendly trailer can be an effective and space-saving strategy. Among the options available, one trailer has carved out a niche for itself through its unique design and functionality: Space Trailers.

space trailers 2023 expedition trailer

Space Trailers are designed to cater to the specific needs of camping enthusiasts, making them a valuable asset for anyone looking to efficiently store their gear. They offer a lightweight, car-friendly solution that’s perfect for small vehicles. Manufactured right here in the United States, specifically in Red Wing, MN, Space Trailers are a testament to homegrown quality and reliability.

space trailers with open canopy

The design of these trailers showcases a perfect balance between utility and convenience. Their standard model features a 4×7 foot box with a tailgate, offering ample space to store your camping gear. The trailer bed is dual-coated with poly on both sides, providing non-skid flooring to ensure your gear stays put during transport. With ten color options to choose from, you can customize your Space Trailer to match your style.

Space Trailers vertical storage

But what truly sets Space Trailers apart is their unique vertical storage feature, made possible by Space Bumpers. When your trailer isn’t in use, you can simply stand it vertically, thereby saving precious garage space. The trailer’s tongue is bolted onto the frame and flips down during vertical storage, preventing any damage and ensuring a minimal footprint.

This is truly a must-see-to-believe product! Visit Space Trailers today to get more details and be sure to check out or complete review, too!




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Organize Your Camping Gear: Find the Right Location for Storage

Newly constructed self storage facility.

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One of the initial steps to effectively organize your camping gear is to find an optimal location for storage. The perfect storage location depends on your personal circumstances, including the availability of space in your home and the quantity of camping gear you own.

If your home comes equipped with a garage, this can serve as an excellent storage solution. Garages offer substantial space and easy access to your gear. Alternatively, a basement can be an equally beneficial storage spot, particularly for gear sensitive to temperature fluctuations. It’s essential, however, to ensure your items are stored off the floor to prevent potential water damage.

For those with bulkier items or who lack indoor storage space, an outdoor shed can be a practical solution. Sheds provide sufficient space and are particularly suitable for weather-resistant gear. Just ensure that your shed is adequately sealed against moisture and pests.

In instances where home storage is limited, or you own a large amount of camping gear, renting a storage unit can be an effective solution. Though it comes with a cost, it offers a dedicated, substantial space to neatly organize your camping gear.  

Group Items together for Improved Organization

Hiking equipment.

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Organizing your camping gear can be a formidable task, especially if you’re an ardent camper with a significant collection. An effective method to manage this task is to group your items based on their functionality. By categorizing your gear, you’ll be able to streamline your packing process, expedite your set-up time at the campsite, and ensure no item is forgotten.

Consider grouping your gear into categories like sleeping items, cooking gear, clothing, and emergency supplies. For instance, your sleeping category might include items like your tent, sleeping bags, and air mattresses. Similarly, your cooking collection might consist of a camping stove, fuel, cookware, and utensils. By keeping like items together, you’ll be able to quickly locate what you need when you need it.

To enhance visibility and organization, consider storing your gear in clear plastic tubs labeled according to their categories. This way, you can easily see what each tub contains without having to rummage through it and labeling each tub helps ensure items return to their correct locations. Additionally, this method protects your gear from dust and potential damage.

Organize Your Camping Gear: Store Items Based on Usage

Equipment and accessories for mountain hiking in the wilderness

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How frequently you use your camping gear should also play a role in your organization strategy. Items that you use on every trip, like your tent, sleeping bag, or cooking gear, should be stored in easily accessible locations. Prioritizing accessibility for frequently used items means less time spent searching and more time enjoying your adventure.

For instance, you could utilize garage shelves for such items, making it quick and straightforward to load your car for a trip. If you’re using clear storage containers, this is even more convenient, as you can see what is inside without even opening the box. These containers can be placed within arm’s reach, allowing you to grab your gear and go.

On the contrary, less frequently used items like special cooking utensils or extra camping chairs can be stored in less accessible areas like the attic or the back of your garage. These items, while still necessary for specific trips, don’t require the same easy access as your regular camping essentials.


update summer camping gear as needed

Photo by apomares via iStock

How Do I Organize My Camping Gear?

Organizing your camping gear involves a few key steps. First, sort your gear by categories, such as sleeping items, cooking items, and clothing. Next, store your gear in an appropriate, accessible location, depending on how often you use it. Consider investing in a storage-friendly trailer, such as the SPACE Trailer, to transport and store your gear.

How Do You Minimize Camping Gear?

Minimizing camping gear starts with careful planning. Make a list of essentials for your camping trip and stick to it. Avoid packing “just in case” items to keep your load light. Multipurpose items that serve more than one function can also help reduce the amount of gear you need to bring. Regularly review and update your gear, removing items that are no longer useful or in good condition.

What are the Best Camping Storage Containers?

The best camping storage containers are ones that are durable, weather-resistant, and easy to transport. Clear plastic bins are a popular choice as they allow for easy visibility of their contents. They come in various sizes and often have secure lids to keep your gear safe and dry. 

Specialty camping storage containers are also available, designed with compartments for specific camping items. The choice of storage containers ultimately depends on your personal camping needs and preferences.

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