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What is a Crossover Teardrop Trailer?

You’ve no doubt heard of teardrop trailers, but what are crossover teardrop trailers?

Well, it’s simple – crossover teardrop models offer many creature comforts, an easy towing experience, and are equipped for off-road travel when the desire to get off-grid strikes.

That means these trailers are ready to go, whether you’re heading out for a weekend at an RV park, tackling a difficult off-road trail, or many other points in between.

But not all crossover teardrops are made alike…

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to one of the top companies for crossover teardrop models – So-Cal Teardrops. The folks at So-Cal Teardrops have a fantastic lineup of these teardrops to suit virtually any need you might have. Let’s get started!

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What is a Crossover Teardrop Trailer?

crossover teardrop trailer profile

As noted above, a crossover teardrop trailer is at home on pavement, dirt roads, difficult mountain trails, and everywhere in between.

On the one hand, these trailers offer many creature comforts that you’d want and expect of a teardrop trailer. But on the other hand, they’re specifically designed to accommodate off-road travel thanks to an all-terrain suspension, trail-rated rims, and beefy tires.

Moreover, crossover teardrop trailers are lightweight, meaning they can be towed with virtually any car, truck, or SUV that can tow up to 2,500 pounds. That means you don’t have to invest in a big truck to tow these trailers – your current vehicle likely has all the power you need to bring your crossover teardrop along for the ride!




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What Features Come With a Crossover Teardrop Trailer?

crossover teardrop trailer with awning

Robust Construction

So-Cal Teardrops crossover trailers are constructed using top-grade materials, including 2″ x 3″ .120 wall steel tubing. This ensures unparalleled durability and strength, enabling it to tackle even the roughest trails. The entire frame is sandblasted and powder-coated, providing added protection against rust and corrosion.

Smooth Towing Experience With a Crossover Teardrop Trailer

Equipped with a 2,500 lb. Torflex axle and 10″ electric brakes, crossover teardrop trailers from So-Cal Teardrops ensure a smooth and controlled towing experience. Whether you’re navigating steep slopes or descending rocky paths, this trailer is designed to handle it all. The 7×15 Rock Crawler Wheels, accompanied by 30×9.5 off-road tires, guarantee exceptional traction and stability.

Safety Features

Your safety is a top priority for So-Cal Teardrops. That’s why they’ve incorporated dual safety chains, a 7-pin molded wire harness, and LED brake/reverse lights built into the rear frame, providing enhanced visibility to other drivers on the road. There is also a 2″ rear receiver, ensuring a secure connection between the trailer and any hitch-mounted accessories you wish to add.

Crossover Teardrop Trailer Convenient Extras

crossover teardrop trailer nose box

The trailer comes with a range of features that add comfort and convenience to your outdoor adventure. It includes two 1 1/4″ side auxiliary receivers for additional attachments, a mounted swivel tongue jack for easy maneuverability, and clear anodized aluminum sheeting for a sleek and modern look.

Cozy Cabin

Step into the cozy cabin of a crossover trailer that’s designed to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing space. The interior is crafted with 9-ply and 13-ply Baltic Birch, coated with two layers of UV lacquer for a beautiful finish.

Cubbies, shelves, and cup holders offer ample storage for your essentials, while the insulated ceiling and floor, along with all-weather poly-fiber under sheathing, keep you comfortable in any climate.

Entertainment and Connectivity

crossover teardrop trailer at the beach

Stay entertained during your travels with the built-in AM/FM/CD radio, and keep your devices charged with the USB outlet and 12V accessory outlet. The 12V meter allows you to easily monitor the battery’s power level, ensuring you’re always ready for your next adventure.

Relaxing Sleeping Area in a Crossover Teardrop Trailer

Rest well in the trailer’s sleeping area, equipped with a 4″ thick, grade “A” foam, tri-fold mattress with a comfortable cover. The double-sealed “dustproof” doors with stiffeners and heavy-duty aluminum hinges provide security and protection from the elements. Tinted sliding aluminum windows with screens let you enjoy the surrounding views while keeping insects out.

Fully Equipped Galley

crossover teardrop trailer galley

The galley of these crossover trailers is a chef’s dream. It features high-pressure laminate countertops and shelves, providing ample space for meal preparation. The 2-burner LP stove is mounted in a sliding drawer with a nested utensil drawer, offering convenience and easy access to your cooking essentials.

All the Power You Need

The 12V system, powered by a Group 24 Deep Cycle battery, ensures you have a reliable power source. Additionally, the three-stage marine charger with external shore power allows you to recharge your battery when connected to a power source.

Illuminated and Accessible

The trailer is equipped with an LED bar light, illuminating the galley area for nighttime cooking or socializing. You’ll also find a 12V accessory outlet for powering additional devices or accessories.

So-Cal Teardrops Crossover Teardrop Trailer Models

crossover teardrop trailer with truck

In addition to the host of standard features discussed above, So-Cal Teardrops offers various crossover teardrop trailer models to fit your specific needs. These models range from the smallest option, the Buzzard, at 4×8 feet, up to the Cal-Deluxe, the largest crossover teardrop trailer in the lineup, at 5×11 feet.

Other models fall somewhere in between, including the 4×9-foot Rover, the 4.5×9-foot Krawler, the 5×9-foot Sierra, and the 5×10-foot Borrego. Like I said, you have tons of choices!

These different crossover teardrop trailer models offer varying amenities. For example, the smaller Buzzard and Rover models offer a twin-sized bed while the Krawler fits a full. The Sierra, Borrego, and Cal-Deluxe accommodate a queen bed.

Obviously, the smaller trailers have a smaller cabin, too. The Buzzard offers 47 inches of interior width, while the larger Cal-Deluxe offers 59 inches of interior width. All crossover teardrop models offer 44.5 inches of cabin height.

Since the Buzzard is so compact, there is no galley. But if you’re a solo traveler that wants a read-at-any-moment trailer, it’s a great option! The other crossover teardrop trailers in this lineup all offer a rear galley space.




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Final Thoughts

crossover teardrop trailer at campsite

No matter which crossover teardrop trailer you select from So-Cal Teardrops, you’ll get a well-designed, beautifully made, and functional trailer for your needs. You’ll also get an ultra-light trailer…

At one end of the spectrum, the Buzzard is just 670 pounds dry with a 100-pound tongue weight. On the other end, the Cal-Deluxe is 1,120 pounds dry with a 150-pound tongue weight, so even the biggest crossover teardrop trailer is still super compact and lightweight!

Are you ready to start your teardrop trailer adventure? See what So-Cal Teardrops can do for you today!

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