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Four Features to Look for in an Off Grid Teardrop Trailer

Off grid travel is one of the most fun types of adventure one can undertake. The feelings of freedom and accomplishment when self-sufficient in remote areas have us coming back for more!

Since such adventures require more gear than usual, it only makes sense to undertake them with the help of an off grid teardrop trailer. Off grid teardrop trailers are perfect for this type of travel because they are lightweight, compact, and maneuverable, but also offer good storage space and a comfortable sleeping area. 

This article discusses several crucial attributes of a good off grid teardrop trailer, using the Boony Stomper by Sunnyside Offroad as an ideal example. 

Let’s get started!

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The Trailer Needs a Rock-Solid Suspension

boony stomper on trail

As you can imagine, off grid travel involves many miles on rough and corrugated roads. This takes a toll on equipment and especially on suspension components. To ensure your trailer doesn’t leave you stranded, you need to invest in a rig that’s been built to withstand such terrain. 

Sunnyside Offroad’s Boony Stomper has a purpose-built suspension setup for off-grid travel.

boony stomper suspension

The custom-fabricated, long travel and independent trailing arm design makes sure the trailer rides nicely and tracks straight behind the vehicle. Its load-adjusting shocks ensure that trailer behavior doesn’t vary based on the payload, either.

This is a tough design that will give you confidence both when it comes to controlling the trailer and when it comes to trusting it on long off road journeys. 

In the video above, I highlight the Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper. Check it out to see everything this trailer has to offer!

An Off Grid Teardrop Trailer Should Be Compact and Lightweight

boony stomper

One of the biggest mistakes in overlanding is having a setup that’s too heavy. A vehicle and trailer combination or even just a single vehicle that’s loaded to the brim can lead to all kinds of issues.

Firstly, you might have the problem of premature wear on mechanical components and tires. Then, there is the issue of poor acceleration and braking. The acceleration issue is the obvious one, but some people don’t consider the effect weight has on braking. It takes longer for the vehicle to stop, and brake fade is far more likely when driving down steep and hilly sections of a rough trail. 

boony stomper off trail

So, wherever possible, weight must be avoided. This is done by packing just the essentials and also choosing lightweight accessories. 

In the case of the Boony Stomper off grid teardrop trailer, the weight rating is 600lbs (depending on options). This means that it can be towed by most vehicles on the market without putting strain on the vehicle’s components. 

In addition to the low weight, the Boony Stomper is also compact. With a length of 111” and a width of 68”, you can navigate this trailer through the narrowest of trails. The last thing you want is to have a great vehicle set up with a big trailer, only to find out it won’t fit where you want to go – especially in areas with thick tree growth, hard corners, and so on.

A Comfortable Cabin is a Huge Bonus

boony stomper interior

There isn’t much point in towing a trailer if it doesn’t offer a comfortable space to sleep. Granted, an off grid teardrop trailer doesn’t offer the space of larger units, but for their size and maneuverability, the sleeping space is great. 

Inside the Boony Stomper off grid teardrop trailer, you’ll find a carpeted headboard and carpeted walls, linoleum floors, storage cabinets with self-latching doors, and a living space that’s 6’4” long and 46” wide – plenty big for you and your significant other!

sunnyside offroad boony stomper interior

This sleeping space can be helpful when camping in areas with a lot of bear activity or during cold weather camping. Roof tents and normal tents are great, but you cannot beat the security of a setup that’s enclosed with hard walls and lockable doors.

Add a low-temperature sleeping bag to your off grid teardrop trailer (or perhaps a diesel heater) and snuggle up with your significant other to have the ultimate cold-weather setup!

An Off Grid Teardrop Trailer Needs to Be Customizable

blue Boony Stomper with a doggo

Camper trailers – and especially off grid teardrop trailers – should be customizable to fit your specific needs. Some great options that will make off grid life easier include a roof rack for storing gear, an awning to give you outdoor living space, and a thick mattress for getting good rest off grid.

Again, the Boony Stomper ticks all these boxes. In fact, it ticks many other boxes in the customization department, too. For example, you can add a folding side table for dining or meal prep, an external AC power port for charging your devices, and a tongue box for added storage.

sunnyside offroad boony stomper exterior 2

Other options include a spare tire with matching wheel, a spare tire mount, and your choice of Jackery portable power stations. Sunnyside Offroad even offers a LifeSaver jerry can water purifier. You can add interior grab handles, interior cargo nets, and a USB charging port to the list while you’re at it!

With robust standard features and a laundry list of optional components, a trailer like the Boony Stomper is an off grid teardrop trailer that’s the ultimate camping setup for off grid adventures!

Off Grid Teardrop Trailer Final Thoughts

Boony Stomper on a mountain trail

Off grid travel is something every overlander must experience at some point. It can be done in a single vehicle, but having an off grid teardrop trailer like the Boony Stomper takes it to another level. 

Think about it – with a teardrop trailer like this, you get some creature comforts, improved security, and tremendous off-road prowess in a compact, affordable package. Heck, with a trailer this compact and lightweight, you can tow it with your UTV! Talk about getting way off grid! What more could you want?!

If you have any questions regarding off grid teardrop trailers, get in touch with Sunnyside Offroad. Head over to our forum for other off-road or overland-related questions!

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