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Two Conqueror Off-Road Campers to Consider as Your Next Trailer

Buying a new trailer can be daunting as there are endless options on the current market. As with everything, there are good and bad ones; therefore, we need to be careful when making such an important decision as the trailer we use for our outdoor adventures.

So, the question is, which trailer is best for your needs?

Today, we’re highlighting two excellent options from Conqueror Off-Road, a company that’s well-known for building superb campers that seamlessly blend off-road prowess with supreme comfort.

Let’s look at the Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14 and UEV-19 to see what you can enjoy the next time you hit the trails!

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Benefits of Having a Trailer for Camping

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Towing

Conqueror Off-Road UEV-14

Having a camper trailer provides many benefits. First and foremost, you can have a great base camp that is essentially a home wherever you want to park.

From there on, you can unhitch and explore the trails in the surrounding area without having to tow the additional weight of the trailer. This ensures your vehicle remains light and agile. When you want to change locations, you simply hitch back up and continue your journey. 

Also, good quality trailers offer many amenities like full kitchens, indoor sleeping and dining, toilets, and many more amenities. This essentially means that your adventures are as comfortable as being at home. Since you sleep in an enclosed area, you will also be safer. Such differences can make friends or your significant other gladly join you on your adventures.

Normal tent camping isn’t for everyone. However, a camper trailer can bring the comforts of daily living with you regardless of where you happen to be!

Conqueror Off Road UEV 19

Conqueror Off-Road UEV-19

Due to the hardshell design and integrated power systems of many off-road campers, it’s also far easier to keep yourself warm or cool. For example, when winter camping, you get inside your trailer, close the doors, and crank on the heater. 

Granted, not all trailers have a heater, but you can easily add a diesel heater if the trailer you choose lacks one. Also, rain and wind won’t be able to ruin your camping adventure. Sure, an awning can provide some protection, but not to the extent of a proper camper trailer – especially during heavy winds. 

Finally, we have the benefit that all your camping and adventure gear is located inside the trailer and not inside or on your vehicle. This means that if your adventure vehicle is also your daily driver, you don’t have to drive around with heavy tents and drawer systems as you go back and forth to work. This helps save wear and tear while also reducing fuel consumption.

Conqueror Off-Road Campers: A Look at the UEV-14

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 In The Evening

Conqueror Off-Road is a company that has taken off-road trailers to another level. With the knowledge gained from the Australian industry, these trailers are built to tackle any terrain you throw at them. 

The independent air suspension makes them strong and capable, providing excellent road manners, ground clearance, and the ability to level the trailer on uneven ground or while loaded.

Conqueror Uev 14 King Bed

The specs of the UEV-14 are very impressive. The unit weighs 4,350 pounds and has a GVWR of 5,511 pounds. At 21 feet long (for the 2023 model) and a width of 80.3 inches, the trailer is small enough to be towed on tight trails yet large enough to provide ample living space inside.

The UEV-14 comes with 52 gallons of fresh water capacity, including five gallons for the Truma water heater and the cassette toilet tank. There’s 21 gallons of grey water capacity as well.

Conqueror Off Road UEV 14 Kitchen

The trailer benefits from 50-amp power service, including a 300-watt solar power system and a 3,000-watt inverter. Add in a ducted furnace, air conditioning, two fridges, and an outdoor kitchen, and you have the makings of one heck of a camper!

If you want outdoor shelter, you can add a 270-degree awning that provides shade to the trailer’s rear end and kitchen area. The awning is on a uniquely designed frame with integrated dropdown poles that aids in quick setup.

I could go on and on about the UEV-14, but it might be better to see it in action. Check it out in the video above from ROA Off-Road

Conqueror Off-Road Campers: A Look at the UEV-19

Conqueror Off Road Campers UEV 19 Back

The UEV-19 is a part of the Conqueror Off-Road Campers line-up that works similarly to the UEV-14 but is larger. This trailer suits larger families with a truck that can easily tow this much weight.

Keep in mind that the trailer’s weight needs to be well within the truck’s tow rating if you are planning to head off-road or up steep mountain passes. 

At 25 feet in total length (with a box length of just under 19.5 feet), the UEV-19 is two feet longer than the 2023 UEV-14 model. Likewise, it’s wider with a box width of 7 feet, 3 inches. Since this is a bigger unit, weight also goes up to 6,560 pounds.

Conqueror Off Road Campers UEV 19 Inside

The suspension system works in the same way as the one in the UEV-14, meaning that this large trailer offers superb on-road performance while also offering great off-road capabilities.

However, it must be noted that air suspension is even more important in these instances. Due to the increased size of the UEV-19, the trailer will be able to haul more weight, meaning that its suspension system must be able to stay composed even when fully loaded.

Conqueror Off Road Campers UEV 19 Driving At Sunset

By pumping air into the airbags (which makes them stiffer), the UEV-19 is easy to tow, even when it’s full of water and gear. This is an invaluable system for towing a large trailer like this one. Like the UEV-14, the airbag system can level out the trailer, even on rough ground. Since this is a larger trailer, it has larger 285/75/17 tires that help with load-bearing and ground clearance. 

Conqueror Off Road Campers UEV 19 Bed

Inside the UEV-19, you will find luxury and comfort thanks to a 71” x 80” king-sized bed and a table area that can fit four adults for an evening of entertainment. With more than 6.5 feet of headroom, most adults can easily walk around in the UEV-19 while standing up straight.

The UEV-19 also features a spacious indoor bathroom with a proper sink. Facilities inside the trailer are invaluable, especially when camping in cold weather!

Conqueror Off Road Campers UEV 19 Shower

To ensure you have the water capacity needed to tackle longer adventures, the UEV-19 also offers three different water tanks:

  • 64-gallon fresh water tank (with the option to upgrade to 120 gallons)
  • 32-gallon grey tank
  • Black water tank (which can be upgraded, too)

In either case, you get a highly capable off-road trailer loaded to the brim with amenities to make your camping adventures much more functional and comfortable. It’s a win-win in my book!

For a more in-depth comparison between these two Conqueror Off-Road campers, check out the video embedded earlier in the article.

Final Thoughts 

Trailers like the ones offered by Conqueror Off-Road Campers can transform your adventures. You will have all the comfort in the world while also having fun off-road. 

Not all off-road trailers are made alike, though. The superb build quality, high-quality materials, smart design, and off-road prowess you can enjoy with Conqueror Off-Road Campers is something you find with few other manufacturers. So, if you want your outdoor adventures to be as comfortable and functional as possible, give Conqueror Off-Road a good, long look!

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