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Turtleback Trailer: Adventure Series Buyer’s Guide

Many of you likely already know that I have a Turtleback Expedition trailer. I’ve had it for over a year now and it’s gone with me on some awesome adventures.

But today’s article is about Turtleback Trailers’ new rig – the Adventure Series.

This new trailer is the biggest Turtleback Trailer yet with room to sleep five or more people in the Turtleback-exclusive tent that comes with it.

Now, my wife, son, and I can sleep comfortably in our Torro Offroad Rooftop Tent, which has a king-sized mattress in it. But if we bring our nephews along, it’s a tight squeeze.

If you’ve got a big family or lots of friends that you want to overland with, a Turtleback Adventure Series Trailer might just be the ticket. Find out if this is the right rig for you in this Adventure Series buyer’s guide.

Turtleback Trailer Adventure Series Features & Specs

turtleback trailer

As I mentioned above, the Adventure Series is the largest of Turtleback’s trailers. To ensure the trailer has a solid foundation, it comes with a 2×3 galvanized tube steel chassis with an air ride suspension.

The trailer has a 2,000-lb. tongue jack, a breakaway trailer activation switch, and a 7-pin trailer plug and holder as well. The trailer rides on 265/75/16 all-terrain wheels and tires and comes with a tailgate-mounted spare. There are front and rear receiver hitches on this Turtleback Trailer as well.

Turtleback Adventure Trailer

Up front is three feet of modular storage for your overlanding and camping gear. In back is a trailer-mounted 11-lb. pancake propane tank. The trailer comes with a Painter Steel 2-burner stove, a Deep Well sink with a tempered glass top, a Guzzle water system, and an external quick connect water port. Add to that an LED lighting system, an onboard system control panel, and a king-sized trailer top tent to the mix, too.

How Much Does a Turtleback Trailer Cost?


The pricing of these trailers varies depending on the specific model.

For example, the smallest of the three – the Turtleback Getaway Trailer (shown above) – starts at $16,995 for the T1 Package. To upgrade to the T2 package will cost $2,414 and gets you the following upgrades:

  • Spare tire
  • Single battery
  • 1000-watt inverter
  • Solar controller
  • 100-watt solar panel
  • Additional charging ports
  • Upgraded roof rack

The top-of-the-line Getaway Trailer from Turtleback Trailers is the T3 model, which is a $9,000 add-on. You get a lot of bang for your buck, though:

  • Everything in the T2 package
  • Signature Icon Suspension
  • Max coupler
  • Drop hitch
  • Dual batteries
  • 2,000-watt inverter
  • 90-watt solar panel with SAE port
  • Additional USB charging ports
  • Composite kitchen
  • Pole storage tube
  • Hot water heater

So, if you opt for the T3 package on the Getaway trailer, you’re looking at $25,995.


By comparison, the Turtleback Expedition trailer price starts at $26,995 for the T1 package. You can upgrade to the T2 package for $2,414 or the T3 package for $7,975.

The T2 package gets you goodies like:

  • 1000-watt inverter
  • Zamp solar controller
  • 100-watt solar panel
  • Accessory propane tank
  • Upgraded roof rack.

Meanwhile, the Expedition Series T3 trailer from Turtleback Trailers comes with:

  • Everything in the T2 package
  • Signature Icon suspension
  • Max coupler
  • Drop hitch
  • Dual batteries
  • 2000-watt inverter
  • Xantrex SOC monitor
  • 90-watt solar panel with SAE port
  • Additional USB charging ports
  • Composite kitchen
  • Pole storage tube

turtleback trailer adventure series

As for the upcoming Adventure Series trailer, pricing has not yet been released. The trailer will begin production in 2022, so expect pricing charts to be available in the coming weeks or months.

So, if you’re asking how much is a Turtleback Trailer, the answer is that they run from $16,995 and up, depending on the trailer and the trim level.

What Kind of Tent Do You Put on a Turtleback Trailer?

how much does a turtleback trailer cost

As I mentioned earlier, the Adventure Series trailer comes with its own Turtleback trailer top tent, so you don’t have to Google “what kind of RTT tent do you put on a Turtleback Trailer”…it comes with one!

As I also mentioned earlier, I have a Torro Offroad Skylux Tent on my Turtleback Expedition Series trailer. Just about any kind of rooftop tent will work, though it’s advisable to consult with Turtleback Trailers before making a purchase, that way you’re sure the tent you select will work with the trailer you purchase.

Of course, you don’t even have to use a rooftop tent with a Turtleback Trailer. Instead, you can camp in a ground tent if you don’t like the idea of heading up and down a ladder to get into a rooftop tent.

Turtleback Trailer Rentals

While Turtleback Trailers doesn’t offer rentals directly, you might be able to find someone that rents out their Turtleback.

RV Share is a good place to look for potential Turtleback rentals. Outdoorsy is another popular option.

Turtleback Trailer for Sale

If you’re interested in buying a Turtleback Trailer, be sure to visit their website for the latest information about models, pricing, and availability. It might also be worth contacting Turtleback Trailers directly to see if they have any demo models or used models for sale.

If it’s a used Turtleback Trailer for sale that you’re after, you can check the usual places like Craigslist, RV Trader, and other such websites where people can list their used trailers.

Turtleback Trailer Review

A while back, I did a walkthrough video of my Turtleback Expedition Series trailer. You can check that out above.

Now that I’ve had the trailer for well over a year, I’m working on a long-term review of the trailer. Stay tuned for that to get a detailed look at how the Expedition Series has held up. Spoiler alert – it’s been awesome!

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