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The Best Budget Camping Water Containers

 photo by Miyuki Satake via iStock

Overlanding water storage is one of the most important problems an adventurer needs to solve. 

The best way to carry your water is by using a camping water container; however, as with everything the choices are endless.

You might have many different questions…What is the best water container for camping? Best camping water jug? Best portable water containers for camping? Many more fill the internet. 

To make your decision easier, below is a list of the five top budget choices of the best water storage for camping. 

Best Budget Camping Water Containers: Rhino-Pak Heavy Duty Water Container

Rhino-Pak Heavy duty water container

The Rhino-Pak is an affordable choice from Reliance made to handle 5.5 gallons of water. 

With a side locking feature that allows multiple containers to be interlocked storing them in your vehicle will be a breeze.

Furthermore, its jerry can design means it will be easy to carry around camp.

The plastic of the container is thick and durable and inside the box you will also find a pour spout attachment made from BPA-free polyethylene.

When it comes to camping water containers the Rhino pack will provide durability for a relatively cheap price. 

Rotopax RX-2W 1 Gallon Water Pack

Rotopax RX-2W 1 Gallon Water Pack

Rotopax are some of the most famous products when it comes to camping water containers.

Their slim design and interlocking mechanism mean that they can be mounted on roof racks, on the side of your truck, or even inside your wagon’s trunk. 

They are made from three-layer Roto-Moulded plastic with a leak-proof cap that won’t vibrate loose while on the trails. Furthermore, they are EPA and CARB compliant which means they are safe to store water in while also providing great quality. 

If you are looking for an overland water jug and need it to be able to mount on your truck easily then the Rotopax is a great solution.

Best Budget Camping Water Containers: Scepter 5 Gallon True Military Water Container


Scepter 5 Gallon True Military Water Container

If you want an extremely durable portable water container for camping that’s not too expensive, try the Scepter 5 Gallon True Military Water Container.  

When compared to other containers in this price range the container from Scepter is one of the most durable and easiest to use.

This overland water jug is made from military-grade plastic, and it’s built to last for years.

The company undertakes stringing stress test measures and has stated that if the water container is dropped full of water out of a Jeep or camper you are unlikely to see any substantial damage. 

Durability is key when it comes to overlanding and the camping water container from Scepter passes the stress test. 

Wavian 22L Heavy Duty Food Grade Water Can

Wavian 22L Heavy Duty Food Grade Water Can

The Wavian is a great contender when it comes to mid-priced camping water containers.

It features military-grade resin that is anti-bacterial and was designed for use by the Australian Military.

The fact that this container is anti-bacterial gives it an advantage over the other overland water jugs. Its textured construction also means it won’t slip around while driving down a bumpy overland trail. 

Some buyers have reported some issues with leaky valves. However, most are happy with the quality of the product. 

Best Budget Camping Water Containers: Redcamp 5.3 Gallon Portable Water Container

Redcamp 5.3 Gallon Portable Water Container

Redcamp offers a camping water container with tap with many additional features for a reasonable price. Many people are in the market for a camping water container with a tap and this one is a great option that won’t break the bank. 

The container itself is made from plastic that is BPA and PVC-free; therefore, it is safe to use for drinking water. 

Some owners of the Redcamp have stated that the large opening the container has can leak due to the lip not being even.

If you end up buying this product and having this issue a razor knife and sandpaper can help even the lip out which will help the container seal better and prevent leaks.


girl pouring water

 photo by bingokid via iStock

Take note of your personal needs and choose any camping water container from the above list, they all work great whether you need overland water storage, water storage for camping, storage for water for off-road trips, or something in between. 

These camping water containers are the best solution for overlanding water storage without doing any substantial modifications to your truck. 

What do you think? Which one of the five camping water containers will you be choosing? 

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