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Tips for Camping in a Conversion Van

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When was the last time you went on a trip that would rest your soul and give you the feeling of complete freedom?

Many of us dream of camping in a conversion van. Who can say no to a trip customized according to your wishes, where you can have a pleasant time with your loved ones and be in touch with nature? A free and peaceful journey, whether in summer or winter. 

However, there are many things to think about and plan before going on a camping trip. There’s no denying the joy of carrying your home with you, but if you don’t have the suitable materials for camping in a conversion van with you, this pleasure can turn into an ordeal. Therefore, in this article, we would like to share some tips for camping in a conversion van with you.

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Choose The Right Vehicle for Camping in a Conversion Van

camping in a conversion van

As soon as you decide to camp in a conversion van, one of the first things you need to do is to find the right vehicle that suits your budget and personal preferences.

It is ideal to choose your camper van according to the place you will go, the route you will follow, and the number of people you will bring. 

Our choice for conversion vans is the TrueVan Vision X. It is a superb Mercedes Sprinter conversion van, and if you have one, you can always feel the comfort of your home anywhere.

Determine Your Route

camping in a conversion van

 photo by Melissa Kopka via iStock

The most enjoyable part of van life is being able to draw your own route, as you wish freely.

Before planning your course, you first need to decide your budget and how many days your trip will take. Trust us; finding the most suitable route for yourself will be an essential step that beautifies your travel flow. 

You should always pay attention to the road and seasonal conditions while creating a suitable route. Determine the places you want to go to and collect detailed information about them. Although creating a course will make your trip easier, don’t forget to go off the route spontaneously and discover new places.

Know Your Campsites

camping in a conversion van

 photo by welcomia via iStock

After choosing the right camper van for yourself and determining your route, you should start finding places for camping in a conversion van along the way.

It is good to decide on suitable camping areas when selecting your path. Some campsites even have pools and laundry rooms, while others are just for basic needs. Take care to choose accommodation and camping areas that suit your needs and preferences. 

Remember that van life is about freedom, not luxury. So don’t ever trade your liberty for luxury and miss out on exploring new places, wandering around, and taking a break on the spot.

Make a List for the Items You Need for Camping in a Conversion Van

camping in a conversion van

Before the trip, it is always helpful to prepare a list of the items and equipment you will need. Do not forget to determine your needs according to the number of people and organize them in advance. This list will help you make your journey more comfortable by not forgetting anything you may need during the trip.

Always Check Electricity and Water

camping in a conversion van

The two main utilities you will need for camping in a conversion van are electricity and water. Do not forget to have enough electricity and water before you start your journey, and make sure you have information on how to store them in your conversion van. 

TrueVan Vision X comes with a home automation system that controls pretty much everything you need, like dimming lights, LED strips, barometer, power percentage, and all the water tanks. It also comes with an app so you can check them all on your mobile phone.

Bring Your Outdoor Items With You

camping in a conversion van

 photo by cookelma via iStock

One of the most enjoyable aspects of camping in a conversion van is the time spent outside. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the open-air wherever you want, whether at campsites or on the road. Items such as tents, camping tables, chairs, umbrellas, awnings, and blankets will be handy for your time outside. 

If you have parked your camper van far from a town center and want to explore new places or visit the center, you may want to consider taking a bicycle or a scooter with you. A grill is another essential thing. A barbecue prepared with your loved ones for hours with pleasant conversation will complement your camping trip.

Make Sure Your Personal and Household Items Are Complete for Camping in a Conversion Van


Considering that you will use your conversion van as a home during the trip, you will need some essential items to keep living your daily life.

For example, you will need a desk if you work while on the road. Therefore, TrueVan features a table behind the driver’s seat that can be used for working or dining, in addition to the four-foot table in the back with a fold-up bench.

Make sure you have all your clothes ready, too. If you plan to travel in the summer months, don’t forget to buy swimsuits and slippers according to the route you will follow.

To be in the comfort of your home, take your daily bathroom items, products, and towels with you. Prepare a first aid kit containing everything you need for a safe trip. You should read our Overland First Aid Safety Kit Essentials article and find out everything you need to know. 

Finally, don’t forget to bring a book, hobby items, or board games that you can play with your loved ones to add to your enjoyment.

Don’t Forget the Necessary Items for Cooking

kitchen and table of truevan

Of course, food and necessary kitchen utensils are indispensable for van life. Prepare a list of meals, drinks, and utensils before you travel. Not having enough supplies could be disastrous, depending on where you are.

Frozen, vacuum-packed, or canned food will be ideal for long-term travel. Don’t forget to add fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, bread, nuts, snacks, and essential nutrition to your list. 

You will need plenty of room in your conversion van for storing all your food & beverages. TrueVan Vision X solves this problem with an insane amount of storage space– an open-space garage in the back, overhead shelf, six cabinets, kitchen drawers/cabinets, and more.

Although you may think how unnecessary it may be at first, scissors, lighters, matches, thermos, garbage bags, and paper towels are among the things you may need during your camping trip. You can even take the necessary equipment to brew tea or coffee with you to pamper yourself. 

Enjoy Your Time

camping in a conversion van

 photo by isayildiz via iStock

The first step to finding peace is to escape to nature. Camping in a conversion van will allow you to enjoy every shade of green and blue while healing you with the power of nature. Learn everything you need for a camping adventure where you can fully enjoy nature.

If you have any tips for camping in a conversion van, share them with us in the forum!

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