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TrueVan vs Winnebago Sprinter Van

Way back last fall when I was at Overland West, I visited the TrueVan and Winnebago areas to get a close look at these sprinter van options. Here we are months later, and I’m just now doing a comparison of them.

While both options are based on the Mercedes Sprinter van base, you get a very different final product. Now, both the TrueVan Sprinter van and Winnebago Sprinter van are solid options for people that want to live the van life, but, for me, one of these stood out as a better choice among Sprinter van models, at least from my point of view: TrueVan.

Let’s dive into the specs and features of both!

Table of Contents:

TrueVan Vision X Specs and Features

truevan with lights on a dirt road

Image by lacey_spalding & chandler_vanamen.

When I first saw the TrueVan Vision X at Overland West, I was immediately impressed with not only the design of the interior of the Sprinter van, but also the incredible level of detail in the craftsmanship.

Likewise, this thing is loaded up with all sorts of features that, in my opinion, make it one of the best values for money among Sprinter van options.

Vision X Exterior Features

truevan vision x exterior

On top of the Vision X are two 100W solar panels that feed power to 100A BattleBorn batteries that provide 1100A (or 13.2KW) of power, which is enough to run basic systems for several days. Alternatively, you can run the air conditioners for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

The BattleBorn batteries come with a 10-year warranty, including a nine-year period without degradation of charge.

The Vision X also has two alternators with a dual alternator regulator. This system allows you to charge the batteries up to 3.5KWh as you’re driving and 3.0KWh when the vehicle is idle.

truevan side 2

On the sides are anti-slip running boards that aid in safely entering and exiting the vehicle. There’s even small handles that can be used for tying something down or attaching Fido’s leash so he doesn’t run off.

When the weather is nice, you can use the outdoor table for cooking, eating, or just hanging out with friends. The table is chain-free and has a fully-adjustable built-in leveler to account for uneven ground. There’s even a compartment behind the leveler door where you can put kitchen utensils, napkins, and other items you might need when dining outside.

truevan front

Other exterior features include:

  • An outdoor shower unit
  • A 26-gallon dual freshwater tank
  • A custom 24-gallon gray water tank
  • A custom 24-gallon black water tank
  • Full insulation in the roof, walls, and floor

Vision X Interior Features

interior of truevan

TrueVan didn’t skimp on the Sprinter van interior features, either…

In front, the driver and passenger seats swivel 180 degrees so you can use them as seating for a living space or extra dining space. Speaking of dining, there’s a fully-adjustable maple-top lagun table behind the driver’s seat that can be used as a small dining table or office space.

There are loads of 20A outlets and USB ports throughout the van so you have plenty of options for plugging stuff in without cords dangling everywhere. There are several reading lights as well.

kitchen and table of truevan

The fabrics inside the van are all-natural, bacteria-resistant fabrics that resist stains, water, mold, and UV damage, so you can worry less about messing up the interior finishes and spend more time having fun.

There’s a fold-down bed with a 4-inch memory foam mattress in back. To give you more space, there are two Flarespace popouts that provide eight extra inches of width that makes the bed accommodating for people as tall at 6’5”.

truevan office space

truevan fold down table

Other interior features include:

  • A home automation system for controlling the lights and LED strips, checking power and tank levels, and if creates its own local WiFi.
  • A rear office space with a four-foot table and fold-up bench.
  • A full-sized garage that can accommodate gear like several mountain bikes or surfboards. Two fully-adjustable L-tracks with ring fittings allow you to strap the cargo down.
  • A bathroom door that extends outward to create a private room that separates the front and the back of the van. The bathroom also includes a hybrid expandable shower with an extendable shower curtain that gives you five to seven more inches of shoulder space. There is a ceramic blackwater toilet as well.
  • A kitchen with a 4.2 cubic foot double-door refrigerator, a microwave, and a portable induction stove, as well as plenty of cabinets and drawers for storage.
  • Three air conditioning units to keep you cool and a diesel air heater to keep you warm.
  • Rear and side screen doors with magnetic openings.

I think you can see from the photos of the Vision X that this is a Mercedes Sprinter van interior that was designed for the height of functionality and comfort!

Pros and Cons of the TrueVan Vision X Sprinter Van

truevan side

As I noted earlier, one of the first things I noticed about the Vision X was the attention to detail. This thing is beautifully designed, smartly organized, and the level of detail and innovation is simply off the charts.

Specifically, I would say that the top pros of the Vision X include:

  • A home automation system
  • Loads of storage
  • Large water, black, and gray tanks
  • Hybrid bathroom
  • Robust power system that allows for extended off-grid living

In terms of cons, I’m struggling to come up with anything specific to the Vision X. I’m a tall guy, so headroom is a bit of an issue, but that’s the same for any Mercedes Sprinter van interior, not just the Vision X.

Honestly, I am that impressed by this thing that I can’t come up with a single thing that I would change about it.

Winnebago Sprinter Van: Revel Specs and Features

Winnebago Sprinter Van Revel

Obviously Winnebago has a long and illustrious history in the RV market, and that experience certainly shows in the Revel Sprinter van models. 

Both inside and out, this camper van has features for safety, convenience, comfort, and utility that will make your overlanding adventures that much better.

Winnebago Revel Exterior Features

Winnebago Revel Exterior

On top of this Winnebago Sprinter van is a huge luggage rack that gives you plenty of exterior storage space for items that can resist the rigors of temperature fluctuations, rain, and snow. The ladder to access the luggage rack is movable, too.

The Winnebago Revel has running boards with rubber trim and ground effect lighting so you can safely find the steps in the dark.

To protect you from the sun, the Revel has a powered patio awning with LED lighting. You can even control it via Bluetooth!

To keep the bugs out, this Winnebago Sprinter van has a side screen door with magnetic closures and a rear screen door with a blackout panel.

Winnebago Revel Exterior

Other exterior features include:

  • Fold-down exterior table for dining
  • Rear mudguards
  • A porch light with an interior switch
  • A 21-gallon freshwater tank
  • A 21-gallon gray water tank
  • Performance wheels and BF Goodrich T/A KO2 all-terrain tires
  • Solar panel and battery charger with a 2,000-watt inverter/charger, a dual-battery charge system, and two 125Ah batteries with a dedicated second alternator

The Winnebago Revel is also available in six colors.

Winnebago Sprinter Van: Revel Interior Features

Winnebago Sprinter Van Revel Interior

Inside the Revel, you’ll find a well-appointed van. 

In front is an MBUX touchscreen infotainment center, complete with navigation, a WiFi hotspot, a rear camera, and intelligent voice control.

The front seats of this Winnebago Sprinter van have armrests, adjustable lumbar support, and adjustable headrests. Both seats also slide, swivel, and recline.

You get adaptive cruise control, 12-volt power points, a tile wheel, and folding privacy screens for the windows, too.

Winnebago Sprinter Van Revel Interior

There’s heavy-duty vinyl flooring throughout, which makes cleaning up after a muddy mountain bike ride all the easier. 

This Winnebago Sprinter van also includes plenty of USB charging points and LED ceiling lights.

The galley features laminate countertops with removable counter extensions. There’s a pantry, full-extension drawers, and a removable pedestal dinette table. Also included is a 3.0 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer, a sink, and a portable induction range top.

The bathroom includes a 31×26” wet bath with a removable clothes rod, two removable shelves, a shower with wall surround, and a flexible showerhead.

Winnebago Sprinter Van Revel Interior

Other interior features of this Winnebago Sprinter van include:

  • Tinted windows with cassette shades
  • A ventilator fan
  • RAM Tough-Track mounts throughout for securing loads
  • A systems monitor panel
  • A Hydronic Heating System with LED touchscreen control panel
  • A power lift bed with storage underneath

You can also add an air conditioning unit and an air mattress for the front cab area if you like.

Pros and Cons of the Winnebago Sprinter Van

Top of the Winnebago Sprinter Van

One of the biggest advantages of the Revel Sprinter van models is the included roof rack. I know when I’m overlanding, I have a ton of gear. Having that added storage space is a definite bonus for extended trips.

Another feature that I really appreciate about this Winnebago Sprinter van is the large bed in the rear of the van. The bed is stationary, but lifts up to reveal lots of storage for your gear.

people in a Winnebago Sprinter Van

Other pros of the Winnebago Revel include:

  • An open kitchen with features that are accessible from the outside (e.g., the refrigerator)
  • A dedicated bedroom space
  • A well-designed and plush cab area
  • The option to add a bed in the cab area

I would also add to the list that the Winnebago Sprinter van has beautiful finishes throughout, but that they are also durable and easy to clean.

Winnebago Sprinter Van toilet

As for cons, the biggest complaint I have about this van is that it has a cassette toilet rather than a black water toilet and black water tank (like in the Vision X from TrueVan).

Sure, cassette toilets do their jobs just fine, but having the contents of the toilet sloshing around as I hit rough trails would be a no-go for me.

TrueVan vs Winnebago Sprinter Van: Why TrueVan is My Pick

truevan badging

As I noted earlier, both of these Sprinter van models have plenty of benefits to offer for overlanding and even off-roading.

But TrueVan wins it for me because I think the design of their interior is more functional, at least for what I would use it for. I like having the full-size garage in the back rather than smaller storage areas as found in the Winnebago Revel.

I also appreciate the innovative features found in the Vision X – the expandable bathroom and the addition of a black water tank and toilet, for example.

toilet and shower

The power system in the Vision X is also a huge winner for me. You have the ability to be off-grid virtually on an endless basis.

Another thing that makes TrueVan the better option in my book is the personal level of service they provide. When I called TrueVan to get some specs and information about a van for my needs, it was a true white glove experience. There was a complete focus on my needs and interests from the TrueVan representative that left me impressed long after we ended our call.

When I called to inquire about the Winnebago, though, it was less of a personal experience. It wasn’t a bad experience, by any means, but I got routed around a bit and was just missing that level of personalized attention that I wanted.

So, for these reasons, of the Sprinter van models discussed here, I’d pick the TrueVan Vision X.

camper van buyers guide

Of course, everyone’s needs and wants are different when it comes to camper vans, so I would encourage you to do your due diligence, compare lots of different camper van models, and ask lots of questions before buying a Sprinter van. It’s a huge investment, but if you do it right, it can be an investment that pays dividends for years to come!

Be sure to visit TrueVan and Winnebago to get more details about these Sprinter van models.

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