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Tips for Camping Alone

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There are times when you simply can’t find anyone who will join you for a couple of nights of camping.

Life can sometimes get in the way, and the only one who may be free for a camping trip is yourself. However, we believe that is a good thing.

Camping by yourself can be a humbling experience. You spend time in complete solitude, and you have time to think and relax without having any distractions.

It can also be a great mental exercise as you learn to control the feelings of fear that are sometimes associated with being alone in nature.

Because of the many benefits, we decided to make an article that includes some tips for camping alone. These will help get you into the activity easily.

Table of Contents

Tips for Camping Alone: Let Someone Know Where You Are

Man next to tent at night

 photo by DieterMeyrl via iStock

For many people, the biggest barrier to camping alone is either the fear of being attacked by animals or other people.

We completely understand this fear, and it is natural. The modern human is accustomed to sleeping in the comfort and safety of a house. Therefore, suddenly putting yourself outside and alone will be scary.

A great way to feel more comfortable is to let other people know where you’ll be camping. This will help you feel that just in case you need help, someone close to you will know where you are and could come and help.

However, you must also try to train yourself to combat these thoughts, as in most cases, they are just over-exaggerations of the brain.

If you live in an area known for wild animals, it’s a good idea to pack your food in sealed containers to stop animals from being able to smell the food. This will further decrease the chances of having unwanted visitors at camp.

Tips for Camping Alone: Camp at a Known and Safe Location

man in a tent solo camping

 photo by Philartphace via iStock

Our second point on our tips for camping alone list is to go to a known and safe location. Let’s face it, some areas are famous for being unsafe, but others are famous for the opposite.

Camping in safe areas reduces your fear of having other people visit your camp at night. Therefore, helping you relax and enjoy the experience.

Dedicated campgrounds can also be a good choice. However, you will probably not be alone there as many people choose to camp in such areas.

Tips for Camping Alone: Sleep Inside Your Car

woman camping in her car

 photo by Mumemories via iStock

The third point on our tips for camping alone list is for anyone who has a large enough vehicle in which they can sleep.

Tents are great, but they don’t offer much safety. At the end of the day, they’re made from thin material that only offers protection from the weather. Therefore, it’s normal that some people feel uncomfortable in them.

Your car is the exact opposite. It can be locked and is made from steel and glass; furthermore, should anything happen, you can just jump into the driver’s seat and leave straight away.

As mentioned above, there is a very low chance you will ever need to do this; however, sleeping in the car can provide the peace of mind needed to help you get a great night’s sleep on your first solo camping adventure.

Tips for Camping Alone: Stay Comfortable


Our fourth and final point on our tips for camping alone list is to make sure you’ll be comfortable through the night. The temperature may have started rising during the day, but nights can still get cold – especially in the mountains.

A good quality heater can help keep you warm, which will make your whole solo camping experience more enjoyable.

planar diesel heater review

In our opinion, one of the best heaters for this job is the 4kw portable diesel heater by Planar Heaters.

This is a self-contained unit that comes in a crush proof and rainproof case. It runs on diesel or kerosene and 12V or 24V DC power.

Heater Thermostat

It uses 3-4 liters of fuel for 8 hours, operates at altitudes up to 8200ft, and will heat campers, vans, camp tents, motorhomes, ice fishing huts, or even boats up to 30ft.

In fact, at 4kw, this heater can heat much more than just a car or a tent – if your power goes out, you can use it to heat part of your home. Also, thankfully, there’s a wired remote you can use to regulate the temperature without even getting out of bed.

The best part about this system is that, unlike other heaters on the market, there is far less risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The heated air doesn’t come in contact with combustion, and the unit sits outside your tent, car, or wherever you’re sleeping. It’s the safest way to have a warm place to camp. Simply place the unit outside and the warm air tube inside, and you will be having a toasty night!

Get a complete overview of this heater (and a comparison to a stationary heater) in my video above.

Final Thoughts

person in tent solo camping

 photo by Rawpixel via iStock

Solo camping is a great activity. It builds mental toughness and gives you time alone which helps you relax.

With the above tips for camping alone, your first trip can be a breeze. If you have any further questions regarding tips for camping alone or any other off-road or overland-related topics, head over to our forum page.

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