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Three Types of Camper Vans – Which One is For You?

Field Van

Vanlife – it seems to be a growing trend in which more and more people are getting hooked on. 

Naturally, because of the increase in demand, there has also been an increase in available products. 

As we all know, many choices lead to great confusion; therefore, in this article, we are going over the three most relevant van options to help you decide which one is best for you. 

We will be using models from Field Van as examples of the types of camper vans and the price of those builds. 

Mercedes Sprinter 

types of camper vans Mercedes Sprinter Van

Field Van

The Sprinter sits in the middle of the three types of camper vans when it comes to off-road abilities as it can be purchased with factory 4WD, low range, and a 4-inch lift. A tire and wheel combo is added by Field Van.

The diesel motor and Mercedes build quality and luxury make this van a comfortable and economical highway cruiser.

All modern-day comforts such as adaptive cruise control and apple car play are offered in the Sprinter. 

This van is perfect for someone who likes getting slightly more remote as the 4×4 system does allow for tougher off-roading. It will also be a very comfortable mile churner and the space in the back means it works great as a camper. 

The price for the Mercedes is about $180,000 depending on configuration

Types of Camper Vans: Ford Transit

types of camper vans  Ford Transit Van

Field Van

 At $150,000, the Transit is a cheaper option than the Mercedes; however, it is also slightly less capable in certain areas. 

The Transit uses an AWD system which means it does not have low range. AWD systems are good in snow or on mild trails but will not offer the capabilities of a true 4×4 system on other types of camper vans, like the one on the Sprinter. 

It also has all the modern driving features such as adaptive cruise control and entertainment gadgets, but the cabin isn’t as luxurious as the one in the Mercedes. 

When it comes to sleeping and camping amenities, I would say that the Transit is on par with the Mercedes as it does not lack any creature comforts. 

This would be a great van for someone who is in the market for something slightly cheaper. Furthermore, the type of terrain this model will be driven on will mostly be dirt roads or snowy conditions as the 4×4 system on it will not allow access to tougher tracks. 

The Classic Build

types of camper vans Camper Van

Field Van

Coolness – this is what this thing drips with. The classic build is based on a Ford Econoline van that is being 4WD swapped with a proper transfer case, lockers, Fox shocks, and solid axles. 

This is by far the most off-road capable rig and in all honesty, I am drooling. 

Everything from the driver’s cabin and back is custom built using a steel-reinforced fiberglass body. It is a smaller van, so space inside it isn’t as much as the other two; however, there is still enough room to be comfortable while cooking, sleeping, or hanging out. 

Granted, this will feel more truck-like on-road and won’t have features such as adaptive cruise control, but who cares? If your goal is to access those remote areas while also having a comfortable area to cook and sleep, then this is the type of camper van for you. 

Oh, and the best part? It has the 7.3L Godzilla engine in it so it will have no issues hauling all the extra weight. Good luck with the fuel bills though. 

All good things come with a price though and sadly the numbers with this one are eye-watering. This van can be yours for a quarter of a million dollars. 

Types of Camper Vans: Recap

types of camper vans Camper Van

Field Van

So, let’s do a quick recap. The Sprinter is ideal for someone who looks for great comfort, economy, and decent off-road capability. 

The Transit would suit a buyer who wants to spend less money and is willing to sacrifice some driving comfort and off-road capability. 

The classic build is for the small percentage of people who want to take their van down the toughest of trails to get to those extremely remote locations to enjoy a camp all to themselves in an immensely comfortable setup. 

By analyzing the type of adventures and your budget you will be able to easily come up with a choice that suits you. 

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