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These Icebox and Fridge Tips Will Improve Their Efficiency

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You may think that using a fridge or an icebox is straightforward, and you’d be right. However, with some tips and tricks, you can store stuff more efficiently while also helping your fridge or icebox last longer. 

In today’s article we are going to cover those tips!

Icebox and Fridge Tips

Dry Them Out

When storing your icebox or fridge, always wedge something under the lid to keep it open. This way, moisture will escape, and mold won’t build up inside. 


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Pre-chilling is one of the best icebox and fridge tips…

To put less strain on your vehicle’s battery or to keep the ice in your icebox going longer, it may be a good idea to do some pre-chilling. For the icebox, put a bag of ice in the night before and then replace it with a new one in the morning. Make sure that the drinks you put in are already cold. 

The fridge will use the most power right when it starts up and needs to go down to temperature. So, plug it in a house outlet if possible. Having everything that will go in it pre-chilled will also help put less strain on your battery and the fridge. 

Use the Fridge and Icebox as a Combo 

This is a good tip for people with smaller fridges like 30L or 40L ones. You can store your food in the fridge where it will stay dry and use the icebox for drinks. 

Icebox and Fridge Tips: Fill Them Up

Icebox and fridge tips include filling them up to reduce air space.

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One of the easiest icebox and fridge tips is to simply fill them up. A filled-up fridge or icebox is much more efficient than a half-full one – this is especially true with the fridge. Empty space is just air that the fridge will constantly fight to keep cool. 

Cover Them Up 

To get more efficiency out of your refrigerator or slow down the melting of ice in your icebox, you can line the back of your vehicle with reflective material to stop heat from getting in. Bags that will help dissipate heat are also available. 

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Ice is Not the Only Way to Keep Things Cool

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The alternative way we are all aware of is ice-bricks. The main benefit of these is that all your food will stay dry when these melt. They also tend to last longer. 

There are plenty of free options too, though. You can fill up bottles with water and let them freeze overnight, then use those to keep everything cool. Once they are melted, you can also drink them. 

But don’t fill the bottles to the top. When water freezes it expands; therefore, if the bottle is filled to the max it will burst. 

Icebox and Fridge Tips: Prevent Your Food From Getting Soggy When Using Normal Ice

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The best way to keep everything dry is to line the bottom with the drinks, then cover them with ice, and on top of the ice place a sealed plastic container to put your food inside. 

A smaller container can also go inside the bigger one to help protect things like fruits and vegetables. 

Fridge Tips

Prevent Your Battery From Going Flat

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This one is specific to those with a single battery setup.

You have two options here – either keep the fridge plugged in and bring a jump pack with you in case your battery happens to go flat or buy a portable power station such as the Jackery 1000 (a lower power rating will also work) and run the fridge from it overnight.

When driving during the day you can charge the power station while you run the fridge from the car.

Protect Your Fridge From the Elements 

If you have your fridge mounted in the back of your pickup tray then it will be exposed to the elements. To protect it, use something like WD-40 and spray the compressor area and all the exposed electrical connections. These types of aerosol sprays have water repellent properties; so, they will help your fridge last longer. 

Use Cans, Not Bottles 

One of the best icebox and fridge tips is to pre-chill all your food and drinks.

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Cans stack up much better than bottles and they won’t shatter. If your favorite drink only comes in a bottle, then you can use some cardboard dividers or beer koozies to prevent them from shattering. 

I hope these icebox and fridge tips have helped you protect your fridge or icebox while also providing you with some new ideas on how to store stuff more effectively.

Do you have any further tips on how food and drinks can be stored in a fridge or icebox?