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The Ultimate Off Road Toy Hauler

Who doesn’t want to go off roading with their friends and enjoy the serenity of natural landscapes? Off roading and overlanding are adventures loved by many, and it’s safe to say that it’s becoming a national hobby. 

Most of the time, people love to take their off road toy haulers or trailers along as well. It makes the stay easier, and some of them are capable enough to carry even ATVs, motorcycles, and other toys as well.

While going off-grid, the off road toy hauler you’re towing must be as robust as the truck you’re towing it with, and it ought to withstand the ruggedness of unforgiving terrains. Additionally, it must be capable of housing your luggage and any toys you want to take with you.

RKS Off-Road Motive Trailer outside 2

While most trailers are fine in on-road situations, an all-out ultimate off road toy hauler was missing from the scene, until now!

RKS Off-Road recently launched their all-new Motive toy hauler with some incredible specs and features. 

It’s a newly designed trailer developed in-house by RKS with just one Motive in mind – offering an ultimate toy hauler with limitless possibilities. After having a look at it and understanding its capabilities, I can safely say that it is the best off road toy hauler you can get right now. Let me explain why.

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MOTIVE M19HD Off Road Toy Hauler – The Benchmark in Off Roading

RKS Off-Road Motive Trailer outside 1

RKS Off-Road’s latest offering, the Motive M19HD, is the epitome of off roading. It can be regarded as the perfect off road toy hauler. All credits go to smart engineering, luxurious and practical features, and astonishing capabilities.

The Motive M19HD has everything that it takes to become the leader in off-road trailers. It also brings a new standard to off roading with great features. 

Rugged Build Quality

Off-road trails are no joke, and with heavy load carriage, the stress on an off road trailer increases.

Apart from carrying luggage and vehicles, a trailer has to be robust enough to withstand unforgiving terrain without falling apart. The Motive M19HD ticks all the boxes on the quality and robustness checklist, thanks to its commitment to using premium raw materials in production.

Get a first-hand look at this bad boy in the video above!

Frame and Exterior

The Motive trailer is an off road toy hauler built using high-strength aluminum with a touch of carbon to provide excellent sturdiness and stiffness to the frame. While out on the trails, this frame helps withstand the bumps and vibrations while keeping the interior panels and all the components intact. It’s also lightweight, so it’s easier to tow and helps manage weight distribution.

Durable Interior

RKS Off-Road Motive Trailer inside

Apart from being well-appointed, the interior is also made up of highly durable material that can withstand tough environments. The interior panels and components are made of composite materials and aluminum for durability and ease of cleaning. 

All the hardware and frames are also made of stainless steel. This ensures the trailer can survive off-roading adventures and all the smashing around. Unlike wood, these materials are waterproof as well, so you don’t have to worry about a damp environment or water splashing in.

Tough Capabilities

The Motive M19HD is an off road toy hauler with immense capabilities, thanks to its manufacturing and top-quality parts. The trailer has to keep up with the truck while bearing the load, so it has to be rugged as well as smart.


Supporting the frame and wheels are Tandem heavy-duty axles which can withstand the terrain without failure. The 20” rugged wheels with 34” all-terrain tires add to the capability of the trailer. The lightweight frame is ideal as it puts less stress on the axles.

Payload Capacity

RKS Off-Road Motive Trailer Specs

The Motive is capable of carrying up to 3,400 lbs of payload without breaking a sweat. This is enough to carry gear for 4-5 people along with an ATV or two bikes.


At under 5,000 lbs, the RKS Off-Road Motive is one of the lightest off road toy haulers you can get right now. This makes it easier to tow, even with a compact or half-ton truck.

Ample Customizable Storage

Your off road adventures require that your trailer has ample space. Fortunately, the Motive toy hauler fares very well in this department. There’s tons of space that can be customized as desired and allows storage of multiple items.

For example, D-rings and floor rails help you secure the payload and prevent shifting. T-slots at different spots also let you adjust how and where items are secured.

Additionally, the roof deck allows for storage of certain items. Let’s not forget about the Aerobox to keep your important gear up front!

Power Backup

You might not be able to find a power source nearby, and carrying generators or solar panels might not be an option. The Motive off road toy hauler takes care of your power needs thanks to a premium lithium-ion battery set up with a 2,400-watt inverter. 

Also, an available 800-watt solar panel keeps you up and connected. All the lights, LEDs, speakers, and screens can be powered independently by this system.

Premium Kitchen

RKS Off-Road Motive Trailer inside

RKS didn’t forget about your meals when you’re overlanding, so they added a kitchen with a Greystone cooktop, a separate stainless steel sink, and a 96L DZ cooler. With this kitchen, you’ll always be eating fresh out there in your off road toy hauler!

Comfort and Luxury

RKS Off-Road Motive Trailer inside 4

The Motive is capable of housing 4-5 people, and there’s space for 1 queen and 1 California king bed to help you sleep in peace. If that’s still not enough, the unique SkyDeck also lets you sleep after stargazing all night.

Complete Washroom

RKS Off-Road Motive Trailer inside

RKS thought of everything while designing the Motive toy hauler and they put a complete washroom with a height-adjustable shower and porcelain macerator toilet, so you don’t have to look for a spot in the woods to take care of business.

SkyDeck – Your Premium Rooftop

The unique SkyDeck is a first-in-class option where you can climb onto the roof and enjoy the serenity, have a cold drink, or enjoy stargazing at night.

All of these rugged and luxury features make the RKS Motive M19HD one of the best off road toy haulers in the market. If you ask me, it should be at the top of your overlanding wish list if it isn’t already!

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