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Is This the Ultimate Jeep Offroad Camper Trailer?

The current trends in the automotive world mean that even though more off-roaders are emerging – they aren’t truly old school. 

Granted, most people do not want or need coil-sprung solid axles and twin lockers. 

However, what about the smaller group like us? The true lovers of the hard stuff in which only certain vehicles perform well. 

For us, the only options in the current market are the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator Rubicon. 

While the Wrangler is obviously an excellent off-roader, the Gladiator has a higher towing capacity. Therefore, if you want a capable rig to combine trailer-based overland and tough off-roading, we love Gladiator. And for that, we may have found the ultimate Jeep offroad camper trailer.

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Pairing the Gladiator with the RKS Off-Road Purpose Trailer

rks offroad purpose trailer

The Jeep offroad camper trailer we have in mind is the RKS Off-Road Purpose Trailer. It’s a very well-engineered home on two wheels that features all the comforts of bigger trailers. However, unlike the bigger trailers, this one can go off-road and is not terribly heavy. Therefore, it can be towed by a Gladiator. 

At first glance, you wouldn’t think the RKS can pack all the features it does. However, with some clever engineering, most amenities campers want or need have been included.

stand up bathroom

From a full stand-up bathroom to an outdoor kitchen with a sink and fridge/freezer, a TV to heating and A/C, and even a Skydeck where you can enjoy the views from atop the trailer, you certainly won’t be uncomfortable regardless of where you happen to be. 

However, the main reason this trailer is a great Jeep offroad camper trailer is the fact that it is very capable off-road.

rks off-road suspension

As we mentioned in our first look article on the Purpose Trailer, it has an off-road suspension, 18 inches of ground clearance, and sturdy steel structures in the areas that happen to get bashed the most when off-roading. 

It also comes with 18-inch wheels wrapped in some all-terrain rubber. This shows that the engineers at RKS know a thing or two about off-roading. Wheels of this size provide the perfect compromise between looks and a tall enough sidewall that can withstand impacts and prevent punctures.

RKS Off-Road Purpose Trailer Desk

Inside, this Jeep offroad camper trailer is made from tough materials that can withstand muddy shoes or boots after a day of hiking or cycling. This is a trailer that is designed to get dirty, and it shows.

The setup of the interior can be rearranged to form a workspace/sitting space or a bed. The floor and exterior have T-Tracks; therefore, more accessories that make life easier off-grid can be added.

So, not only is this Jeep offroad camper trailer lightweight enough to enable the Gladiator to tow it comfortably, but it will also follow arguably the most capable pickup truck on any tough trail it happens to be on.

jeep towing trailer


When combined with the good storage space of the Gladiator, you will have the ultimate Jeep offroad camper trailer. 

Drive down to the trailhead, set up basecamp with the trailer, and head out to drive all the hardcore trails around with the Gladiator. Afterwards, come back to a luxurious camp. 

On a different expedition, if you need the trailer to come with you through some very tough terrain, the RKS will be able to do it. 

Therefore, regardless of the type of adventure or terrain you happen to be on, you will not have any issues with this very capable combination. 

Towing This Jeep Offroad Camper Trailer

rks offroad purpose trailer with jeep gladiator

The tow weight rating for the Gladiator is 7,650 pounds, and the trailer from RKS weighs 5,000. Therefore, you will be well within the Gladiator’s towing limits.

Furthermore, the 12-inch disc brakes fitted to the trailer will ensure your truck can slow all the weight down on long descents down hills.

Towing anything behind a vehicle puts a lot of strain on mechanical components and especially the transmission. 

Due to the hard work, transmissions get way hotter than usual. In case you didn’t know, heat is the main killer of transmissions; therefore, something needs to be done to keep the temperatures down.

jeep offroad trailer

The answer is a transmission cooler – a small oil radiator that mounts on the front end of your truck through which transmission oil flows. The design of the cooler combined with the air traveling through it cools down the transmission oil; therefore, preventing it from overheating. 

Other than the transmission cooler, you need to make sure that the truck is kept in perfect condition as, once again, it will work a lot harder to tow a trailer – especially off-road. 

Some stiffer suspension can also stop the rear end from sagging due to the added tow-ball weight. 

The RKS Purpose is Purpose-Built as a Jeep Offroad Camper Trailer

towing this jeep offroad camper trailer

While the RKS Purpose can be towed by many more trucks than just the Gladiator, it’s a perfect match for the Jeep truck.

And while most trailers on the market are capable but very similar to each other. The RKS is different.

It feels more purpose-built and rugged than the rest. As if the people who designed it felt there is a need for something that can comfortably house two people, tackle very tough terrain and be easy to clean and maintain after long days of off-grid travel. 

This is the reason we believe that the RKS pairs so well with the Gladiator. The Jeep, just like the trailer, has a purpose – it’s different. Where everyone focuses on on-road manners and economy, the Gladiator stays tough and old school; therefore, it remains unbeatable off-road. 

Combine the two, and you have the ultimate Jeep offroad camper trailer to explore the most remote areas the world has to offer. 

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