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The Future of Toyota Trucks – Are They Going Electric?

Toyota Newsroom

Toyota recently made a huge unveiling of a series of electric vehicles that gave people an idea of what the future of the brand may look like.

Among those vehicles, we could clearly see a pickup that looked very similar to the new Tundra and an SUV that reminded us of the FJ Cruiser. 

Could this mean that Toyota is finally warming up to the idea of electric vehicles and may give us some electric off-roaders to play with? 

Details Regarding the Future of Toyota Trucks

Future of Toyota Trucks

Toyota Newsroom

Sadly, Toyota did not provide any information regarding the specifications of the vehicles. So, we do not have any details when it comes to types of batteries, range, power, and anything related to performance. 

The only information we have is the way these trucks look; however, we can make some significant assumptions from just that. 

The Compact Cruiser 

EV Toyota Crusier

Toyota Newsroom

The Compact Cruiser is somewhat of a relief for the lovers of trucks. With several concept vehicles that look like capsules and promise autonomous driving flooding the internet – a vehicle with a retro design, rear-view mirrors and front-facing seats is a welcome change. 

It can reassure us that the fun won’t be lost even if EV vehicles do manage to get traction and replace the fossil power ones of today.

The vehicle itself looks very similar to the FJ cruiser of the past, yet this little guy is definitely an interesting part of the future of Toyota Trucks. The roofline and front end share many design elements and the whole car screams futuristic but retro at the same time. 

Some protection and tow hooks are also present at the front end which suggests that Toyota is aiming this vehicle towards the adventure lovers. 

In terms of size, the little off-roader looks like it would sit in the same category as a Bronco sport or a Jeep Renegade. However, the design elements of this one suggest that it may be slightly more off-road worthy than the other two.

So, the Compact Cruiser seems like a fun adventure toy that won’t be fully autonomous due to the mirrors and front-facing seats. So, let’s hope this little truck makes it into production. If it does, the future of Toyota trucks looks bright! 

The Future of Toyota Trucks – The EV Pickup

The Future of Toyota Trucks - The EV Pickup

Toyota Newsroom

This is an interesting one as many think it is not just teasing the future of EV pickup trucks, but also the new models of the Toyota Hilux or Tacoma.

The pictures show us that this new pickup comes with off-road tires that look like BF KO2s, some wheels that look very similar to the current TRD Pro wheels on the Tacomas and 4 Runners, and an overall design that has many similarities to the new Tundra and the old Tacoma. 

So, this may well be how the new Tacoma or maybe the new Hilux will look like. 

There are some more good news. In some pictures a steel rod going from the underside of the truck right about where the rear wheel sits is visible. 

This suspension design is only present in solid rear axle trucks which suggests that even though the company may electrify the new Tacoma and Hilux; the fundamentals that make these vehicles great off-road will remain. 

Conclusion – The Future of Toyota Trucks Looks Bright

Toyota EV line up

Toyota Newsroom

Everything stated above is just speculations as we have no official information yet. However, both the EV Pickup and Compact Cruiser look like vehicles that could easily enter production. 

Therefore, we can have high hopes regarding the future of the company and overland adventures. 

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