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The Ford Ranger Splash is Back


The Splash name for the Ford Ranger existed back in 1993 with what then was the new model for the Ranger. 

 Back in June, Ford trademarked the ‘Splash’ name suggesting that there would be a vehicle coming out with this trim level soon, and after 3 months it is here. 

So, in this article, we’ll go over everything you get with the Ford Ranger Splash, how much you will pay and when you will be able to get it.

When Will It Be Available?

The Ford Ranger Splash is a 2022 vehicle and will be available by the end of this year. It will be available as a crew cab with several different trim options which we will go over shortly, but for the most part, the ‘Splash’ name is an appearance package. 

What Has Changed on the Outside of the Ford Ranger Splash?

2022 Ford Ranger


No appearance package would be complete without unique wheels, and the Ranger Splash has them in the form of matte black painted 18-inch alloys. Hankook all-terrain tires complete the package and provide the truck the grip it will need off-road.

On the front grill, we can see some new inserts which Ford calls nostrils and the splash will be kicking off a unique color run that Ford will be doing for 2022 with this golden paint and black stripe.

What About the Interior?

2022 Ford Ranger Splash Interior


Inside the Ford Ranger Splash, not much seems to have changed with the only obvious difference being some orange stitching around the dash, steering wheel, gear knob, armrest, and a carbon fiber insert in the middle of the seats which is a bit questionable when it comes to elegance.

Engine and Drivetrain of the Ford Ranger Splash

2022 Ford Ranger


The engine remains the same 2.3L turbocharged 4 cylinder and the splash can also be added onto the FX4 package. Towing numbers and payload capacity remain the same for this model.

How Much Does It Cost?

2022 Ford Ranger Splash Interior


The Ford Ranger Splash package will set you back $1,495, which for different wheels, paint, and interior looks isn’t that expensive. 

In my opinion, the splash package was made as a farewell to the current generation of the Ranger as it will be replaced soon. Ford said that special colors in limited numbers will be released throughout the year; therefore, these trucks may even be collectible someday. 

As far as off-roading goes though, limited-run paint jobs don’t usually do well as they become even more unique due to the scratches they acquire. However, if you want your truck to look unique and funky, the Ranger ‘Splash’ may be the package for you! 

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