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SeeDevil 2000W Portable Power Station 12-Month Review

When I go overlanding, I need a reliable power source to run my gadgets. About a year ago, I added the SeeDevil 2000W portable power station to my kit as a primary power source for charging camera batteries, powering my laptop, running my coffee maker, and powering my Starlink internet.

The question is – has the SeeDevil portable power station been up to the task?

Well, after 12 months, I think I have enough data to answer that question – it sure is! In short, the SeeDevil 2000W portable power station has been a workhorse. In the review below, I’ll dive into why this is the case!

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SeeDevil Portable Power Station Specs & Features

seedevil with starlink

This 2000W portable power station has a 2131Wh 22.2-volt lithium-ion battery that offers up to 4000W of surge power. One of the primary benefits of the SeeDevil is that you get 13 ports, so you have plenty of options for getting that power to your devices:

  • 12V/10A cigarette lighter plug
  • Four 220V AC outputs
  • Two 12V/3A DC outputs
  • One 12-56V DC input
  • Four Type-A USB ports
  • Two Type C USB ports

This SeeDevil portable power station gives you lots of options for charging its batteries, too. You can use an AC wall outlet, the cigarette lighter in your vehicle, or you can use a solar panel (80, 100, or 200 watts).

Seedevil Front

As you can see in the image above, there’s a real-time LCD display that gives you all the pertinent information about how the power station is operating. It tells you how much battery capacity there is, the remaining time until the battery is drained, and the remaining battery percentage as well.

You can also get information about power output, output functions, and the temperature of the unit.

SeeDevil incorporated a three-step dimmable light that’s nice for helping me see to get camp buttoned up for the night. There’s even an SOS feature in case you’re in distress and need to draw attention to your location.

One of my favorite features is that the SeeDevil portable power station is extremely quiet. The unit has a built-in cooling fan, but unlike the fans in many computers, this one is actually quiet. See me set up the SeeDevil in the field in my video below:

SeeDevil includes a two-year warranty with this power station. Customer service is based in the U.S., so that’s a bonus for those of you that live here in the States.

The SeeDevil portable power station is affordable, too – it’s currently about $1,000, which, if you ask me, is a great price for a unit that puts out 2000 watts of power!




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Just How Portable Is It?

Seedevil Front Close

I’ll be the first to say that not all “portable” power stations are all that portable. Some are big, bulky, heavy, and just plain hard to maneuver.

However, SeeDevil has done a great job of stuffing this portable power station full of features without making it an obscenely large unit. At 9 x 15 x 10.5 inches, this portable power station is downright dainty. As you can see in many of the photos in this article, it sits nicely on top of my Tailgater Tire Table without taking up much space.

Plus, the SeeDevil power station weighs just 37 pounds. Sure, it isn’t featherlight, but it also isn’t so heavy that you need a hand card to move it around. The big, deep handles on either side of the unit aid in moving it from one point to the next.

Using the SeeDevil Portable Power Station in the Field

seedevil with solar array

A year is a long time to field test a product. Over that time, I’ve used the SeeDevil in all sorts of environments and conditions, from the mountains to the desert and everything in between.

At every turn, this little guy has proven to be the ultimate workhorse for me. In addition to being lightweight and easy to set up, you get an incredible array of power output options. After I set it up at camp – which is one of the first things I do when I arrive – I use it to power my Starlink internet.

using seedevil with solar

Since Starlink can be power-hungry at times (120 watts or more), I use a solar panel to top off SeeDevil’s batteries during the day, that way I save the battery’s juice for powering my 4kw portable diesel heater when I’m camping in one of my ground tents. The heater doesn’t draw much power at all, so I could use the SeeDevil to run the heater for the entire weekend without needing to recharge the power station.

seedevil on tire table

As you can see in some of the photos, I also use the SeeDevil to power my laptop and my coffee maker – two essential items for my camping trips. On the one hand, I often have to work when I’m camping, so having power for my laptop and Starlink is absolutely essential.

One could argue that having coffee in the morning is not essential, but you don’t want to see me without a cup or two (or three) in my system! The point is that the SeeDevil makes having all of these power-hungry amenities a possibility. Not only that, but SeeDevil makes it a seamless, worry-free process. I never have to worry about whether it can handle my power needs!

Pros and Cons

seedevil with laptop 2

As with any product, the SeeDevil 2000W portable power station has its pros and cons…

On the positive side, this thing has all the power I could ever need. I also really like that it can be charged with solar, AC, or DC power. That convenience makes it an even more functional power option for overlanding.

Speaking of convenience, the sheer number of ports this thing has is pretty incredible. The variety of ports is also nice, so you’re sure to have the connection you need for virtually any electrical device you bring along with you.

Another definite benefit of the SeeDevil portable power station is its portability. As I noted earlier, it isn’t light as a feather, but 37 pounds is definitely manageable. And its small form factor makes it an ideal addition to my overlanding kit because it packs a mighty punch without taking up a ton of room in my truck.

I also really appreciate that the SeeDevil is silent and environmentally friendly. Nothing is worse than the neighbor at your campground firing up their gas generator and running it all night long. With SeeDevil, I don’t have to be that guy!

So, there’s a lot to like, but what about the downsides of the SeeDevil 2000W portable power station?

For my needs, there are no downsides. But, if I had a larger trailer with more potent power needs (e.g., a full-size fridge, a furnace, an air conditioner, etc.), then the SeeDevil wouldn’t be the solution I need. But, I don’t have any of those things, so this little guy fits into my overlanding setup quite nicely.

Final Thoughts

seedevil at camp

Everyone’s camping needs are different. What works to power my gadgets might not be the best answer for you.

The important thing to do is read reviews like this and determine what products are out there that can address your specific needs. If you have a small setup like I do and want long-lasting, reliable power in a convenient package, I can’t recommend the SeeDevil 2000W portable power station enough!

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