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4 Reasons Why the Second Wind Freedom Stealth is the Teardrop Trailer for You

There are plenty of teardrop trailer options out there. Many of them are just fine. A few are pretty bad. And then there are a select few that fall into the “awesome” category. The Second Wind Freedom Stealth is one such example.

In short, this trailer has it all – everything you need to hit the road, stay on the road, and be comfortable doing it.

But the advantages of this trailer extend far beyond its all-in-one capabilities…

Let’s dive into the Second Wind Freedom Stealth and see just what I mean!

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The Second Wind Freedom Stealth is Just the Right Size

freedom stealth field

One of the advantages of traveling with a teardrop trailer is that you aren’t overwhelmed with towing a giant trailer behind your vehicle. The Freedom Stealth is one such example at 13 feet long, 7 feet wide, and a dry weight of around 1,200-1,499 pounds, depending on the configuration.

In other words, this trailer is small enough to be convenient to tow (thus reducing the load on your tow vehicle and minimizing the impact on fuel economy) but also large enough so that you’re actually comfortable. I’ve tested my fair share of trailers over the years, and some “teardrops” are more like a coffin on wheels. That’s a morbid way to describe them, but it’s the truth!

second wind stealth cabin view

The Second Wind Freedom Stealth, on the other hand, gives you all the room you need. The cabin, for example, fits a full-size memory foam mattress that can fit two adults or perhaps you and your favorite four-legged friend. There’s room to stretch out and get a good night’s rest, and also space enough that you can hide out in the trailer and relax when the weather outside isn’t ideal.

And since the trailer has dual doors, both of which have screened windows, you can spend time inside without feeling cooped up. Have a seat, grab a book, open the windows for a nice cross breeze, and you’re in the money!

second wind stealth galley

And unlike many teardrops on the market these days, the Second Wind Freedom Stealth has a galley. Pop the rear lid open to reveal lots of storage space for your dry goods, cutlery, and dishes. There’s a durable resin countertop where you can whip up meals, too.

Those occasions when you arrive at camp late won’t be a problem, either because the trailer has indoor and outdoor LED lighting – including in the galley. You’ll find dual USB ports in the galley and two more in the cabin for charging your devices as well.

Again, this goes to show that this trailer is everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s not weighed down with unnecessary accessories, yet it isn’t a bare box, either. The Second Wind folks have found the perfect balance between size, weight, and amenities.

Setup of the Second Wind Freedom Stealth Takes Only Minutes

second wind freedom stealth hooked to jeep

I know when I’m traveling, the last thing I want to do is spend all day getting my trailer ready to go. Instead, I want to pack up, hook up, and head out! That’s precisely what the Second Wind Freedom Stealth allows you to do.

This goes back to my previous point that this trailer is just the right size. There’s not an overabundance of stuff you have to tend to before hitting the road. Pack up the galley, shut the door, raise the rear stabilizer jacks, and hook up to your tow vehicle. That’s about it!

Of course, when you arrive at your next destination, the process of setting up the Freedom Stealth is equally as easy. Find your camping spot, drop the front jack and the rear stabilizers, unhook from your vehicle, and you’re ready to relax, cook dinner, hit the hay…whatever you need!

second wind freedom stealth at night 2

It’s also worth mentioning that this trailer is easy to store when not in use. I have buddies with huge travel trailers and fifth wheels, and those things have to be stored in a facility – at least in this neck of the woods.

But with a trailer like the Freedom Stealth, you can keep it in your driveway, backyard, or even in front of your home on the street without it being in the way. And since this thing looks SO good (more on that later), you’ll have something to admire when you look out your windows!

The Craftsmanship of the Second Wind Freedom Stealth is Next Level

second wind stealth driver view

When you invest in a trailer, you obviously want something that’s built to last. Nathan Rizzo, the brains behind the Second Wind Trailers operation, understands this.

Each Second Wind trailer is built from the ground up with the care and attention of a true artisan. These trailers aren’t pumped off an assembly line in a plant somewhere overseas – they’re built right here in California by the experienced hands of people who truly care about the products they create.

second wind stealth front

For example, Second Wind has partnered with American Contractor Welders who are certified in their craft, so you’re sure to get the best possible product built with expertise and proficiency. What’s more, the materials used for these trailers are sourced exclusively from the U.S. – such as steel structures made by American Teardrops.

As a result, your purchase of a Second Wind Trailer not only supports that company but countless other American companies that infuse their dollars into local economies. You get a high-quality product that’s built to the highest specifications while also contributing to a broader economic impact here at home. You even get a five-year manufacturer’s warranty with the trailer. What’s not to like about that?!

This Thing Looks Incredible!

second wind freedom stealth from above

I know that looks aren’t the most important thing when you’re considering buying a trailer, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have something that’s easy on the eyes! And, boy, is the Second Wind Freedom Stealth fun to look at!

I’m a huge fan of the black aluminum roof and side panels. It looks sleek and modern while still having that classic teardrop design (Second Wind Trailers will wrap your trailer with whatever art you supply, too!). With the black wheels and 15-inch radial tires, this bad boy looks mean. Just imagine it being towed by a Jeep or Land Cruiser with the same paint finish. Yes, please!

freedom stealth flowers

Of course, it’s what’s under those good looks that matters – a welded weather-resistant trailer frame, a weather-resistant sealed undercarriage, and 12-14 inches of ground clearance, to name a few amenities.

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what the Second Wind Freedom Stealth trailer has to offer, so I strongly encourage you to head over to Second Wind Trailers to have a more in-depth look. If you’re in the market for a new teardrop trailer and want something that looks good, is reliable and functional, and is backed by American-made products and workers, this is the trailer for you!

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