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Road Trip Tips: How to Stay Safe and Occupied

photo by DieterMeyrl via iStock

Big overlanding adventures often involve driving thousands of miles on the pavement just to get to the start of the trail. Driving such extensive distances can get boring and even dangerous. 

In today’s article, we are diving into some tips that will help you stay safe and occupied while on the road. 

Watch Your Speed

Road Trip Tips person looking at a speedometer

photo by Darwel via iStock

The speed you are holding on a long road trip can have a huge difference both on fuel economy and the time you arrive. 

If you want to save fuel keep your speed down to 60. If you want to cover the distance quickly do the limit. A 10-mile-per-hour increase in speed means that on a 5-hour journey you will be 50 miles ahead – that can make a huge difference if you are running behind schedule. 

Road Trip Tips: Drinks and Caffeine

Water bottle in drink holder in center console of an SUV

photo by Kurgu128 via iStock

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things on a long road trip. It keeps the mind active and also forces you to stop and go to the toilet. So, drink a lot of water and take frequent stops. 

On the other hand, coffee may help keep you awake but it will dehydrate you. Therefore, if you can go without it then do so. 

Energy drinks can also be helpful. There is no doubt that they are bad for you, but I am pretty sure that falling asleep and ending up on a tree is worse. 

Have a Co-Driver

two people in a car

photo by Pollyana Ventura via iStock

If possible, have a buddy with you to do half of the driving for you. This will keep both passenger and driver occupied while providing some time to rest. 

If your only option is to go solo, keep the vibes up with some music or radio communication between each vehicle in the convoy.

Road Trip Tips: Keeping Yourself Entertained in the Vehicle

person driving in the desert

photo by SolStock via iStock

Music is the most obvious one, make sure that all the files are downloaded because you may not have reception. You can also listen to audiobooks or podcasts; these will provide education while also keeping the brain occupied. 

You don’t always have to listen to something though. Driving can be your alone time; it helps you think clearly and sort things out the proper way. Therefore, embrace the time spent alone. 

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Check Your Wheel Nuts

wheel nuts

photo by Ralf Geithe via iStock

Wheel nuts can get loose – especially after multiple days of off-roading. So, when on the tarmac check that nothing is loose and that your vehicle is ready for the long journey to follow. 

Road Trip Tips: Have a Basic Tool Kit

Road Trip Tips Have a Basic Tool Kit

photo by Liliboas via iStock

If you are heading out on a long overlanding trip I’d imagine that you already have a tool kit with you. If you don’t then you should. It can help get a car out of the bush or back on the road when something goes wrong. 

Even something as simple as contaminated diesel can put you on the side of the road and without tools and spares you won’t be going anywhere soon. 

Convoy Road Trips

Convoy Road Trips

photo by photochecker via iStock

When in a convoy, plan your stops beforehand. Have the exact locations in which you will be stopping for food and a break. Doing this will help avoid unnecessary stops while keeping everyone on the same page.

If you get tired while driving in a convoy, say it. You might need to get out for a bit to stretch your legs and continue. Also, a passenger from another car may be able to hop into your car and do some driving for you.

Road Trip Tips: Take 20-Minute Power Naps

Man sleeping in a SUV

photo by kumikomini via iStock

They don’t call them power naps for no reason. If you are getting tired pull out on a service station and have a quick 20-minute nap. This can make a huge difference on how you feel afterwards. 

Being aware of the tips mentioned above might help make road trips less boring and tiring. The key is to stay occupied and have a break when feeling tired. What do you guys think? Have we left any road trip must-haves behind? 

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