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Ford Has Just Introduced a Self-Weighing F-150

Are you tired of using truck scales? Have you had enough of wondering whether you have overloaded your truck or not? Well, Ford now has a solution with the newly introduced 2021 self-weighing F-150.

Ford has introduced three different types of technology for the new F-150 and all three seem interesting. Let’s have a look.

Self-Weighing F-150 On-Board Scales

Onboard scales 2021 Ford F-150 Tail Light Indicators

Onboard scales calculate weight based on suspension squat. The measurement won’t be exact, but it will give you a rough idea of the weight you have in the bed. 

The system is still in its infancy and as expected there are a few inconveniences. For example, before you use it you have to tell the system how much weight is currently in the truck. So, if you have a bunch of friends in the back you will have to ask them how much they weigh – awkward. 

Some unique taillights are also included in this package. As soon as you start loading the truck you will see one or more red lights appearing in the taillights – kind of like a battery level indicator. Each one of those lights is equal to 25% of the total payload of the truck. Thus, if you have just loaded your self-weighing F-150 and 2 lights inside the tail lights are flashing, you know that you are at about 50% payload. 

Onboard scales 2021 Ford F-150 Tail Light Indicators

If you have overloaded the bed, the top light will start flashing to let you know. The taillight feature can be completely turned off if you don’t like it or if you want to drive down the road overloaded without other people knowing. Which you shouldn’t do. 

Payload and hitch load which we will get to in a while can both be monitored through the FordPass app on your phone. That’s pretty cool, imagine someone telling you 40 years ago that you would be able to monitor your truck’s payload on an electronic thing in your pocket – it would feel like something out of a sci-fi movie.

This option will be available in summer 2021, but sadly it is not something that can be added to the 2021 F-150s that have already been sold. 

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Self-Weighing F-150’s Smart Hitch 

2021 Ford F-150

The smart hitch works in a very similar way but with different calculations as the weight hangs further back. The tail lights will flash in the exact same way and hitch load numbers can be monitored both on your mobile app or the screen inside the truck. 

The truck will also make recommendations on the percentage of trailer weight that needs to go on the hitch and can also make the suggestion of using a weight-distribution hitch. 

Both systems are not perfect, but it goes to show that Ford is putting effort into making a truck driver’s life easier. 

This option will be available from the LX trim level and above – this means the cheaper work trucks can have this feature with an additional cost of $650 – not bad at all. 

The Self-Weighing F-150 Has Continuously Controlled Dampers

ford pulling a trailer

Some other manufacturers have already implemented this technology and now Ford has also decided to put it in the self-weighing F-150.

Depending on conditions, the shock absorbers will make micro-adjustments in stiffness to compensate for the added payload weight and uneven road surface.

Suspension stiffness can also alter depending on the drive mode you are in. For example, in tow mode adjustments to suspension stiffness will be made to ensure the most stable towing experience possible. 

This feature will cost $695 and will be available from the Lariat trim level and upwards.

All these features can be optioned together if you are buying a Lariat trim level and above.

What do you guys think? Are all these just gimmicks? Or are they something that will make our life easier? 

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