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PaxPower Will Make a 770HP F-150 That Will Demolish Any Raptor or TRX


Are you desperately waiting for a Raptor R, but it seems too far away? Well, there might be a solution. 

PaxPower takes your Raptor and turns it into a 770HP monster that will demolish most desert bashing pickups on the road right now. 

It’s a pricey option, but you didn’t expect the Raptor R to be cheap, did you? 

Let’s go over the details of this monster conversion.

What is the Base Vehicle for PaxPower?

PaxPower Ford


The base vehicle can be a diesel F-150, an Ecoboost, or the big 5.0L V8. Of course, the one that makes the 770HP is the 5.0L V8. 

However, the Ecoboost will go up to 500HP and 625ft/lb and the 3.0L PowerStroke to 400HP and 610ft/lb. Both the EcoBoost and PowerStroke achieve these numbers through an ECU calibration. 

So, there are gains to be had for everyone here and the company does not limit itself to Ford. They also work their magic on GMCs, Chevys, and Rams. All domestic kids can have fun here. No entertainment for the import guys though. 

What Other Upgrades Do I Get?



Of course, the new toys do not end at the engine bay. Your F-150 will get an OEM Raptor suspension conversion, Fox Raptor shocks with internal bypass technology, custom rate front springs, OEM Raptor leaf springs, raptor upper and Lower control arms, extended front axles, brake lines and steering links, and Raptor sway bar end links and bump stops. 

The exterior receives PaxPower fender flares as the whole truck is now 4 inches wider than a normal F150, and a custom heat extraction hood.

Wheels can be specked to choice, but they typically are 17×9 off-road wheels wrapped in a 35-inch all-terrain or mud-terrain tire. There is also a 20-inch wheel upgrade available. 

Other Accessories on the PaxPower F-150

PaxPower F-150



Fabricated steel bumpers are available and do increase approach and departure angles. You can also choose from several front and rear designs, LED light bars and Pods from Rigid and Baja Designs, Amp Research power deploy running boards, Addictive Desert Design chase racks, various bed cover options, and Rigid Radiance rear cube lights. 

Why Should You Get One?

PaxPower Ford



Well, this serves no purpose other than being a toy and there is no issue with that. If you are a big kid and as a big kid, you need big toys then go for it! 

The 770HP truck will do 0-60 in about 5s and the suspension on it will be able to cope with the harshest of desert runs. 

You could also build an overland setup out of this, but many would say it’s a bit overkill. However, if this is the truck you are shooting for then go ahead! 

How Much Do the PaxPower Upgrades Cost?

 PaxPower Upgrades


It all depends on which F-150 you’ve got and what stage of mods you are going to be choosing. Let’s say that a 5.0L build will cost you a total of around $70,000 without the supercharger and about $85,000 for all the suspension and horsepower upgrades. 

When you supercharge the engine, you also get a 3-year warranty; therefore, you can thrash it without any worries. That’s what we all want right? 

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