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Overlandish Base Camp V2 Review

I’ve had the Overlandish Base Camp V2 tent for about two months now and have had the opportunity to put it through its paces in a cold-weather camping environment.

So the question of the hour is…how’d the tent do?

In today’s review, I’ll give you insights into the specs and features of the Overlandish Base Camp V2 and also give you a rundown of my experience using it in the field. So, without further ado, let’s get to the review!

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Overlandish Base Camp V2 Basic Specs

overlandish base camp v2 1

First things first, let’s go over the basic specs of the Base Camp tent.

This four-season tent fits four to six people, depending on sleeping arrangements. For example, if everyone sleeps on a cot, you’ll have space for four. But, if you all sleep on the floor of the tent, you can fit up to six people.

Now, my cold-weather camping adventure in the Overlandish Base Camp V2 didn’t involve that many people, so the interior space was plenty for yours truly. And at most, I might have two other people in the tent with me at any given time (my wife and son), since the folks we camp with have their own places to sleep.

overlandish diagram

But, hey, if something went awry and someone needed to join us in the Base Camp, the 11’8″ footprint (from corner to corner) offers plenty of room. Speaking of room, this tent is 6’9″ tall, which I appreciate as a tall guy. Yet, the tent packs down to 59 inches tall, so it can be stored easily in the bed of my Jeep Gladiator. Nice!




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Overlandish Base Camp V2 Features

overlandish large window

First and foremost, this tent sets up in a flash. In my case, that’s a Godsend because in just a few minutes, the tent was up, my Planar 4kw diesel heater was running (more on that later), and the tent was getting toasty warm for me to enjoy.

Though it didn’t snow or rain while I was camping, the proprietary PU5000 water-resistant material on the tent would have kept things bone dry inside. Not only does this material offer water resistance, but it also has three layers and insulation, so it’s an ideal winter camping tent.

The Overlandish Base Camp V2 roof has three airflow vents that help keep air moving in and out. All three vents are sealed on the outside and the inside of the roof, which helps keep heat in the tent where it belongs.

overlandish door

Around the perimeter of the tent are five small windows, each of which has a bug mesh exterior layer, a clear plastic layer, and an insulated interior layer. There’s a large window, too, with an insulated interior layer and an exterior bug mesh. All of the windows feature YKK zippers for long-term durability.

While some tents feel claustrophobic inside – even large tents like this one – the abundance of windows allows in a lot of natural light that makes the interior a much more pleasant place to hang out during the day. Helping matters are two large doors with bug mesh, so you can open those up on nice days and get even more light and fresh air into the tent.

As a side note, the doors on the Overlandish Base Camp V2 have a really low threshold, so the risk of tripping as you go in and out of the tent is greatly minimized. The doors also have velcro fasteners on the inside and outside of the tent so you can keep the doors secured out of the way when they’re open.

overlandish interior

The tent has a super-reinforced laminated floor that’s extremely durable and waterproof. Overlandish incorporated a recessed zipper with a cover that allows you to easily unzip the floor for cleaning. The bottom of the tent is sealed and reinforced, too, which boosts waterproofing even further while also protecting the tent material from sharp objects.

When you buy the Overlandish Base Camp V2, you get a rainfly and a stock bag for easy transport. There are several optional accessories you can invest in as well, including:

  • A tent footprint, which offers even more protection for the bottom of the tent. It also adds a foyer where you can take off muddy shoes before heading inside.
  • A high wind package, which includes guy lines and stakes to give the tent added stability.
  • A weather package, which comes with a rainfly footprint, two heavy-duty cinch straps, six all-terrain stakes, paracord and stake tie-downs, and a zipper/velcro hanging pocket.
  • A tough bag, which upgrades the standard stock bag with more rugged protection so you can transport the tent in an open truck bed or on top of your vehicle.

Overlandish Base Camp V2 in Use

overlandish base camp v2 3

As I noted earlier, my most recent trip with this tent was a cold-weather camping situation in which temperatures dipped into the mid-20s at night. At first, I was a little concerned that this is a single-wall tent and that it wouldn’t have the thermal properties to retain the heat from my diesel heater. I was wrong!

Not only did the Overlandish Base Camp V2 do a great job of staying toasty warm, but it was also a breeze to set up. I mentioned before that it takes just a few moments to get this thing rocking and rolling – which, when you’re freezing cold, is a great feature!

But the ease of setup isn’t just nice for winter camping. I’ve rolled into camp at night my fair share of times, and having to spend 20-30 minutes getting your tent set up in the dark can be such a drag. That’s simply not required with the Base Camp tent.

For years, I’ve used a rooftop tent on top of my Turtleback Expedition Trailer for my sleeping quarters on my outdoor adventures. And while I won’t be getting rid of that setup anytime soon, it requires a lot more time to prep it and get it set up once I get to camp. So, when I want to get out of town and into the wilderness fast, the Base Camp V2 is my go-to setup.

overlandish base camp v2 2

As I discovered while I was out with this tent, “Base Camp” is a very appropriate name. This tent is rock-solid, offers loads of space for sleeping and relaxing, and as you can see above, I even got some work done while I was out there.

You truly can use this tent as a base camp for your adventures. Rather than taking my trailer and using it as my base camp, I can travel light and fast, deploy the Base Camp V2, and use that as my home base while still having my Jeep to hit the trails throughout the day.

It’s always nice to return from a long day of trail riding and have a comfortable place to rest – the Overlandish Base Camp V2 certainly provides that.




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Heating the Overlandish Base Camp V2

overlandish base camp v2 review

Since my last trip was a cold-weather situation, I brought my trusty 4kw portable diesel heater from Planar Heaters to keep my Base Camp tent nice and warm.

As I discuss in my review of this heater, it runs on diesel or kerosene and needs 12-volt power, too. As you can see above, on this trip, I had the heater running off of 12-volt power in the back of my Jeep, then setup the heater between my Jeep and the tent. From there, the heating duct ran inside the tent, where I enjoyed a constant flow of dry heat all night long.

planar heaters 2

Honestly, I didn’t even run the Planar heater at full boar – at about half throttle, this sucker got the Overlandish Base Camp V2 plenty warm in about 30 minutes. What’s more, since this heater is so fuel efficient, I ran it all night long without having to top off the fuel tank. And since it comes with a wired remote, I was able to control the heater from the comfort of my sleeping bag. No trips outside in the cold for me!

wired remote for portable heater

I know there are tons of options out there for your cold-weather camping trips, but of all the setups I’ve tried over the years, the combination of the Planar 4kw portable diesel heater and the Overlandish Base Camp V2 is hands-down the best one. If winter camping is your thing, I highly suggest you take a serious look at these products!

overlandish tent exterior

Ultimately, this tent has been a rockstar for me, and I’m supremely confident that it will be for you, too.

No matter if you’re an occasional camper, a hardcore outdoor enthusiast, take solo trips, or venture out with the family, the Overlandish Base Camp V2 has everything you need to create a comfortable living space, even if the weather outside isn’t all that great.

Between its ease of setup, fantastic design, and durable materials, this tent has plenty to offer for your adventures. And it helps that this tent is more affordable than other options.

Give the Overlandish Base Camp V2 tent a good, hard look today!

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