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NEBO Flashlight Review

One of the most critical tools you need in your overlanding or off-roading kit is a good flashlight.

You want something bright, obviously, and something that’s well-made, durable, and can stand up to the rigors of snow, rain, mud, and whatever else you might encounter when you’re adventuring.

There are obviously a TON of options out there, so how does the 12K NEBO Rechargeable Flashlight stack up?

In the video above, I offer a fully-detailed NEBO flashlight review. I’ve also hit the highlights of that review in the article below for your convenience.

Table of Contents

NEBO Flashlight Review – Basic Specs of the 12K NEBO Rechargeable Flashlight

12k flashlight - NEBO Flashlight Review

So, the item we’re looking at today in this NEBO flashlight review is the NEBO 12K Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight.

I picked up mine from Amazon for about $90, though I noticed that the price is significantly higher on the NEBO website ($159.99). I checked the model numbers and the one on the NEBO site is the exact same model as the one I got from Amazon, so I’m not sure why the prices are so different.

nebo flashlight top - NEBO Flashlight Review

Anyway, onto the specs:

  • LED bulb with 12,000-lumens (in burst mode or strobe mode)
  • Adjustable light output from 300 lumens to 12,000 lumens between five different light modes
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum body that’s impact-resistant
  • 2 x 26650 lithium-ion battery in single sleeve; 7.4V, 5000 mAh, 10000mAh total
  • Rechargeable via a USB-C to USB adapter
  • Recharge time of 7-28 hours, depending on the output of the USB
  • Can act as a power bank for charging other items
  • Adjustable beam zooming capability to change from spotlight to floodlight mode
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Length: 11.08 inches
  • Diameter: 2.51 inches (head) and 1.75 inches (barrel)
  • One-year warranty

Let’s dive into some of these specs and discuss additional features, too.

NEBO Flashlight Review – Interesting Features

nebo flashlight in the hand - NEBO Flashlight Review

As mentioned above, the max output of the NEBO flashlight is 12,000 lumens. That output level is available in “turbo mode” for up to 30 seconds, after which time the flashlight reverts to a 7,000-lumen output.

The 12,000-lumen output is also available in strobe mode, which can last up to two hours on a fully-charged battery.

Other lighting modes include:

  • High Mode at 7,000 lumens
  • Medium Mode at 3,000 lumens
  • Low Mode at 300 lumens

Obviously, as you decrease the light output, the longer you can use the flashlight. For example, in High Mode, you get about two hours of usage, and in Medium Mode, you get up to three hours of output. In Low Mode, however, the rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours.

usb port

Speaking of recharging…

The battery is recharged via a USB-C to USB charging cable. As noted earlier, depending on the charger that’s used, recharging the NEBO flashlight from completely dead to fully charged will take anywhere from 7-28 hours. That’s obviously not a quick turnaround time! More on that in a bit.

The flashlight has a backlit button that serves three purposes: to turn the flashlight on, to serve as a battery indicator, and to serve as a charging indicator.

nebo power button

Being IP67 rated is a critical feature of this flashlight because it gives you the flexibility of using it in inclement weather. Its waterproofness is rated for up to 30 minutes of submersion in up to one meter of water, so if you’re crossing a stream that ends up being a little too deep, you can use this NEBO flashlight to illuminate your vehicle underwater to see what obstructions there might be.

flashlight battery

Obviously, the impact-resistant aluminum construction is an important feature to expound on in this NEBO flashlight review as well.

Whether you need a flashlight for overlanding or off-roading, for your work truck, or simply to keep in your daily driver, you want it to be well-made and be able to stand up to the occasional drop. The impact resistant construction of this NEBO flashlight gives you the peace of mind you need.

NEBO Flashlight Review – The Best Features

nebo flashlight head

After having this flashlight for a few weeks and using it in normal everyday situations and out in the field, I have to say that I’m really impressed.

For me, the best feature of this NEBO flashlight is its capability to output up to 12,000 lumens. It is ludicrously bright! As NEBO says, you can “turn night into day” with this thing, and they aren’t kidding!

Related to that is the fact that you can choose between five lumen output types to tailor the intensity of the beam to your needs. In most cases, you’ll probably find that the 300-lumen output in Low Mode is plenty, but having the ultra-bright 12,000-lumen output of Turbo Mode is nice.

Heck, even the 3,000-lumen and 7,000-lumen outputs of Medium and High Modes is more than enough light for most situations.

nebo flashlight

Another feature that I really like is its construction.

While it is a big and heavy flashlight, I give NEBO props for building something that’s well made (and feels like it). Though I try to take care of my gear, this thing can handle its share of minor impacts and still work perfectly.

Lastly, the fact that it’s rechargeable is nice. Sure, it takes a while to recharge, but I like not having to tote around a million AA batteries to power this thing up.

And speaking of power, the NEBO rechargeable flashlight acts as a power bank, so if you’re in a pinch and your phone needs a quick charge, the NEBO flashlight can give it some juice.

NEBO Flashlight Review – The Worst Features

nebo flashlight battery

While I think this is a fantastic flashlight, it isn’t perfect.

While I appreciate that it’s rechargeable, the fact that it can take anywhere from 7-28 hours is a bummer. This is not a flashlight to use if you need to charge it quickly.

Another nitpicky thing is the size of the flashlight. At two pounds and over 11 inches long, it’s not exactly a small flashlight to carry around.

nebo flashlight review

But, as far as downsides, those are the only two things I can come up with.

Otherwise, as this NEBO flashlight review reveals, this is a well-made, feature-rich, durable flashlight. And with a price of around $90.00, it has excellent value, too.

If you want to pick one of these bad boys up for yourself, you can find the 12K Nebo Rechargeable Flashlight on Amazon. And don’t forget, to get the full NEBO flashlight review, check out my video at the beginning of this article.

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