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MORRFlate Just Made Tire Inflation and Deflation Even Easier

If you’ve been kicking around this site, you’ve no doubt run across a number of my articles on the MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Gen 2 air compressor. This has been my air compressor of choice for a while now, and it could not be a better addition to my overlanding and off-roading kit.

My favorite feature is that I can set the desired PSI and forget it – while the TenSix PSI Pro Gen 2 does its thing, I can go about packing up gear, inspecting my truck, or other important duties and kill two birds with one stone. Of course, it’s nice that the TenSix has the CFM output to work on all four of my Jeep tires simultaneously.

In other words, the PSI Pro Gen 2 has made my life a lot easier. And now, MORRFlate is offering that ease of use to virtually any air compressor with its new Air Hub AutoMagic Air Control. What’s that, you ask? Well, let’s find out!

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What is the MORRFlate Air Hub?

MORRFlate defines the Air hub as a “cutting-edge digital automatic air control system.” What does that mean, exactly?

It’s pretty simple – the Air Hub gives you pinpoint control over your tire management by automating the inflation and deflation process. In other words, you can effortlessly dial in the desired PSI for your tires using the Air Hub, let it do its thing, and hit the road with the confidence that you have the precise PSI levels in your tires. Nice, right?!

MORRFlate Air Hub Specs and Features

morrflate air hub back

A Portable, Rugged Design

It’s fair to say that the Air Hub is portable and rugged. On the portability front, it offers a compact design that allows you to stow it in your glovebox, console, or under the seat. The unit comes in a hard shell carrying case for added portability, too.

This little guy is rugged as can be – something you’d expect from MORRFlate. It’s purpose-built for use in challenging off-road and overlanding environments and can stand up to the rigors of use in all sorts of weather conditions. Even its carrying case is rugged – it includes an EVA foam interior to keep the Air Hub secure, even on the bumpiest of trails.

Easy-to-Use Digital Interface

What’s so impressive about the Air Hub is its digital user PSI selection. Using the patent-pending set-your-pressure technology, you can quickly and easily dial in the desired tire pressure using the digital interface. There is absolutely no guesswork; the PSI you enter is the PSI you’ll get! It’s so easy that you don’t have to be an off-roading expert to get it right, making this a fantastic addition to off-road kits for beginners.

What’s more, you get the desired PSI whether you need to inflate or deflate. MORRFlate calls this “automagic,” and I think they hit the nail on the head! With the touch of a button, you can direct the Air Hub to do its thing while you tend to other tasks.

Universal Compatibility

Beyond that, MORRFlate’s Air Hub has universal compatibility. You can use it with any system with a shutoff or blow-off valve that uses 1/4-inch I/M fittings. The good news gets better, too – the Air Hub works with single-tire and multi-tire setups, so it can accommodate a variety of inflation and deflation needs. Just use the push-to-connect couplers to hook up your air lines, and you’re ready to rock!

Once the Air Hub and hoses are attached to your tires, the high-flow solenoids ensure you get optimal airflow for inflation and deflation. In fact, the only flow restriction is your tire’s valve stems.

Of course, all these features need power, and MORRFlate answers that call with an integrated lithium USB-C rechargeable battery. You can use the Air Hub over and over again on a single charge, so you have the power to inflate and deflate your tires with ease, even if you’re miles from a power source.

Advantages of the MORRFlate Air Hub

morrflate air hub front 2

As you no doubt noticed in the discussion above of the Air Hub’s specs and features, MORRFlate has thought of everything. This unit offers so many advantages, whether you are a hard-core off-roader, an occasional trail explorer, or something in between:

  • Extreme portability with a compact design and included carrying case
  • Rugged construction that stands up to the rigors of challenging outdoor environments
  • High-flow capability limited only by the valve stems on your tires
  • Compatible with any system equipped with a shutoff or blow-off valve
  • Useful in single-tire and multi-tire inflation or deflation situations

And, as I noted earlier, my other MORRFlate products have proven to be rock-solid and reliable over the course of long-term testing. That being the case, another advantage of the Air Hub is the backing of a company that puts its money where its mouth is. I’ve not tested the Air Hub, but if it continues in the tradition of the TenSix air compressor, this bad boy will be a welcome addition to your kit now and for a very long time in the future!

How to Get a MORRFlate Air Hub

morrflate air hub case

MORRFlate’s Air Hub is ready for pre-orders now. Simply place your order to reserve an Air Hub without paying anything upfront. Once the units are ready to ship (around mid-July, if not sooner), you’ll pay $250.00.

If you ask me, $250.00 is a small price to pay for the laundry list of specs and features that make the Air Hub so easy to use. Time is money, as they say, so investing in products like this that save you a lot of time and effort is a no-brainer!

Friendly disclaimer: Our articles may contain affiliate links that support us without costing you more, and sometimes we spice things up with sponsored content—but only for products we truly stand behind!

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