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Six Top Features of the MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Portable Air Compressor

The second-generation MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro air compressor marks a significant advancement in the world of portable air compression, especially for off-road enthusiasts and professionals. 

This upgraded version of the TenSix Pro offers enhanced features that emphasize efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. Its design caters to those who require dependable performance in demanding environments, making it a standout choice in its category.

Today, we will explore the six key features that define the MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro. Each feature will be examined for its contribution to the compressor’s overall performance, highlighting why this model is a significant upgrade from its competitors and a valuable asset for both off-road adventures and professional tasks.

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The MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Maximizes CFM

morrflate tensix in use

The MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro redefines efficiency in portable air compressors with its remarkable CFM capabilities. Delivering 10.6 CFM at 0 PSI and maintaining 6.5 CFM at 30 PSI, it stands out for its ability to quickly move large volumes of air. This capability not only positions it as a significant upgrade from its predecessors but also as a top competitor in the portable air compressor market.

Efficiency under pressure is where the TenSix PSI Pro truly excels. Its consistent high airflow ensures that tasks like tire inflation are completed swiftly, reducing downtime significantly. This feature is especially beneficial in professional settings where time is of the essence, making the TenSix PSI Pro a reliable tool for a range of demanding applications.

Airing Up Your Tires Has Never Been Faster

MORRFlate TenSix Pro features

The MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro revolutionizes the tire inflation process with unmatched speed. This portable air compressor can inflate a set of 35-inch tires from 10 to 40 psi in under five minutes, a feat unmatched by most competitors. The rapid performance is especially valuable in off-road situations where time is critical, making tire inflation quick and effortless.

Speed is complemented by the TenSix PSI Pro’s ease of use. The compressor’s design allows for a straightforward setup and operation, ensuring that even those new to using air compressors can achieve efficient results without hassle.

The MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Has an 80 Percent Duty Cycle

morrflate tensix mega quad with jeep

The MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro stands out in the realm of portable air compressors with its impressive 80 percent duty cycle. This high duty cycle indicates that the compressor can operate continuously for 45 minutes with only a 10-minute rest period. Such endurance is essential for handling multiple tasks or servicing several vehicles in one session, making the TenSix PSI Pro ideal for both demanding professional use and intensive off-road applications.

This 80 percent duty cycle is a clear indication of the TenSix PSI Pro’s robust and reliable design. It ensures that users can depend on the compressor for extended periods without the worry of overheating or wear. This reliability is crucial for users who need a compressor that can keep up with their busy schedules and challenging environments.

MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Set It And Forget It

You Can Set It and Forget It With the MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro

The MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro introduces a ‘set it and forget it’ feature, streamlining the tire inflation process remarkably. This innovative functionality allows users to preset their desired tire pressure, and the compressor automatically stops once it reaches the set level.

The convenience of this automatic stop feature is a significant advancement over traditional compressors. It eliminates the need for constant monitoring, freeing up users to focus on other tasks or simply relax while the TenSix PSI Pro does the work. This level of automation in a portable air compressor is a game-changer, particularly for those who regularly inflate tires or use air tools.

This Portable Air Compressor is Extremely Well Built

MORRFlate TenSix Pro Portable Air Compressor

The Gen2 upgrades of the MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro build upon the already solid foundation of its predecessor. The introduction of a stainless steel outlet hose is a notable enhancement, optimizing heat dissipation during operation, a key factor for maintaining efficiency and performance.

In addition to the hose upgrade, the TenSix PSI Pro now features a purge valve, an essential addition for effectively managing internal pressures and enhancing the compressor’s usability and maintenance. This upgrade signifies a thoughtful evolution in design, catering to user convenience and compressor longevity.

Moreover, the shift to resized aluminum heat syncs and internal aluminum cylinders from the previous models marks a significant improvement in heat management. These changes, along with the introduction of thermoconductive paste and upgraded piston rings, are tailored to enhance the compressor’s durability and performance, showcasing MORRFlate’s commitment to continuous improvement and quality.

The MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro is Small, Portable, Quiet, and Easy to See

MORRFlate in use in the snow on a Rubicon

The MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro excels not only in performance but also in its design, making it a standout choice for those needing a compact, portable, and user-friendly air compressor. Its dimensions of 14x7x9 inches make it small enough to store and transport easily, ideal for users who require mobility without compromising on power.

Quiet operation is another key feature of the TenSix PSI Pro. With a noise level of 70-75 dB at a 1ft distance, it operates at a significantly lower volume than many conventional air compressors. 

The compressor’s visibility is enhanced by its striking neon green color, making it easy to locate in various settings, whether it’s in a busy workshop or a cluttered vehicle. This thoughtful design aspect not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also increases safety and convenience for the user.

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