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Lion Energy Safari Review

About a month ago, I picked up the Lion Energy Safari portable power station bundle that includes six 24-volt, 100-watt solar panels. I also have a Lion Energy Safari XP expansion pack, which boosts the energy storage capability of the Safari portable power station.

I’ve tested these products in many different situations and environments over the last 30 days, and I’ll tell you right now that the Lion Energy Safari setup is extremely impressive. You can see how it fits into my tent camping setup in my video below:

Not only does this bundle offer a ridiculous amount of power, but it’s also extremely user friendly and highly portable – just what you want when it comes to portable power!

In this Lion Energy Safari review, I’ll introduce you to each of the system’s components, discuss specs and features, touch on pros and cons, and more. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Lion Energy Safari Portable Power Station Specs & Features

lion energy safari portable power station

The Lion Energy Safari portable power station is a robust and reliable energy solution for portable power in various situations. With a weight of 57.3 lbs and dimensions measuring 20″ x 13.3″ x 13.3″ (L x W x H), this power station is designed for on-the-go power needs without compromising on performance.

Sure, it isn’t tiny by any means, but for me, the convenience of having so much available power (more on that in a minute) is worth the unit being a little heavier than other options.

lion energy safari setup

Equipped with four Pure Sine Wave AC output ports, you can confidently power your devices with clean and stable energy. The inclusion of two USB-A ports (5V @ 3A each) and two USB-C ports (20V @ 3A, 60 Watt max) ensures compatibility with a wide range of electronic devices, offering you the flexibility for charging smartphones, laptops, and other USB-powered gadgets.

For 12V applications, the Lion Energy Safari provides a 12V output at 15A and an additional 12V Anderson Compatible port at 25A, catering to various power needs in outdoor and emergency situations. The power station’s impressive 1612Wh capacity, derived from a Prismatic Cell LifePO4 battery chemistry, ensures extended usage and reliability.

lion energy safari runtimes

With a remarkable continuous power output of 3000W and a surge capacity of 6000W, this power station is capable of handling both everyday and emergency power requirements. I have a relatively small power footprint, given that I either tent camp or camp in my rooftop tent. But, as I’ll get into later, this unit isn’t just appropriate for camping – with all this power, it’s an ideal emergency source of power.

Another prime feature of the Lion Energy Safari is its longevity. With 3500+ life cycles, you get peace of mind for long-term use for camping, overlanding, use around the house, and so forth.

The Lion Energy Safari offers versatile charging options, too, with an AC charge capacity ranging from 102-130V at 45-65Hz. This allows you to recharge the unit efficiently using shore power at home after a weekend camping trip. Alternatively, solar and DC charging are supported with a capacity of 600W at 24~60V MPPT, providing an eco-friendly option if you need off-grid power solutions.

lion energy safari side view

Another  standout feature is the impressive charge retention of over one year, ensuring that the Lion Energy Safari remains ready for use even after extended periods of storage. The power station’s rapid charge times, whether through AC or solar/DC, further enhance its practicality, with a minimum charge time of 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Add in a five-year warranty, and you can see why the Lion Energy Safari portable power station has been so impressive thus far in my testing!

Lion Energy 100-Watt Solar Panel Specs & Features

lion energy safari with six solar panels

The Lion Energy 24-volt, 100-watt solar panels are a nice complement to the portable power station and offer sustainable and portable energy for my outdoor adventures.

These solar panels boast a host of features that make them an attractive choice. For example, one of the key advantages of the Lion Energy 24V 100W solar panels is their eco-conscious design. Operating with zero emissions, these panels contribute to a cleaner, greener environment by leaving no carbon footprint during use. This aspect not only aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability but also positions these solar panels as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional power sources.

Durability is a prime feature, too, thanks to their anti-corrosive, double-walled aluminum construction. This robust design ensures longevity, making the panels well-suited for outdoor applications and diverse weather conditions. You can trust in the resilience of these panels, providing a reliable and long-lasting solar power solution for whatever your outdoor adventures might be.

Each panel delivers 100 watts – a substantial power output for various applications, especially when you have six panels as I do. This efficiency is particularly valuable for power-hungry applications like electronic devices, appliances, or recharging the Lion Energy Safari with a clean and renewable energy source.

A noteworthy feature that enhances the flexibility of these solar panels is their expandable nature. As I said, I have six of these panels, but you have the option of using a single panel, two, three, four or five panels together. This scalability is beneficial for adapting to changing power needs or maximizing solar energy utilization in larger setups.

Lion Energy XP Expansion Pack Specs & Features

lion energy xp front

The Lion Energy Safari Expansion Pack is the game-changer in this setup…

When your need for energy storage surpasses the capabilities of the Safari alone, the Safari-XP steps in to provide three times the energy storage capacity (3,000W capacity, coupled with a substantial 4,300-watt-hour lithium iron phosphate battery), ensuring that you can power your devices longer and with enhanced reliability.

lion energy safari and xp back

Connecting the Safari-XP to the Lion Energy Safari is a breeze, requiring a simple plug into the back of the Safari unit. This seamless integration allows you to effortlessly expand your power capabilities without the need for complex setups or technical expertise. I know the last thing I want to do is spend more time setting up camp, so having a simple setup like this allows me to get things ready faster, so I have more time to enjoy the great outdoors!

Like the Lion Energy Safari, the Safari-XP offers maintenance-free operation. The expansion pack also retains its charge for up to one year, offering you that same peace of mind that you have stored energy ready for use whenever it’s needed.

lion energy safari and xp

The versatility of the Safari and Safari-XP combination is evident in the wide range of devices they can power. On a recent camping trip, I used this setup to power my Starlink internet, charge multiple devices (my laptop, phone, and camera batteries), and run a lamp.

But this system can also power tools and mini-fridges, CPAP machines, TVs, blenders, drones…you name it. Whether you’re embarking on a DIY project, camping in the great outdoors, or facing a power outage, the Safari+XP ensures that you can keep your essential devices and appliances running smoothly.

Pros and Cons of the Lion Energy Safari System

lion energy safari front

After working with the Lion Energy Safari system for the last 30 days or so, I’ve had many opportunities to test it, use it, and abuse it to see what its strengths and weaknesses are. So far, there are far more pros than cons…

High Energy Storage Capacity: The Lion Energy Safari system offers an impressive 1612 watt-hours (Wh) of energy storage, providing you with a substantial power reservoir for running various devices and appliances. This high capacity is ideal for extended usage during outdoor activities, camping trips, or power outages.

Versatile Power Output: With a 3,000W continuous and 6,000W surge output, the Lion Energy Safari system is versatile enough to handle a wide range of electronic devices and appliances, from power tools and mini-fridges to laptops, TVs, and more. This flexibility makes it suitable for diverse applications, both indoors and outdoors.

Clean and Stable Power Generation: The inclusion of four Pure Sine Wave AC output ports ensures that the power generated by the Lion Energy Safari system is clean and stable. This is crucial for sensitive electronics, providing a reliable and consistent power source without the risk of damage or interference.

Expandable Power with Safari Expansion Pack (Safari-XP): The Safari-XP allows you to extend the energy storage capacity of the Lion Energy Safari system threefold. This expandability is a significant advantage if you have higher power requirements. Likewise, it offers a seamless way to increase stored energy without the need for complex installations or additional equipment.

Solar Power Convenience: The system’s compatibility with solar charging provides a convenient and eco-friendly option for recharging, further enhancing its practicality for outdoor adventures or off-grid living.

As far as downsides go, I’ve only found two things that are minor quibbles:

lion energy safari with starlink

The Lion Energy Safari is heavy: At 57.3 pounds, this portable power station is a beast. I can move it by myself with no problem, but smaller folks might need a second set of hands to maneuver it from Point A to Point B.

The solar panels are heavy, too: Lion Energy’s solar panels are robustly built for durability, but that means they are also pretty bulky and heavy. Again, I have not had difficulty moving them around by myself, but I can see how some people would need assistance getting the panels set up – especially if there are multiple panels.

However, Lion Energy has a new solar panel design in the works that’s much lighter. Not only does that address one of the minor issues of this setup, but it also demonstrates that this company is forward-thinking and striving to continually update its products for an improved user experience.

Uses for the Lion Energy Safari System

lion energy safari with lamp

Obviously, my primary use for the Lion Energy Safari system has been in camping and overlanding situations. As I mentioned earlier, I primarily use it to charge devices and run my Starlink internet so I can get work done while I’m camping.

But with so much power, I could use the Lion Energy Safari for many other applications. For example, I could bring a retractable screen and a projector and have a movie night powered with the silent, clean energy from the Safari portable power station.

Alternatively, I can use this bad boy for occasions when I’m tailgating or joining friends for a backyard BBQ. I can use it to run small appliances for tailgating, as a charging station for everyone’s devices at a backyard party, or plug in various music equipment to power a thumping party on the beach.

lion energy portable power station inside tent

It also makes for an ideal source of emergency power. Living in Southern California as I do, the worry of an earthquake is always in the back of my mind. Having a powerhouse like the Lion Energy Safari available to give me power should an earthquake knock out shore power is great peace of mind to have.

So, there you have it – this setup has been a great addition to my camping setup and has proven time and again over the last several weeks that it has all the power I need – and then some. In fact, after my most recent trip, I came home with the Lion Energy Safari having 77 percent of its battery power left. And that was after running multiple devices for more than 24 hours on a cold mountain camping trip!

If that doesn’t speak to the sheer quality and power the Lion Energy Safari offers, I don’t know what will!

A quick heads-up: If you snag something through our affiliate links or check out our sponsored content, we might earn a commission at no extra cost to you. But fear not, we’re all about recommending stuff we’re truly stoked about!

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