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Is This the Best Cheap Generator for Camping?

Camping and off-road trips are supposed to be fun and adventurous. Going off-grid and spending a weekend away with your friends is always amazing, especially when you plan to camp somewhere.

Though it is exciting to load up your truck and get away for fun, you always need to have a power backup. Not only do you need to juice up your sound system and disco LEDs, but you must also have a power source to charge your phone and laptop, power the lights, and keep your drinks chilled in a refrigerator.

ALP Generators have a 1000-watt propane-powered generator that is small in size, whisper-quiet, and powers anything you need while being more environmentally friendly than gas-powered generators.

I’ve used this generator for over a year now, and as I discuss in my ALP 1000-watt generator review, I couldn’t be happier with its functionality and performance.

Let’s have an in-depth look at ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator and understand why it is the best cheap generator to have in your camping inventory.

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ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator – Why is it the Best Cheap Generator?

Super Compact and Ultra Lightweight


Space becomes a rare commodity when loading up your truck or trailer with camping gear. You already have a lot of gear, so carrying a large-sized power unit might become problematic. Those big generators are quite heavy, adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle.

The ALP 1000-watt propane generator, on the other hand, has no such issues. Weighing just 28 lbs and with dimensions of 18-1/4” L x 10-1/4” W x 14” H, it fits like a small bag in the truck’s bed and is very easy to transport and carry as well. This portability adds to the utility of this smart generator and makes it an ideal power source for your weekend away from the city.

Generates Clean, On-the-Spot Power


The 1000-watts of power is produced by propane, which produces only negligible fumes or harmful pollutants. Of course, you could use solar power to charge your phone or emergency light, or a conventional gasoline generator for as long as you want, but these sources have their own issues…

Solar lasts for only a few hours and isn’t compatible with all the appliances, and a gas generator roars like a bear and produces toxic gasses.

These problems could turn the experience sour and the gas source could be a potential hazard. The ALP propane generator solves all these problems by producing adequate power that is clean and safe for everyone. It is also EPA and CARB approved, which means the power generation is clean and safe for the environment and humans.

It’s Whisper-Quiet

alp propane generator

The most common problem with gas or diesel generators is that they produce too much noise. Not only does it kill the essence of music night or gossip around a bonfire, but it also disturbs the neighboring campers while sleeping or resting.

The ALP propane generator is totally different and is whisper-quiet. Even while running at full power, two people can easily have a conversation while standing next to it. Rated at 50 dBA, it is one of the quietest running generators you can have. 

If you need to power a heater or a refrigerator, the campers next to you won’t be disturbed by annoying noise. Power it up and enjoy the performance of the best cheap generator for camping.

Superb Runtime


ALP propane generators can use either a 1lb or a 20lb tank to suit your needs. When used with a 20lb propane tank, this smart generator can run for 60 long hours at 25% power.

With such a long runtime and clean, quieter functioning, forget about power backup anxiety or having to carry big fuel tanks to generate hazardous, noisy power with conventional generators. 

Whether it’s a big sound system, your laptop’s battery, or a refrigerator, the ALP propane generator will have your back.

It Powers Pretty Much Anything


When out camping and trailing on an off-road track, you’d need to carry a lot of items and appliances with you. A sound system to keep the party running, portable lights to light up the venue, an electric blower to keep the tent warm, or a fridge to keep the drinks chilled and food from getting spoiled.

The handy ALP generator takes care of every item that you’re planning to carry with you for the weekend away, and that is one of the reasons it is the best cheap generator on the market right now. It also has multiple charging options, and two times the power output when running on parallel ports.

Smart Technology and Utility


The ALP 1000-Watt propane generator is a treat to have. Apart from its superb qualities and unique capabilities, it also packs smart technology to operate adequately and offer reliability with peace of mind. The following features make the ALP propane generator one of the best cheap generators.

Sine Wave Technology 

The motor produces electricity by seamless oscillatory motions, reducing friction and overheating. This enhances the efficiency and lifespan of the generator, and it also makes less noise.

Low Oil Fail-Safe 

When the oil in the motor is low, the motor shuts off automatically to prevent any damage due to friction and overheating.

Powerful LEDs

The ALP generator has built-in powerful LEDs so you don’t have to look for a light in emergency situations.

In other words, this little generator isn’t just easy on your pocketbook – it’s also incredibly functional with loads of utility for your camping adventures.

Check out ALP Generators today for yourself!

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