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How to Sell Your RV for Top Dollar

Photo by Cavan Images via iStock

So, you have an RV that you want to get rid of? No problem!

RVs are extremely popular at the moment, so if you have a nice rig, selling it shouldn’t take long at all.

But even if you have a really nice RV, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure it sells quickly and for the price you want.

Read on for tips on how to sell your RV for top dollar!

Timing is Everything

RV parked next to a river

Photo by naumoid via iStock

Far and away, the best time to sell your RV is in the spring.

After a long winter, people are dreaming of spending time outdoors, camping, overlanding, and exploring. That means more people are looking at RVs than any other time of the year.

Generally speaking, April and May are prime times to sell an RV. As such, get started with the process of getting your rig ready to sell a few weeks beforehand. Mid-March is a good goal.

How to Sell Your RV for Top Dollar: Go Through It With a Fine-Tooth Comb

Man fixing an RV for sale

Photo by Onfokus via iStock

You’ll need to go over every inch and every nook and cranny of your RV or camper to clean it, depersonalize it, and identify any issues that need to be fixed.

Outside, look at the roof, check for soft spots and leaks, and see if any of the seals (i.e., caulking around the bathroom vent fan or windows) need to be replaced. If you have a motorhome, have it serviced and inspected, that way you can fix any pressing issues or at least alert potential buyers that it’s been serviced and what issues need to be addressed.

On the inside, remove all of your stuff – the rig should be totally devoid of any personal items. Then give it a deep clean – vacuum furniture and carpets, mop linoleum floors, wipe down walls, clean the bathroom, and clean all the windows. Make sure the kitchen is sparkling and that the oven is clean, the microwave is spotless, and that drawers and cupboards are wiped clean.

Stage It Like You Want to Sell It

RV staged for selling

Photo by Alisha Bube via iStock

Selling an RV is not unlike selling a home – if it’s clean and staged, it is more likely to sell for more money.

You don’t have to get crazy here, either. Add a couple of pillows to the couch. Put a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter. Have a centerpiece on the dining table. Make the bed and put towels on the towel racks in the bathroom. Doing so will give the RV a little more life and help it stand out from other listings.

When potential buyers contact you to come see it, open the doors and windows to get fresh air inside. Consider lighting a candle – something with a gentle scent – to give your RV or camper a fresh smell. Just don’t forget to blow the candle out!

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How to Sell Your RV for Top Dollar: Take Good Photos

Good photos for Selling RVs

Photo by Sergey Tinyakov via iStock

Think about it – potential buyers are likely going to see your RV for sale online before they see it in person, so staging it and taking good photos will only help your cause.

All too often you will see a listing for an RV or camper with photos that are so dark that you can’t see any of the interior features. Avoid this by turning on all the lights and opening all the window shades.

Good photos to sell RVs

Photo by compuinfoto via iStock

Another common problem is that the photos are zoomed in or cropped too much. If you have a smartphone with an ultra-wide-angle lens, use that to capture the “big picture” of the camper’s interior. Watch how you frame the photo too – you want them to be straight and level, and taken from a normal eye level. You don’t need to hold the camera at the ceiling or at the floor!

Make sure the photos are in an order that makes sense in the listing, too. You want your images to be a virtual tour of the RV, so if you put them in a logical order it will help potential buyers understand its layout and determine if that layout will work for them.

Price it Right

RV in a field

Photo by GoodLifeStudio via iStock

If you want to sell your RV for top dollar, you need to be realistic about what it’s worth.

Just like our homes, we tend to associate our RVs and campers with all the good memories we’ve had, which often means we think they’re more valuable than they’re worth.

But if you price your RV too high, no one will be interested in buying it and you’ll be stuck with an RV that you no longer want or need.

A better option is to research what your RV might be worth and price it accordingly. Remember to add the value of any extras you’ve added (like a solar power system or a new awning) and subtract the value of items that need to be fixed. Being realistic about the price will help you attract more buyers. You might even get multiple offers!

RV parked by a lake

Photo by Mumemories via iStock

In the pandemic world we’re living in, people of all walks of life are giving RVing a try. And while that means that new RVs are flying off the shelves (so to speak), it also means there are a lot more people looking to buy used RVs. That’s good news for you on a couple of fronts.

First, the more buyers there are, the better the chances you can sell your RV for the price you want.

And second, it means you could harness the growing popularity of camping and overlanding by renting out your RV or camper.

I know that not everyone would be up for letting strangers use their camper, but there could be a significant sum of money in it for you. Sites like Outdoorsy and RVShare make it a simple process to rent your rig out and offer protection for you in case something goes wrong (Outdoorsy, for example, has up to $1 million of liability coverage and roadside assistance).

Again, I know this isn’t an avenue for everyone, but if you don’t use your RV all that much but still want to hang on to it, putting it up for rent might be a good compromise.

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