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How to Plan a Long Camping Trip

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If you are planning to explore the wild outdoors on your next camper trip, there are some things you can do beforehand to make your journey as pleasant as possible, without any nasty surprises.

Proper planning for a camping trip will save you a lot of stress and hassle and ensure you can enjoy your surroundings to the fullest. 

However, preparation is half the battle, they say, and with this article, we will make sure you can plan your next camping trip properly and leave well prepared. 

Preparation is Key

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As the old saying goes, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. This saying also applies to your camping trip, especially if you are not a seasoned camper.

Failing to prepare leaves you prone to forgetting essential items, and you don’t want to end up forgetting your sleeping bag or something else that is vital to your trip’s comfort and success.  

Leaving prepared for your camping trip does not mean you need to have a back-to-back color-coded itinerary thought out, but even little things can help you travel comfortably. For example, checking your destination’s rules on camping and overlanding might save you from a hefty fine. 

Always check the weather forecast of the area you are going to on your next camping trip, especially if you are going up into the mountains, as weather can be unpredictable. Also, don’t forget the temperatures may change drastically in valleys and mountain passes. 

Regardless of the weather, it’s never a bad idea to pack an extra blanket any time you hit the road, as being on the road can always get unexpectedly cold. Depending on where you are in the world and how far you drive, you can even see “shorts weather” and snowfall on the very same day, especially in fall.

Planning Ahead

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Of course, winging the entire trip from beginning to end sounds dreamy for most of us, but since not all of us enjoy simply taking off and figuring things out as we go, it may be better to plan ahead. 

Planning also ensures that you can see and visit all the places you want, especially if your trip is relatively short or covers many miles. You can map out the stops for your camping trip as the bare minimum. 

Even if you don’t like planning ahead, it is always great for you to know where to go at night while still having the freedom to stop everywhere along the way during the day. There are several great apps to help you find great stops along your route. 

Having a van means you can stop anywhere for the night if you want or need to, and also you always have the freedom to change your mind at any time. After all, this freedom is one of the reasons that makes van life charming.  

Carefully Consider the Facilities You Need

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The facilities you need highly depends on your build and the choices you made when converting or buying a camper van. Take the facilities you have onboard in mind when looking for a camping site.

Some campers need all the facilities as they only sport a small kitchenette and a bed on the inside. While other van setups like the Vision X from Truevan can hold a fully equipped kitchen, a 2-in-1 expandable bathroom with a shower and a toilet, a workplace, and a nearly queen-sized bed all in one vehicle. 

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Another thing to consider for your camping trip is whether you can find a level parking spot. Trust us; you don’t want to crawl in bed after a lovely day and then face a lousy night’s rest because of your slanted mattress due to the way you parked. Again, bringing a set of leveling ramps is often the easiest and least space-consuming option to fix this problem.

Tire Pressure

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It may seem like such a mundane task but check your tire pressure when you go road trip camping. Having the right tire pressure when you embark on your camping trip does not only allow for safer driving and less risk of a blowout, it will also save you on fuel costs and tire wear, as well as a more comfortable ride altogether.

Meal Planning

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When you are preparing for your next camping trip, especially for a longer one, planning your meals out is essential as you don’t want to bring too little food for a camping trip or haul too much food along. 

Especially since you have limited space, meal planning will come in very handy. But you don’t necessarily have to pre-cook all those meals. If you have a fridge or cooler on board your vehicle, simply portion up the food you want to prepare in small containers. 

Using Ziplock bags may save you some extra room if you have minimal space available. Pre-season your food and have the meals thought out, so you don’t bring a bunch of ingredients that you end up retaking at home at the end of your camping trip.

kitchen and table

If you want to have a full kitchen while overlanding, you should definitely check out the Vision X from Truevan. It has everything you can think of including a microwave, a fridge, a sink, lots of storage, and a table for dining, and you will feel the comfort of your home kitchen.

And lastly, if you are unsure what to bring on a camping trip, we recommend reading our article –Camping 101: A Beginners Guide to Gear– that will give you a deep camping trip list on what to bring to make your next camping trip a guaranteed success.

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