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How to Feel Safe When Camping

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Many of us have never been camping before, and as expected, certain fears may arise because of that.

Most times fear is related to animals, insects, or other people. If you experience any of those fears this article may be helpful to you we’ll discuss overcoming the fears associated with camping.

Pick the Correct Camping Location

If your fear is related to people, avoid public camp spots – they are crowded and noisy and, in my opinion, defeat the purpose of camping. Head out to a slightly more remote area in the woods where you are going to be the only person there. 

If your fear is related to animals then camp close to a fire service road or near a public camp spot. Such areas are more populated by humans and animals tend to be scared of approaching. Another thing you can do is camp in a rooftop tent as it is impossible for animals to reach you up there. If you don’t have a rooftop tent or can’t afford one try the inside of your car if it’s big enough – that’s the safest choice. 

How to Feel Safe When Camping: Let People Know Where You Are 

how to feel safe when camping let people know where you are

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When heading out camping, even though you might not be alone, you should let friends or family know where you are heading. This may help you feel safer as other people know where you are and may be able to provide help if you need it.

Go With a Friend

Get a friend who you know is less afraid than you are or has camped before and head out with them. This will make you feel like there is someone who knows what they are doing, but most importantly the company of your friend will make you forget any fear.  

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How to Feel Safe When Camping: Get Used to the Noises

get used to the noises

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When we are scared each noise gets the heart going and irrational thoughts fill our brains. Always have in mind that you are in the wilderness and the noises you hear come from branches, birds, or wind. You should also be aware of the animals that exist in the area you are camping in. In some areas the most harmful thing is a fox; therefore, worrying about animal attacks is completely irrational. 

If you are in areas with more harmful animals, educate yourself on them and sleep high off the ground, or, as mentioned above, in the car. Nothing can get you when surrounded by steel. 

Look Forward to That Beautiful Scenery in the Morning 

If you get scared at night, try to distract your brain and imagine how beautiful the campsite you’ve picked will be in the morning. Imagine the morning coffee and the trails you are hitting tomorrow as well.

How to Feel Safe When Camping: Get Your First Camping Experience in the Summer 

How to Feel Safe When Camping: Get Your First Camping Experience in the Summer 

Photo by pixdeluxe via iStock

In summer it gets dark later and the sun comes out earlier; therefore, you minimize the hours spent in the darkness. Although, you will have to wake up early because the sun or heat will wake you up. That’s why you are out there though!

Don’t Go Too Far Away 

For the first couple of times you camp, stay somewhere near home where you can pack up and head back home easily. This will act as a safety barrier to help you feel that if you don’t like it or if something happens you can easily head back home. 

How to Feel Safe When Camping: Camp With a Dog 

camp with a dog

Photo by AleksandarNakic via iStock

Dogs are far more alert than we are. Camping with your dog can make you feel like someone is on guard and if anything weird happens they will let you know. Most times your dog will still be awake when you go to sleep and will have woken up before you in the morning.

I hope that the points mentioned above will help you feel more comfortable when camping. Remember that the more times you wake up to that beautiful view knowing that everything was fine, the more confidence you will gain; therefore, just like anything in life, experience will make you better.

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