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How a Lift Kit Can Prevent a Rollover

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Common sense says that lifting a vehicle makes it more prone to rolling over due to the increased center of gravity.

Of course, that is true. However, there are certain situations where a good quality suspension lift can prevent a rollover.

How can it prevent a rollover? Let’s find out!

How Trucks Rollover

4x4 on a steep rock

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There are many ways one can roll a truck off-road.

The most common ones are driving up a side slope that is too steep for your vehicle, driving into deep ruts or on big rocks with just one wheel, driving down or up a steep slope, or tacking a corner a bit too quickly. 

Certainly, in all the above situations, a higher center of gravity will make the vehicle more prone to rolling over. However, the correct suspension setup on a solid axle truck can save you on a few occasions even if the truck is lifted more than four inches. 

How Lifted Suspension Can Prevent a Rollover

4x4 on a mountian

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The suspension I am talking about here is a well-made spring and shock setup on a solid axle vehicle that can flex over uneven terrain. 

Because of the ability to flex, the wheels and axles follow the bumps and lumps into the ground without affecting the body of the vehicle.

For example, if you are driving through deep ruts or onto huge rocks a suspension setup that flexes will ensure that one wheel is on the rocks and the other is still in contact with the ground. This will keep the body of the vehicle level.

Stock suspension cannot do this; therefore, when one wheel is placed onto a tall obstacle the whole car leans with it leading to a rollover.

Of course, lifted suspension will not prevent a rollover in all situations. For example, when going into corners during normal road driving the higher center of gravity will lead to a more tippy vehicle and the suspension won’t be able to do much about it.

However, during off-road situations, a lifted suspension with the ability to flex can prevent your vehicle from rolling over. 

Not All Lift Kits Will Help Prevent a Rollover 

Truck rock crawling

photo by magmarcz via iStock

Body lifts or strut spacers will not prevent rolling over regardless of the situation as they increase the vehicle’s center of gravity without improving its suspension properties. 

Furthermore, on IFS vehicles this effect is less obvious as the gain in flex on the front axle is minimal; therefore, the truck will still lift wheels on uneven terrain.

The best way to make sure your vehicle is as stable as possible over rough terrain is by going for a 2–4-inch lift along with a set of long-travel shocks that will provide the articulation needed to keep the body level at all times.

This will ensure that no matter the track or obstacle you will be making it to the other side on your wheels and not your lid. 

If you have any questions regarding off-road suspension, drop them in the forum section of our page!

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