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Hot Weather Camping Tips

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Whenever summer is around the corner, it’s time to prep your truck and pack your tent for long-haul camping trips. There are plenty of landscapes and backcountry locations to quench your outdoor cravings, and with the right planning, you can ace that camping trip.

However, it is not all bells and whistles when you camp in the summers, and if you haven’t sorted your things, the trip can become havoc. It is important that you pack the right gear and be prepared for the weather so that you can make the best of your camping opportunity.

Let’s have a look at some important tips for camping in hot weather and understand how you can keep cool and protect yourself from the trials and tribulations of hot weather camping. These hot weather camping tips will let you enjoy a memorable trip out there.

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Top 5 Hot Weather Camping Tips

If you simply can’t wait to go boondocking or Overlanding in the summer, you must follow these camping tips for hot weather. Staying cool and enjoying should be your primary aims; the fun will follow you everywhere.

Find Shade for your Tent

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There’s no alternative to natural shade and a comfortable spot. No matter how good your tent or how fast your fan is, if you’re camping in direct sunlight, your tent will become a heat chamber, and you’ll feel suffocated instead of having fun.

The best and most effective way of fighting the summer heat is to avoid it. Look for a cluster of trees nearby and try to set up your tent at a suitable location under shade. You might not even need ventilation if the shade stays long, and the post-sunset time might become even more fun. This is one of the most important hot weather camping trips and can make a significant difference for you.

Get a Breathable Tent with Meshwork

After setting up your tent under shade, your next aim should be to ensure proper ventilation. The best way is to get a tent with polyester walls and a lot of meshwork. This makes the tent stable as well as breathable at the same time. We can’t emphasize much on such hot weather camping tips, as these are the bare minimum for comfortable summer camping and Overlanding.

Some tents have a removable roof shelf that retracts and leaves the net or a mesh behind, which keeps the bugs and other insects away. A properly ventilated tent is important for interior temperature and keeps you cool when the sun is bombarding its scorching heat around.

Use Solar for Shade and PowerUse Solar for Shade and Power

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Solar panels might be the most important of all the hot weather camping tips. Not only are they green and emission-free, but they have also become portable and versatile enough to power the majority of appliances as well.

If you want to create a shade of your own or avoid direct sunlight, your setup of portable solar panels can serve a dual purpose for you. You can set up an array of 4-6 solar panels to create a shade for your tent, and meanwhile, generate clean energy to power your portable fan for ventilation and a refrigerator to keep the drinks chilled. With this dual functionality of solar panels, it’s like killing two birds with one stone, and it’s clean as well.

Summer-Friendly Clothing

Your well-ventilated tent set up nicely under a shade will be no use if you wear fleece or polyester shirts. When planning for a summer outdoor trip, you must sort out your clothing as it might be the most important hot weather camping tip you have ever come across.

Wearing a cotton T-shirt and wrapping a wet towel around your neck are two of the most important points, and using a tent with lots of meshwork can keep you cool on a scorching day out there in the woods.

Stay Hydrated

Couple sharing drinking water while trekking

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Can’t emphasize enough the importance of staying chilled and hydrated. While your solar panels give you shade and power your portable refrigerator, you can use the chilled water bottles to keep yourself cool and kill the heat with the same water.

You’re bound to sweat like crazy and lose a lot of body water and electrolytes on a summer camping trip. Becoming dehydrated on such an occasion can be really troublesome, so of the hot weather camping tips you come across, nothing is more essential than keeping cold water with you for the length of your trip.

Hot Weather Camping Tips – Get this Super Accessory

tire table 33

outdoor tire table is one of the most useful accessories that you could pack in your camping gear while heading for a summer camping trip.
It is a very robust table, made of aluminum, and can handle enough weight, including a toolbox and other items you need to place on top of it.

To keep your tent inhabitable, you can use this table to cook your meals outside instead of turning your tent into a pressure cooker. Whether it’s an instant meal or a proper grilling session, this tire table can be your ultimate base for all your culinary needs and keep your tent cool while you prepare a scrumptious meal for the night in the outdoors.

tire table 31

Additionally, this table is ideal for getting a little work done while you’re out in the wilds. I’ve found the size of the tire table to be perfect for my laptop so I can edit photos or videos that I’ve shot while on my trip.

It’s also a good option for my son to use as a place to color and draw and for us to sit down and have a campfire meal together.

tire table 14

In other words, the Tailgater Tire Table has been a fantastic investment for me. It’s strong, sturdy, and fulfills a ton of uses for me around camp. It couldn’t be easier to set up, either.

What’s not to like?!

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