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Autumn Camping Tips

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No season is too tough for camping, and when it comes to off-roading and Overlanding, enthusiasts see no boundaries, and this passion has no bounds. The adventure never gets boring, whether it’s the scorching heat of summers, chilling winter winds, or pleasant camping in autumn.

If you’re planning to go camping in autumn, you must keep a few things in mind and keep your camping inventory updated for a fun-filled trip and an unforgettable experience. Camping in autumn is usually pleasant, and to have a splendid experience, you should follow some important fall camping tips.

Some of the most important autumn camping tips include carrying a heater with you, such as the Planar portable diesel heater, to keep your camping rig cozy and comfortable. You never know how cold it will get and you must be well prepared! 

To script a perfect autumn camping trip, you should keep many other ideas in mind, too. We have listed some important autumn camping tips for you below.

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Top Autumn Camping Tips for Overlanders

If you’ve decided to load your truck and drive off in the coming fall for a camping trip, there’s many different items you can take to ensure a perfect trip.

Prepare for the Cold with a Planar Portable Diesel Air Heater

planar heater

Gone are the days of huge diesel generators and fuel tanks that take up all the space in your truck and weigh as much as a whale. With smart gadgets and advanced equipment now available, you can pack smartly for your autumn camping and still enjoy it to the fullest.

Planar has a portable diesel heater in its inventory that solves all your heating issues. Whether you’re going ice fishing, boondocking, backcountry camping, or RVing, you can enjoy a warm camping experience irrespective of your location. Instead of burning wood or carrying those huge generators, pack the compact diesel air heater by Planar and leave all your worries behind.

Diesel Heater next to an SUV in the snow

Unlike other generators and heaters, it’s compact in size and light in weight, so you can easily load it up on your truck’s bed and carry it anywhere with you. It works at altitudes up  to 8,200 feet, and is extremely fuel efficient. It runs for up to 8 hours with just 2 liters of fuel and provides heating for tents, RVs, camping trailers, and more.

diesel heaters for overlanding

Whether you’re hunting in the woods, finding shelter in rain, or trying to warm up your family-size tent, the Planar diesel heater provides you with the dry, instant heat you need. And it’s plenty of heat, too! I’ve used my Planar heater in frigid conditions in my rooftop tent, and have been toasty warm throughout the night.

wired remote for portable heater

Another bonus is that the heater comes in a crush-proof and waterproof casing, which protects it from all environmental hazards. You can use it easily with a remote control, too, so you don’t even have to get out of bed to adjust the temperature. Instead, you can enjoy a cozy climate and a good night’s sleep thanks to the heater’s quiet operation.

As far as autumn camping goes, my Planar heater is one of my absolute favorite amenities to bring with me – and it will be for you, too!

Autumn Camping Tips

Apart from a reliable portable heater and other gear, you must follow some other autumn camping tips to have a successful autumn camping trip.

Don’t Forget Your Camera

A couple check photo on camera while camping

Photo by onuma Inthapong via iStock

Fall is the time when landscapes and woods look the most beautiful. Rust-colored leaves everywhere, clean air, and mesmerizing sceneries, you would remain in awe of what you see on your autumn camping trip.

To make sure you save all your fun memories and have something to reminisce about later, don’t forget to take your camera and take some amazing shots out there. It would be great to take the professional lens and other photography equipment to make the most out of a trip in the fall.

Bring Extra Water

Getting too excited can get exhausting quickly. You would want to have fun with friends, go on hikes, dig up some stuff, and go on wanderlust. Doing all this would drain all your energy, and you wouldn’t want to get dehydrated where there’s no help in the vicinity.

Better pack extra bottles of water and make sure you don’t sweat too much if you go all adrenaline junky on your trip. This could be the most important of the autumn camping tips you could follow.

Cook Your Own Meals

Cook Your Own Meals while camping

Photo by visualspace via iStock

Exploring the woods and then cooking your own meal could be a great way to kill some time, enjoy yourself with your friends, and stay naturally warm at the same time. Apart from bringing snacks and haversacks, pack some marinated raw steaks or other meals you could cook on your autumn trip.

Having your own pantry while camping can be a great experience and make your trips even more memorable.

Pack an Emergency Kit

All the fun and adventures aside, you must also be prepared for any unforeseen event. Your friend could injure himself while wandering in the woods, or you could get stuck on the muddy terrain. Don’t expect to get any help when you’re from the city, and all you would get out there would be yourself and friends.

Having a first aid kit, tow and jump starter kit, digging tools, and emergency supplies is crucial and could save the day for you. Instead of praying to get out of trouble, find a way out yourself. This is the single most important autumn camping tip that you must follow.

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