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Ford Raptor 37 vs Ram TRX – Who is the King Of Desert Racing?

Stellantis Media 

Ford wasn’t going to sit around and watch the TRX get all the media attention. After all, the Raptor is the vehicle that started the whole desert racing truck for the street segment, and many people still consider it to be the king. 

With the new model, Ford has given the truck 37-inch tires, and plenty of other suspension and engine upgrades to ensure it stays competitive within the market. 

How does it stand up against the Ram TRX though? Today we find out in this Ford Raptor 37 VS Ram TRX comparison.

A Look at the Suspension 

Ford Suspention

Ford Media 

The Ram TRX offers 11.8 inches of ground clearance and a Bilstein Active terrain Dynamics long travel suspension in the rear ready for all the bumps and high-speed impacts desert driving can throw at this thing. 

The Raptor with the factory 37s has 13.1 inches of ground clearance and a coil-sprung 5 link suspension (same design as the TRX) on active Fox shocks.

So, the suspension on these trucks is very similar. However, the Raptor does have some more ground clearance due to the 37-inch tires. 

Ford Raptor 37 VS Ram TRX Engine

Ford Raptor 37 VS Ram TRX Engine

Stellantis Media 

Of course, the party piece of the TRX is its engine. It is no mystery that under that bulging bonnet lives a supercharged 6.2L V8 monster producing 702hp. All that power is put to the road through an 8-speed automatic. 

On the Raptor end, things aren’t as flamboyant. Underneath the bonnet, you will find a 3.5L twin-turbo V8 producing 450hp. The transmission for the Ford is a 10-speed automatic.

The numbers for the Raptor are no match to those of the TRX, so in our Ford Raptor 37 VS Ram TRX comparison, the TRX wins on this metric. However, a Raptor R with more power is coming out next year.

Styling of the Trucks

Ford Raptor 37 vs Ram TRX ford driving in the desert

Ford Media 

Both trucks are subtle with their styling. Yes, they are wider than pretty much everything on the road. However, from a distance, they might look just like any other truck to the untrained eye.

For many, this is a good thing, for others a bad one.

Ford Raptor 37 VS Ram TRX Interior

Ford Raptor 37 vs Ram TRX Ford Interior

Ford Media 

In my opinion, the Raptor’s interior looks a bit more premium. The Recaro seats, overall design, and materials give the feel of a more premium truck.

Such comments are based on personal preferences though. Therefore, some may completely disagree with this statement.

Pricing for the Raptor and TRX

Ford Raptor 37 vs Ram TRX RAM driving on a dirt road

Stellantis Media 

The last bit of this Ford Raptor 37 VS Ram TRX comparison is an evaluation of the pricing.

The TRX starts at about $72,000, the regular Raptor on 35s at $65,000, and the Raptor on 37s at $81,000.

The reason the Raptor on 37s is so expensive is that to get the 37s you must also opt for the more luxurious trim level which adds plenty of features to the interior and exterior of the truck.

Also, the suspension for the 37s is different from the one with the 35s; therefore, some of the additional costs are spent on suspension design as well.

The TRX and Raptor are very similar in design – especially when it comes to suspension. The main difference between them is power; therefore, if that is what you are after, go for the Ram. 

Keep in mind that Ford will be releasing a Raptor R next year which will most probably match the numbers of the TRX. 

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