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Essential Tips for Camping With a UTV

Embracing the serenity of nature as you camp under the stars, coupled with the exhilarating adventure of off-road explorations, delivers an unparalleled experience that speaks to every thrill-seeker’s heart. 

This thrilling world of camping with a UTV effortlessly blends the tranquility of outdoor life with adrenaline-infused escapades, creating the perfect symphony of exploration, adventure, and relaxation.

In the realm of camping with a UTV, your equipment plays a critical role in shaping your experience. The choice of your trailer, one that endures the challenging terrains and yet offers the comfort of home, becomes paramount.  Among the myriad of options out there, one stands out for its unmatched resilience, compact design, and lightweight – The Boony Stomper from Sunnyside Offroad

As we delve deeper into the fascinating world of UTV camping, we’ll uncover the distinctive features of this game-changing trailer and offer a wealth of tips to make your off-roading camping adventure one for the books. Gear up. The adventure of a lifetime awaits!

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First, You Need a Trailer for Camping With a UTV

Peron Sleeping In A White Boony Stomper

For the unversed, venturing into the rugged wilderness with a UTV might seem challenging. However, with the right equipment, specifically a compact and lightweight trailer, this journey becomes less daunting and more exhilarating. This is where the Boony Stomper from Sunnyside Offroad shines as an ideal companion for camping with a UTV.

The Boony Stomper is ingeniously designed, marrying the convenience of a home away from home with the rugged durability needed for off-road adventures. Despite being compact, it doesn’t compromise on comfort or functionality. Boasting a length of 119” from the trailer tongue to the rear bumper and a width of 74” at its widest point, the Boony Stomper provides ample space without being bulky.

Boony Stomper on a mountain trail

Where the Boony Stomper truly excels is in its lightweight design. Weighing a mere 670 lbs with a tongue weight of 100 lbs, it is engineered to be effortlessly towed by a UTV.

This lightness does not come at the expense of robustness, however. Its sturdy 2 x 2 steel tube frame and advanced suspension can weather the roughest terrain, proving that it’s not just a featherweight, but a heavyweight contender in durability.

boony stomper on trail

The advantage of this lightweight design becomes evident when you’re navigating challenging trails or steep terrain. Instead of dragging you down, the Boony Stomper follows your UTV’s lead, making for a smooth, seamless ride.

So whether you’re navigating a steep incline or negotiating a rough path, the Boony Stomper promises to keep up, every step of the way!




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Camp and Ride Where UTVs are Allowed

Boony Stomper on a rocky trail

When it comes to camping with a UTV, understanding the rules and regulations is a must. First and foremost, you need to ensure your chosen campground allows UTVs. Not all do, so it’s important to research beforehand, check their websites, or contact the park authorities directly.

It’s also wise to secure your camping spot early, especially if reservations are required. Confirm there’s adequate space for your UTV and. With a bit of planning, you can avoid potential hassles and focus on the adventure ahead.

Once you’ve found a UTV-friendly site, familiarize yourself with the riding route and terrain. Whether it’s a forest trail, a mountain path, or a river crossing, knowing what to expect helps prepare you for the journey. It enhances safety and fun, ensuring your camping with a UTV experience is both memorable and enjoyable.

Remember, the thrill of UTV camping is coupled with a responsibility to respect the environment and the campground rules. Doing so ensures everyone can enjoy the wonders of camping with a UTV.

Inspect Your Ride Before Camping With a UTV

Blue Boony Stomper Trailer On Rocks

Camping with a UTV entails more than loading gear; it’s about ensuring your ride is primed for the journey. A meticulous UTV check and potential upgrades form a crucial part of preparation, ensuring a safer, more enjoyable UTV camping experience.

Start with a complete maintenance routine—check the coolant, oil, tires, and belts, especially if you’re planning a lengthy trip. A quick twist of the nuts and bolts can secure them, reducing the chance of loosening during your ride. Prioritize these pre-ride maintenance tasks to prevent unforeseen issues.

While maintenance is vital, consider enhancing your UTV camping experience with optional upgrades. Adding a roof or walls can provide extra protection, while additional storage can be beneficial for longer trips. These improvements can boost comfort and convenience when camping with a UTV.

Benefits of Camping With a UTV

blue Boony Stomper with a doggo

Camping with a UTV isn’t just an adventurous choice; it’s a decision packed with numerous benefits that redefine the traditional camping experience. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s time to explore why UTV camping is an absolute game-changer.

One significant advantage lies in hauling options. Traditional camping often restricts storage, but that’s not the case with UTV camping. Your UTV itself offers ample storage space, and towing a trailer like the Boony Stomper adds even more capacity. Think of it as a compact RV capable of housing one or two people comfortably or carrying extra supplies for a larger group.

Another plus is the reliable power supply that your UTV provides. No need to worry about keeping your devices charged; your UTV acts as a portable power station, ensuring you stay connected even in the heart of nature.

Lastly, camping with a UTV allows you to travel faster and further into the wilderness. This means spending more time exploring your desired destination rather than just getting there. You can delve deeper into forests, climb steeper hills, or traverse challenging terrains more swiftly, making the most of your camping trip.




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Polaris Pulling A Boony Stomper

1. Can You Pull a Trailer With a UTV?

Yes, you certainly can! UTVs are designed to be versatile, rugged, and capable of handling challenging tasks, including towing a trailer. However, the key is to choose a lightweight trailer, like the Boony Stomper, which a UTV can comfortably pull. Its weight and design are ideally suited for UTV towing, making your camping experience easier and more enjoyable.

2. What is the UTV With the Highest Towing Capacity?

The 2022 Can-Am Defender 6×6 DPS holds the crown for the UTV with the highest towing capacity. Its industry-leading 3,000-pound towing capacity makes it a standout in the UTV market. With its powerful 82 hp HD10 engine and two extra wheels for added traction, it truly is a powerhouse. 

In addition to its superior towing capacity, the 6×6 DPS can also haul 1,000 pounds in the bed and is rated for 250 pounds on the tailgate. This combination of power and versatility makes it a top choice for those looking for a UTV with substantial towing capacity.

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