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Do Vehicle Brands Matter?

 photo by njmcc via iStock

As lovers of vehicle-based adventure, we many times have a soft spot for certain trucks. Particularly the ones that sit too high off the ground, have preposterously big tires, and will turn every person that happens to stand by them into a passive smoker. 

Inevitably, people who are into trucks will many times have strong opinions on which brands are the best, and in many cases that opinion is unshakable. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having an opinion, the problem is that sometimes people get a bit too “passionate” when defending their opinion and this can lead to conflict. 

So, in this article, we’ll answer the question of “do vehicle brands matter?,” and if there is a “best” 4×4 brand. 

Which is the “Best” 4×4 Brand?

4x4 in the mud

 photo by Lorado via iStock

Well, the answer is short, there isn’t one. Just like there isn’t an answer to the world’s best dish or the world’s prettiest country. These questions involve subjective answers that are greatly influenced by one’s values, upbringing, experiences, and taste. 

Take what seems like the most popular example of this: Pineapple on pizza. Some love it, and others absolutely hate it. The same goes with cars; some love certain brands and others hate them. 

Now, just like the eating habits of someone do not stop you from hanging out with them, so should their car-buying habits. At least that’s how every sane human works. 

Do Vehicle Brands Matter? Not if You Try More Than One Brand

Jeep in a river

 photo by RichLegg via iStock

Throughout life we meet different people with different characters, some we hate, and some others seem to stick with us forever. 

The problem is though that until you have met a wide variety of people you never really know what your type is, you may get a sense, but nothing will be certain. 

The same principles apply to cars and trucks. If you have only driven a certain brand for your entire life, how do you know that the other brands are lesser? I would suggest driving and experiencing as many different vehicles as possible and you may be surprised with the results. 

After you have gone through each one of them, you will be able to form a legit opinion based on personal values on which one suits you best. So, in our quest to determine “Do vehicle brands matter?,” your answer would more legitimately be “yes” if you’ve tested a few brands out.

Every Brand Has Strengths and Weaknesses

4x4 on a muddy road

 photo by Tinnakorn Jorruang via iStock

I was and still am a huge Toyota fanboy. However, that does not prevent me from acknowledging that the Rubicon Wrangler is perhaps the most capable off-roader out of the box on the current market. I know that this statement sounds a bit counterintuitive to what I said above, but it is based on facts. Solid axles, a lot of wheel articulation, lockers, shortish wheelbase, and low range. 

Which other vehicle offers all of these aspects on the market right now? Well, none except the upcoming Ineos Grenadier and the 70 series Landcruiser that is only sold in certain parts of the world. 

Where the Wrangler makes up in off-road abilities it lacks in interior space, comfort, reliability, and safety that other off-roaders are exceptional in. 

The point of the above example is to promote the message of no one size fits all. It all depends on what you want out of a truck, from there on the best decision for you is made. 

Do Vehicle Brands Matter? Is There a Point in All the Arguments?

SUV in a river

 photo by urbancow via iStock

I say there isn’t. It’s an argument in which everyone tries to defend their chosen brand based on their personal taste which in many cases is completely different from the other person’s. So, stop caring what other people drive and just have some fun together!

Just for the sake of conversation, my truck of choice is an 80 Series Landcruiser. Why? Because I think it’s one of the very few vehicles that offer insane capability, reliability, space, and comfort. In your eyes, it may just be useless, and you would be far better off in your Jeep. 

Well, I say you are wrong!

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