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Camping Storage Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Sanity

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This article was last updated on May 2, 2024.

After a few days on the road, all your gear can start to become a mess. Nothing is where you first left it, and it takes ages to find what you want. It’s camping storage gone wrong!

This can get frustrating – especially after a long day on the road. However, with the correct organization techniques and equipment, the frustration of camping storage can be easily avoided.

Of course, you can go a long way in staying organized if you have a trailer with loads of storage to begin with…

So, this article discusses some of those tips to ensure your overland trips are organized and fun.

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Camping Storage Tips: Don’t Take Everything You Own

Camping storage and organization Tips

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Taking too many belongings or too much gear and equipment is one of the most common mistakes you can make when overlanding. This creates the obvious problem of not having enough space for all your stuff. It also drastically increases the weight of the vehicle.

An overloaded 4WD won’t perform as well off-road, will use more fuel, and has a higher likelihood of breaking down when pushed hard. Likewise, parts and components on your vehicle will wear out faster due to the heavier load they have to bear. As Rohny Dahl explains in the video below, there are many other reasons why you shouldn’t overload your vehicle with stuff you don’t need:

So, weight is a very important aspect of vehicular travel, and you need to make sure that it’s regulated. A great way to do this is to make a list of the items you absolutely need for your travels. 

In any case, make sure that you are taking everything you absolutely need and nothing you don’t. This will keep everything tidy and your truck happy!

Camping Storage Tips: A Trailer With a Ton of Storage is Helpful

beaver built 6

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

Granted, a trailer is an added expense; however, there is no denying the additional camping storage it can offer.

A great example of this comes from Beaver Built Trailers…

Up top is a ready-for-adventure roof rack that’s an ideal platform for a rooftop tent. Not only does this keep your tent up and out of the way, but it also means you don’t have to store it inside your vehicle, thereby freeing up additional space.

If a rooftop tent isn’t your thing, this roof rack gives you loads of space for storing gear – paddle boards, storage boxes, you name it!

beaver built 11

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

Additionally, there’s plenty of interior storage space for things like cooking utensils, tarps, clothing, and other camping necessities. In fact, you get over 43 cubic feet of storage! That’s a lot of space for your camping necessities.

You also get some cool bolt-on options with a Beaver Built trailer. For example, you can add a front box with locking driver and passenger side doors. Additionally, you can add a front box divider wall with a shelf and a kitchen management system. Throw in some side boxes and rear drawers with dividers, and you’ll have a trailer that keeps all your gear organized.

beaver built 10

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

Of course, Beaver Built trailers are much more than storage boxes on wheels – these trailers are purpose-built for exploration and off-grid travel, and come with a laundry list of standard features and optional features that make camping all the better. 

We’re talking about features like a Cruisemaster CRS² Suspension, Yokohama Tires and Vision Wheels, and anti-slip powder-coated fenders, to name a few.

And since these bad boys are built by a family-owned business, they include all the love and care you’d expect from a hand-built trailer while having the features you need for off-grid trips with your family!

beaver built 4

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

So, do yourself a favor and set yourself up for success by investing in a platform that keeps you organized (and sane) from the outset. Upgrade your camping experience with Beaver Built, and you’ll be that much more prepared for your adventures – and you can stay organized while doing it!

Camping Storage Tips: Learn How to Pack

camping storage tips for overlanding

Photo by ArtistGNDphotography via iStock

As you get more experience with vehicle travel, you will soon find a way to pack gear effectively. Before you begin loading up your truck, think about what you need often and what you don’t.

For example, tools and spare parts can go towards the rear of your storage space in a place that is somewhat hard to get to as you won’t be using those items that often. However, items like cooking gear should be stored in an accessible area (like the kitchen management system in your trailer) as you will be using those every day.

Clothes and other regularly used items can sit near the front of your storage space. Obviously, a drawer system that will help separate the two would be very useful.

While in the process of packing up, make sure you utilize every space available – even the small gaps left between the wheel arch and your storage system can be helpful. They make a great area to store snatch straps or small bags, so you can keep those items within reach but still out of the way. 

Camping Storage Tips: Utilize Space in Your Vehicle for Storage

camping storage tips - use a trunk organizer

As mentioned above, a simple drawer system or even a cheap trunk organizer like the Heytrip one shown above can work wonders when it comes to camping storage.

You can also take the DIY route and build something that suits your specific needs. If you have the tools, this will also cost far less than buying a readily available product. Just make sure that it can be secured on the floor of your truck to avoid any injuries during sudden braking or an accident. 

With a camping storage solution like this, you get compartments for specific items – clothes, dry goods, and so forth. This helps you know where everything is, which saves a lot of time when setting up camp. 

Final Thoughts

camping storage tips keep things organized

Photo by Onfokus via iStock

Having an organized camping storage setup is one of the most important aspects of vehicle camping. When all your gear is a mess, you’re likely to experience frustration and might not be able to find the gear you need.

With the above tips, though, you can be sure that finding what you need will be far easier. 

Have further questions regarding camping storage solutions, camping organization tips, or anything else off-road or overland-related? Head over to the forum section of our site! 

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