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An All-Electric Ford F-150 Lightning is Official

The automotive world is slowly but surely making the switch to electricity. The majority of brands now have an EV model on offer – including Ford with its electric Ford F-150 Lightning – and many people seem to have adapted to the new technology. 

The switch to electricity has not been as quick when it comes to trucks though. I believe that’s down to design, the usage trucks often get and weight. Trucks are heavy, they are not aerodynamic, and often need to haul, tow or cross difficult terrain which makes powering them through electricity incredibly challenging. 

On EVs even the wheels are shaped to be as aerodynamic as possible; so, the preposterous dimensions and boxy design of something like an F-150 will not translate to the best electric range. 

Ford suggests that it can be done though; so, let’s have a look at the available information.

Ford is calling the new EV the F-150 Lightning. This might spark arguments as previous versions of fast Ford pickups were again called Lightning. The company suggests that the new EV version will be faster than the older pickups which managed to achieve a 0-60 of 6.2 seconds. 

Judging by other EV cars and trucks I would expect the electric Ford F-150 Lightning to hit 60 in under five seconds. This will also give the new EV Hummer and Rivian some competition. 

The more expensive versions of the Rivian will hit 60 in 3 seconds and can achieve an all-electric range of more than 300 miles. Prices start at around $68,000 and go all the way into the high 90s. The electric Ford F-150 lightning will have to compete with such trucks; so, expect similar prices and specs.

Of course, some kind of 4WD system will be available; however, we are not sure how that system will work. Will Ford take the traditional path like Jeep has done with the EV Wrangler? Or is the F-150 going to get an AWD system? Hopefully, Ford will go with the first option as this is a work truck that needs to be as durable and capable as possible. 

Towing and hauling numbers are not available yet but Ford has stated that “the Lightning will combine the power, payload, and towing capability that is the hallmark of Ford trucks”. This sure is a marketing statement, but it is an indication that Ford will pay some attention to the things that really matter on a truck. 

Production of the electric Ford F-150 Lightning will start in spring 2022. By then, we will have an idea of what electric trucks are capable of as both the Rivian and Hummer are going to be available. 

It will be a long time before we see any EV truck doing serious overlanding due to issues such as repairs and range. However, it will be interesting to see how these machines perform as it will provide us with an idea of what the future of adventure might be like.

More information and photos on the all-new F-150 will be released in a few days; so, stay tuned! 

What do you think? Would you buy an all-electric truck? 

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