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Benefits of a Propane Camping Generator

Camping and Overlanding are the two most adventurous hobbies one can enjoy. Going off the grid and spending a weekend away with your pals is usually a blast, especially if you plan to camp in the hills or forests.

Having a rugged truck and loaded camping gear is not an issue; it is the power source that troubles the majority of the campers. Either you have to carry those big and heavy gas generators that produce too much noise and are difficult to transport, or solar panels that cannot power everything that you need. You need to charge your devices, be able to beef up the music, LED lights, refrigerator, and other appliances for comfortable camping.

Propane camping generators solve this problem and offer the best of all worlds. ALP offers a 1000-watt propane-powered generator that is compact, quiet, and powers almost everything that you need without creating any pollution. 

Let’s dive deep into the ALP 1000-Watt Propane Generator and understand why it is better than gas and diesel generators for camping.

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Why is ALP the Best Propane Camping Generator?

There are more than one reasons that make propane a great alternative to gas, and the ALP 1000-watt propane generator is the best of the lot. Let’s see what makes ALP the best propane camping generator.

Lightweight and Compact


Space is usually on the tighter side when prepping your truck or trailer for a camping or Overlanding trip. Apart from managing the space on your truck’s bed, you also have to keep the weight in check, not only for saving gas but for stability and traction as well. 

Carrying a large-sized gas generator can become problematic, with camping gear and other stuff on board. ALP propane generator gets rid of all these problems for you seamlessly. At 28 lbs, it weighs nothing in comparison to a diesel generator, and with smartly designed dimensions (Length: 18 inches, Width:10 inches, Height: 14 inches), it fits like a small bag with your camping gear in the truck. 

This makes it very easy to transport and hand carry to any location. The portability adds to the utility of this smart generator and makes it an ideal power source for your weekend away from the city.

Low Pollution and Reliable Power Generation from a Propane Camping Generator


The 1000-Watt ALP generator is powered by propane, which is one of the greenest fossil fuels. Although a solar panel could also charge your smartphone or LED light, or you could use a diesel or gas generator at your camping site, these sources come with different implications. 

A solar panel could only supply you power during the day for limited hours and isn’t compatible with all the appliances, gas, and diesel generators, on the other hand, creates too much noise, and pollution by releasing harmful gasses. You don’t want something on your camping rig which is not suitable or can become a potential hazard. 

The ALP propane generator solves all these problems by generating substantial power which is clean and safe for the environment. It is also EPA and CARB approved, which means the power generation is safe for humans, as well as the environment.

Low Noise


The gas or diesel generators are not comfortable to live with as they produce too much noise. It can kill your music night and time with buddies, and also disturbs the other campers when resting or taking a nap.

The ALP propane generator is not like those loud gas generators and is a whisperer. You won’t even notice when it’s running at full power, and can easily talk to your friend standing next to it. 

With a 50 dBA rating, you won’t find a quieter propane camping generator than the ALP, and it doesn’t whine like diesel motors. The campers next to you won’t even realize that you’re running your refrigerator and heater with this generator. 

Runs for Days


To run your ALP generator, you get a 1lb or a 20lb propane tank. Based on your needs, a 20lb propane tank can power this handy generator for 60 long hours at 25% power.

With such a generous capability of operating for days and noiseless functioning, you would never have that power backup anxiety again. 

With your lightweight ALP generator, carry a 20lbs tank and never run out of power, no matter where you are and what you need to run. Whether it’s your premium sound system, your smartphone, laptop, or a refrigerator, the best propane camping generator will always be at your service with its never-ending power supply.

Features and Technology of a Propane Camping Generator


The ALP 1000-Watt propane generator is one of the best camping propane generators that you could get right now. Besides its versatile qualities and unique features, it is also equipped with the latest technology to function adequately and offer durability with peace of mind. 

The following features make the ALP propane generator one of the best propane camping generators:

  • Dual Port Functionality – when running on parallel ports, it offers extra power whenever you need it.
  • Sine Wave Technology – it has a brushless motor that has frictionless oscillatory motions, which reduces the wear and overheating of the generator. This makes the ALP generator a noiseless machine and enhances its efficiency.
  • Low Oil Fail-Safe – the motor shuts off automatically when the oil is low, so there’s no damage to any mechanical part due to friction and overheating.
  • Built-in LEDs – ALP generator comes with built-in powerful LEDs for emergencies or moving around in the dark.

Reliable and Compatible


Camping is a lot more than just off-roading and resting outdoors at night, you ought to enjoy your music, warm up your tent, light up your rig, and keep the drinks chilled. All of this requires a cheap and dependable power source, and the ALP 1000-watt propane generator does just that.

One of the reasons the ALP generator is the best propane camping generator on the market right now is that it can handle all of the items you want to bring with you for the weekend. It also offers different charging options and can deliver twice as much power when connected to parallel connectors.

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