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4 Reasons Why the Ram Promaster 159 is a Great Campervan Platform

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

If you’re considering building a campervan, the Ram Promaster 159 deserves serious consideration. This van isn’t just affordable; it’s also packed with features that make it an ideal candidate for transforming into the mobile home of your dreams. 

The Ram Promaster 159’s growing popularity among campervan enthusiasts is no surprise, given its excellent balance between everyday drivability and the robustness needed for life on the road. It easily provides a solid foundation that boasts ample space and versatility, perfect for any custom build. 

This guide will walk you through four compelling reasons why the Ram Promaster 159 stands out as an excellent choice for your campervan conversion. We’ll explore everything from its economic benefits to its customizable, spacious interior, showing you why this van could be the key to unlocking your next great adventure.

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The Ram Promaster 159 is Less Expensive Than Other Platforms

Ram Promaster 159

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

When considering a campervan conversion, the Ram Promaster 159 stands out for its affordability compared to higher-end models like the Mercedes Sprinter. This cost advantage means more of your budget can go towards customizing your mobile home to perfection. 

Fuel efficiency is another major plus with the Promaster 159, stretching each dollar further with fewer trips to the fuel station. This means more funds available for your adventures, whether you’re exploring new terrains or returning to favorite spots. Enjoy the freedom of traveling more while spending less, enhancing your overall van life experience.

Embracing the Promaster 159 for your conversion project not only saves money but also opens up a world of customization possibilities. You can invest the savings from your vehicle purchase and fuel into unique modifications that tailor your campervan to your lifestyle, ensuring every journey is comfortably memorable.

The Ram Promaster 159 High Roof Gives You Loads of Interior Space 

Ram Promaster 159 High Roof Camplife Customs

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

The Ram Promaster 159 high roof variant doesn’t just promise ample space, it delivers a canvas ripe for transformation. With the high roof, the sense of openness is immediate, inviting custom enhancements that truly make it a home on wheels.

Camplife Customs’ particular conversion of the Promaster 159 turns the spacious back of the van into a full-sized bathroom, complete with all the amenities for comfort and privacy. It’s a rare luxury in a campervan, executed with an eye for detail that maximizes every inch of space. The design choice to place such a generous feature at the rear carves out a living area that feels both cozy and expansive.

Moving forward in the van, the conversion reveals a multifunctional living space fitted with a sleek kitchenette alongside versatile seating. The high roof’s advantage shines here, allowing for an interior layout that’s both functional and inviting, perfect for dining, relaxing, or planning the next leg of your journey. 

The Ram Promaster 159 Offers a Large Living Area

Ram Promaster 159 Large Living Camplife Customs

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

George & Sandra’s Promaster from Camplife Customs is a prime example of the Ram 159’s spacious design possibilities. With its high roof and 159 wheelbase, their custom van features a sleek, side-aligned kitchenette complete with a Dometic refrigerator and a cooktop, ingeniously saving space while offering full functionality. 

The layout allows for a comfortable, L-shaped bench seating arrangement, paired with an auto-extending table that smartly avoids the bulk of traditional setups. This configuration opens the living area, providing both a communal gathering spot and an intimate dining nook. 

The Ram Promaster 159 is Highly Customizable

Black Ram Promaster 159 Camplife Customs

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

Navigating the transformation of a Ram Promaster 159 into a cozy, bespoke living space is a journey where ingenuity and customization coalesce to create magic on wheels. The heart of this customization is evident in Bryce’s Promaster, a true example of tailored craftsmanship from Camplife Customs. 

Imagine a van where the flooring radiates warmth, where ski boots are gently warmed, awaiting your next snowy adventure. This Promaster features an auto-extending bed that metamorphoses from a generous seating space to an expansive sleeping haven, an innovative touch that speaks volumes of the customization prowess offered. The van boasts a versatile auto-extending table, strategically designed to optimize space without compromising on the functionality of a dining or work area.

Every inch of Bryce’s Promaster exudes personalized luxury, from the handpicked bamboo finishes that add an earthy touch to the interiors to the meticulously integrated Laveo Dryflush toilet, ensuring that the conveniences of home travel with you. 

Choose the Right Conversion Van Company for the Job

Camplife Customs team

Image Credit: Camplife Customs

Embarking on the journey of converting a Ram Promaster 159 into your mobile sanctuary is not just about the vision, it’s equally about the artisan you entrust with that vision. It’s a pivotal decision where choosing the right conversion van company can be the difference between a standard modification and a masterpiece of mobility. Not every company has the skill set to weave luxury with functionality.

Camplife Customs 2020 RAM Promaster conversion

The bespoke features we’ve explored—spacious interiors, custom flooring, sophisticated heating systems—are all fruits of the Camplife Customs team’s ingenuity and creativity. Their expertise transcends the ordinary, ensuring that every van is not just a product of high-end customization but a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. 

When you choose Camplife Customs, you’re selecting a partner who brings over 40 years of combined experience in welding and crafting high-end custom homes to your van conversion project. Their commitment to quality is evident in every steel framework, every carefully chosen material, and the 24/7 customer support that stands behind their work. 

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