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3 Ways to Enhance Your 4Runner Off Road Trips

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This article was last updated on May 2, 2024.

Overland exploration goes back hundreds – if not thousands – of years, but the niche really flourished when vehicles joined the scene, and more noticeably when Toyota launched its sturdy trucks and SUVs. If you’re an avid off roader and happen to be a Toyota enthusiast, you must have some amazing 4Runner off road stories to share.

Although the Toyota 4Runner comes well-equipped for adventurous driving from the factory, there are a few mods you could add to your very capable SUV and make the 4Runner off road worthy.

For example, Beaver Built has a rugged and customizable trailer in their inventory that you could get to enrich your Toyota 4Runner off roading endeavors. Additionally, you could also get a rooftop tent and luggage organizer for more comfortable 4Runner off road trips.

Let’s have a look at these accessories as prime ways to make your 4Runner off road trips that much better!

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Beaver Built Modular Trailer – The Ultimate 4Runner Off Road Upgrade

beaver built 12

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

People usually get trailers or campers, and after a few years, when they upgrade their cars, they either get bored of them or have to get rid of them for a more compatible product. Well, Beaver Built played very smartly here. 

Instead of building an aluminum box, they designed a modular trailer that’s robust and gives you a lot of freedom to modify the trailer as per your requirements or to fit your new SUV.

Rugged Build Quality

beaver built 6

​​Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

Wherever your 4Runner off road adventures take you, the Beaver Built Wapos trailer will accompany you there. Even on the roughest trails, the trailer’s galvanized chassis with all-aluminum manufacturing will give you sturdy performance alongside your Toyota 4Runner.

The trailer also comes equipped with Cruisemaster CRS2 1.6-ton dual-shock suspension and 15” vision wheels wrapped in Yokohama tires. It boasts a departure angle of 37o; it doesn’t let any hurdle stop you from embarking on that adventurous journey. The powder-coated anti-slip surfaces and tons of adaptability to match your 4Runner off road needs are nice features, too.

Top Notch Features

beaver built 11

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

First things first – a trailer is only as good as the gear and accessories it can carry, and despite its compact size, the Beaver Built trailer has a very generous 43 cu-ft of space for all your 4Runner off road storage needs. 

The large rear rack has a huge table top for cooking and pantry needs. There’s also a roof rack with 3-inches of adjustment freedom. Whether it’s your gear or rooftop tent, the rack will steadily hold the gear you need to bring on your adventures.

Modular Trailer | Highly Modifiable

beaver built 2

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

As if this trailer wasn’t already impressive enough, it takes your Toyota 4Runner off road adventures to the next level. Just like your dreams and progress, this trailer grows with you, and no matter which vehicle you do it with, no matter how you want to modify your tow trailer, this trailer will be ready to rock!

Bolt-On Accessories

Choose the basic trailer and build your 4Runner off road adventure around it. It comes with a suite of optional bolt-on accessories that you can get any time you like. For instance, you could upgrade to 17” wheels and 33” tires for better road clearance or swap your roof rack with a rooftop tent.

beaver built 4

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

You could also opt for a front box with locking doors on both sides and a front box divider with a wall shelf to better organize your gear and luggage. Get a generous 16 cu-ft extra storage space with an optional set of side boxes and a 5-star pantry with a kitchen management system to enhance your 4Runner off road trips. This kitchen features a 22-inch stove pullout, two large kitchen accessory drawers, and pantry storage, too.

beaver built 7

Photo by Vill Van Der Merwe #geoscoutadventures

And that’s not all. It’s amazing how much you can add to this versatile trailer, including:

  • D035 Coupling with integrated hand brake
  • Tongue deck 2” receiver
  • Spare tire carrier
  • Armor protection
  • Rear C Jacks
  • A custom-designed electrical system

I think you get the point here…Beaver Built has designed a trailer that’s purpose-built for adventuring. And as the nature of your adventures change, the trailer can change with it. It’s an ingenious design backed by the dedicated craftsmanship of one of the best teams in the business.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Check out what one of their customers has to say about their Beaver Built trailer.

Top Ideas to Make Your 4Runner Off Road Adventures Fun and Comfortable

We already have a great trailer to help us conquer tough terrain and enjoy beautiful landscapes in a Toyota 4Runner.

Now let’s make those trips more comfortable and organized by adding a couple of accessories to the mix.

A Rooftop Tent

Yakima SkyRise rooftop tent


With the Yakima SkyRise rooftop tent, you can enjoy a long, comfortable sleep after a hectic hike on your trip. This waterproof tent comes with a door and two mesh windows to keep the elements away while you relax and stretch on the top of your Toyota 4Runner. 

Available in different sizes, it could house up to three people, apart from carrying your bedding, clothes, and gear that you frequently need when you’re Overlanding.

A Trunk Organizer

Farasla car trunk organizer


Whether it’s a toolkit, clothes, footwear, or any other item you want to have with you on your 4Runner off road trip, the Farasla car trunk organizer takes care of your storage needs.

With this versatile item holding your gear for you, nothing will rock and roll in the back of your 4Runner while you traverse rocky terrain. You can easily get any item you want, too, without having to go through a jumbled mess of gear in the back of your vehicle.

Organization is key to any successful trip, and this trunk organizer can help you keep your gear neat and tidy!

Final Thoughts

beaver built 3

So, there you have it – three excellent ways to enhance your 4Runner off road trips. Clearly, the linchpin to having a great time off road is to have a capable vehicle (which we have in the 4Runner). The second component is having a trailer that’s capable of going wherever your 4Runner can take you. The Beaver Built Wapos trailer is certainly up to the task.

Once you have that solid foundation, your true adventures can begin!

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