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2022 Toyota Corolla Cross

Overlanding is not limited to huge trucks with lockers, big tires, and gas-guzzling engines. The beauty of this activity is that it can be performed by anyone, and soft-roaders can definitely get the job done if you choose a suitable trail. 

Let’s be honest, not everyone wants to spend a fortune on a very capable 4×4 which will be difficult to park, won’t drive as well on-road, and will burn too much fuel. So, if you are a sensible person you might want to go down the soft-roader road. 

If that’s the case, there are some good news for you. Toyota has released a Corolla Cross!

Let’s have a look at what we know so far. 

Toyota Corolla Cross: Overview and Drivetrain

Toyota Corolla engine

The Cross will compete with vehicles such as the Renegade, Subaru Crosstrek, and other similarly sized soft-roaders. It will be available in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with just one engine option – a 2-liter gasoline with about 160hp and a CVT transmission.

It’s safe to say that the powertrain is going to be identical to that of other Corollas and the all-wheel drive system is very similar to that of the RAV4 – that’s a good thing! It means it’s been around for a long time, and we are aware of any known issues or strong points. 

Different trim levels are going to be available and the cheapest one will come with steelies. So, if you want the old-school steel wheel look you can have it for the lowest price!

Trunk Space in the Cross

Corolla trunk

The trunk offers approximately 25 cubic feet of space and a space-saver spare wheel. As a car that will be doing some mild off-roading, It would be better if they provided a full-sized spare in case you get a puncture out on the trail. A space-saver won’t be of much use on rocks. 

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Toyota Corolla Cross Interior

Toyota Corolla Cross Interior

The interior is going to be familiar to anyone who has owned a Toyota before as the layout is the same as most models. A seven-inch touch screen is standard, and an eight-inch is an optional extra. More expensive trim levels come with other luxuries such as a sunroof and heated seats. 

What Kind of Mileage Can You Expect?

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota has rated the Corolla Cross at 32MPG combined for the front-wheel-drive version and 30MPG combined for the all-wheel drive variant.

The CHR will still be available as that is only offered in a front-wheel-drive. 

Pricing is not available yet, but I would imagine it will be fairly affordable. Sales will begin in fall of this year. 

So, there you have it – a cheap, reliable, economical, and comfortable hatchback that can take you and your family out on some mild adventures. It may not be the most capable thing in the world, but it will enable you to access the places less explored – and that’s what matters the most. 

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