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Zero Labs Automotive Electric Bronco – When Beauty Meets Technology

Zero Labs Automotive Electric Bronco – When Beauty Meets Technology
Zero Labs Automotive

Humans tend to be drawn by the old, the classic – reminiscing on those good old days when trucks were trucks and men were men. There is no doubt that classic trucks look stunning but the way they drive – that is a whole different story. The Zero Labs Automotive Electric Bronco seeks to change that.

Most of them will rattle your spine to pieces while your eardrums bleed endlessly. Strangely, there is a certain charm to that as well – but let’s gloss over it for a minute. 

Imagine cruising down a coastal road in California, top-down, sun setting – the weapon of choice? A classic Ford Bronco – not just any Bronco though. This one will be silent, ride like a Rolls-Royce, and will outperform most sports cars or even supercars on the road. Interested? I thought you’d be.

electric ford bronco
Zero Labs Automotive

I don’t want to come across all nerdy but there is no way around it – vehicles need to make the transition towards sustainable energy.

Let’s be honest though, most electric cars on sale right now are not what you’d call… classy. Don’t get me wrong, they look great but in a different way. The future is embedded in their design and there is no way around it.

As human beings, we love things of the past – they take us back, they remind us of memories long-cherished and provide the experience of the old – that is especially true with vehicles.

Zero Labs Automotive connects the trucks of the past with the technology of the future – combining those nostalgic looks with the insane performance of today while making the past accessible for many generations to come. 

classic ford bronco ev
Zero Labs Automotive

How do they do it? A classic Ford Bronco is used as a base and from there on, pretty much everything is changed. 

The Zero Labs Electric Bronco is powered by two electric motors making 600HP combined – yes that’s right, 600HP in a Bronco. Now that would be enough to put some pretty serious sports cars to shame. 

Worried that a 50-year-old truck with 600HP won’t be able to stop? I’ll just mention Brembo 6 piston calipers up front and 4 piston calipers in the rear. You can decide if it’s going to stop safely or not. 

zero labs automotive
Zero Labs Automotive

The next question that comes to mind is range, and judging by the brick-like aerodynamics of the Bronco, you might think it’s going to be dreadful. You my friend are wrong, a range of 200+ miles is standard no matter the configuration you choose to go with.

The chassis has nothing to do with that of the old. Both the front and rear axles use independent suspension with Fox racing shocks. Stiffness and ride height can be adjusted to your liking with the simple push of a button – and all that, in a 1966-1977 Ford Bronco. Not convinced yet? Keep on reading.

zero labs bronco specs
Zero Labs Automotive

Unlike the old one, you won’t need physiotherapy after a long drive thanks to premium seating with custom memory foam, heating elements, and electric controls. 

The rest of the interior is nothing short of art which I would happily exchange for any of my current possessions – even my house (they’re probably worth the same).

zero labs bronco interior
Zero Labs Automotive

The body is remade using carbon fiber, and frankly, looks stunning!

Zero labs have even made sure that selection between all-wheel-drive performance, all-wheel-drive off-road, and range mode in which only the front or rear axle will be powered feels as old school as possible. The shifter controls are designed to retain the classic mechanical feel and vintage look of the original truck.

Now as I am sure you’ve realized; the electric Bronco is no hard-core off-roader – it was never meant to be. It exists to link the past with the future, using one of the most iconic trucks ever made as a base. 

electric ford bronco features
Zero Labs Automotive

So, if you dream of cruising down the motorway in a bloody quick and comfortable Bronco, here is your chance. Although, you’d probably need to sell a few kidneys. 

What would you guys do with your $225,000? If it’s a Zero Labs Automotive Electric Bronco, order yourself one today! Or, if you want to scope out the new Bronco from Ford, give our 2021 Ford Bronco review a look.

All photos provided by Zero Labs Automotive