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What Suits You Best? A Camper Trailer or a Truck-Based Camper?

Four Wheel Campers

This article is a follow-up to this article that looked into the pros and cons of both camper trailers and truck-based campers. 

Neither of the two is a bad choice; however, if you choose the wrong one for your specific needs, then yes you will be making a bad decision. 

As we didn’t go into great depth on how to decide which one of the two will suit you best, we thought an article that would mention all factors you should consider would be helpful. 

So here we are, in this article we are going to help you make a confident decision between a camper trailer or a truck-based camper. 

Who Should Buy a Camper Trailer?

Opus Camper

Opus Camper

A camper trailer is ideal for the person who has space to park it, a powerful truck to tow it, and enjoys some tougher trails. 

If you have everything except the powerful truck which many of us don’t have as older vehicles are many times preferred for overlanding, don’t worry. An older vehicle will easily tow a smaller and therefore lighter trailer.

Smaller trailers still offer plenty of luxuries like storage space, mounts for rooftop tents, or even sleeping accommodation inside of them.

Going for a smaller trailer and setting up base camp is the ideal camping and off-roading setup. 

Why is that? Well, you can mount most of your heavy camping gear on the trailer; therefore, when you arrive at base camp and unhitch the trailer you have a light and capable vehicle to tackle the trails around you. 

Furthermore, people who don’t always go off-road and would love to use a smaller more economical vehicle will also benefit from a trailer as it can be unhitched and attached to any other vehicle you may want to use. Consider this as you decide between a camper trailer or a truck-based camper.

Inside Black Series Caravans

Black Series Caravans

So, to recap. A camper trailer is ideal for someone who has space to park it, enjoys some tougher trails, but still wants all the luxuries when camping. 

For people with multiple vehicles, it can be the best choice as it can be used on all the family’s cars or by friends.  

Camper Trailer or a Truck-Based Camper: Who Should Buy a Truck-Based Rig? 

Four Wheel Campers

Four Wheel Campers

First of all, you need to have a truck that will be able to handle the payload and has enough bed space. Once that is sorted, I would say these kinds of campers will suit the milder adventurer. 

People who love camping by the beach or exploring remote areas that can be accessed by dirt roads or mildly challenging trails will find the truck-based camper ideal. 

It is not a setup to use for tough off-roading as the vehicle’s center of gravity gets completely thrown off. 

These campers are also ideal for someone who hates driving and towing. However, you will need to keep in mind that in most cases rearview mirror visibility with a camper on the bed is not existent.

truck with camper


To recap, a truck-based camper is ideal for the adventurer who loves to have everything contained in one package. Mild trails are on the menu most of the time and towing a trailer is a no-go! 

If that is you, then go for a truck-based camper. Try opting for one that is removable though, you might end up in the hard stuff one day! 

So, what do you think? Is a camper trailer or a truck-based camper better for your needs?

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